Khomeini: Going back 1400 years

1979 speech


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Mash Ghasem

I only wish you didn't sound so much like a mullah

by Mash Ghasem on

what's the dif between a mullah and a mullah-kosh? Not a whole lot. Snap out of it.

The jackass is the same jackass only the saddle has been changed. Let's keep it in Qum!


I only wish

by mullah-kosh on

I wish what happened in QOM would stay in Qom, and what happens in Vegas does not! but is the reverse. You are right, now we got to hear about mullahs pedophilia, and homosexual activities in the form of poetry. Mullahs are just sick human beings. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with homosexuality, just the despicable way the mullahs go about it. I can't wait till I can killl a few of them. It will be honor, and dedication to Iran to cleanse the country of these bastards. 

Mash Ghasem

mahmoudg; because you lower, reduce yourself

by Mash Ghasem on

to their level and mentality. Any book burning is barbarism in extreme, just let it rot, maybe the Goat will eat it and...

Mash Ghasem

Khebe, you can't because you're still back in 1400 years ago, as

by Mash Ghasem on

well. Just like leader, just like cyber-basij.

Tis a lovely season to overthrow thugs from 1400 years ago. Bahman dar Bahar.

Khomeini was anything but Iran: his grandpa was imported from India to a village around Isfahan, hence the spider on the flag.

He hated and detested anything and everything Iranian from Noroz to Mehregan to..., the only exception to this general attitude was his emotional attachment to his teachers' bottoms in Hozieh-Qum (what happens in Qum, does not stay in Qum) for  which he wrote poetry about, comparing their behinds to sweetness of grapes. Such perverted, sick  disposition is what you call your Spiritiual Leader.Maybe your 1500 years behind?


I can't see any thing wrong

by Khebedin on

I can't see any thing wrong with what he says. Why are so many comments against his views?. It looks as if there are a bunch who no matter what Iran says, they are agaisnt it. That is wrong


tell me why we should not burn the Quran, again

by mahmoudg on

after the garbage this backward moron, spewed when he was alive and wasted all that oxygen.


Piss on you grave

by alx1711 on

Piss on you grave Khemeini,  SCUM of Iran.

Dirty mohammad tazi worshipper. 1400 yrs ago Iran was a glorious land till he was born, of Indian father and persian mother.


Khomeini was "SamadAgha" in real life!

by Benyamin on

I truly believe that Khomeini was a simple man who really believed that Islam is the way to go. I think the rest of the society toook him "too" seriously and whatever happened happened after that. He became a simble because of his vision and the his puritan way of living impressed the educated one and gained everyone`s trust. I really don`t think he actually planned to become the leader or take over and get rid of everyone who helped him to hold on power but things just sort of happne for him and he enjoyed a large sheep type fan which would do just about "anything" for him and him and his "entorage" did what they could to take over.

He was stupid enough not to understand the result of his "dictatorship" or belief in islam as a solution to every problem. Right now the IRI doesn not show his speech because "fasad as he said it" is worse than ever, poverty is much worse than before the revolution and pretty much whatever we revolted for or against is ten times worse.

and at the end there is nothing left of islam and even his beloved Rafsanjani`s doughter gets called "Laashi" on the street of Tehran!

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

You have said you were a kid when the revolution broke out. I was not. And saw how the unfounded hatred and enmity among the opposition forces prevented them from thinking clearly and unite against Khomeini's camp.

A similar phenomenon is taking place right before our eyes. Partisan interests are given priority over a free and democratic Iran, again!


The hateful man, who hates even the word "Freedom".

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

You are very right GR. Also, It always surprises me when I hear claims that "Iran is heading towards a fascist Dictatorship" since post election "coup". I mean listening to this speech filled with hatred for "Freedom", Iran has beem clearly under a fascist dictatorship for at least the past 32 years!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

G. Rahmanian


G. Rahmanian

He used the word "Aazaadi" 24 times in 5 minutes. That is once every 12.5 seconds only to say he was against it.

So, what was it that the opposition did not know about him?