Ataollah Mohajerani

Hit with egg by protester at UNESCO in Stockholm

March 29, 1998:


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Mash Ghasem

For a civilized critique of Mohajerani ( in Persian) see below:

by Mash Ghasem on

Mind the reader, tis a critique from  within the Greens.

درباره پروژه سیاسی آقای مهاجرانی
- مهرداد مشایخی

آقای عطاالله مهاجرانی در سخنرانی اخیر خود در لندن،* با اشارات ناپخته و
ناسنجیده خود، بیش از آن که گره از مشکلی بازکند، برای چندمین بار در
سال‌های اخیر، موجب تعجب، تاثر و خشم بخش‌های وسیعی از فعالان و علاقمندان
به جنبش سبز گردید. در این سخنرانی‌، که در برگیرنده مجموعه‌ای از اظهارات
گوناگون و بی‌ارتباط با یک دیگر بود، آقای مهاجرانی به اختصار به مسایل
گوناگونی اشاره کرد: طولانی بودن فرایند مبارزه در ایران، ضرورت کاربرد روش
اصلاح در برابر انقلاب (و یا رفولوسیون)، عدم آلودگی مالی آقای خامنه‌ای و
خانواده‌اش، تایید (گزینشی) منشور جدید جنبش سبز، و بالاخره، مبحث شیرین
«استقلال» و «مستقل بودن» جمهوری اسلامی (به عنوان یک ارزش فائقه). //


I already wrote you about

by Pejman7 on

I already wrote you about the situation in 1998. Real facts of the country can not be judged through Wikipedia general information!



by yolanda on

.....according to wikipedia, this guy left in Iran and lives in England:


Mohajerani left Iran and as of 2009 lives in England with his wife with whom he share a website called

Mohajerani is "a vocal supporter of the pro-democracy Green Movement," and opposes violence against the Iranian regime saying

If we answer violence with violence, we are no different from them.[2] **************************** The guy is probably fed up with IRI!


BBC caption

by Pejman7 on

I have already read the BBC caption. It can be wrong. Anyway there is no reason that he speaks Arabic. I think he is Persian and speaks English with Persian accent. But of course it's based on what I hear from the clip and what I know from the story. Thanks.



by yolanda on

Here is the picture:


 Here is the caption of the photo:

The egg attacker, protesting in Arabic, was escorted off the stage by security officials


I know neither Farsi nor I take the photo caption at the face value!


A NATURAL Reaction

by Pejman7 on

I can understand why he did that. On that time (1997-1999) Khatami was in World headlines as a 'reformist'. Various reforms were made in Persia but his presidency had various negative aftermaths for Persian opposition groups in Europe.

Western officials had this imagination that people in Iran have now "freedom of Speech" and Persia is going to be a free and democratic country in near future. In Europe many Iranians' "real" asylum applications were rejected and the terrorist regime became a good one in one night:

Nobody talked about 1988 mass executions or social restrictions, etc anymore. It was completely unacceptable for opposition and specially families of those who were executed in Persian prisons; same for those who escaped from the hands of Islamic regime to Europe in 1980s and 1990s.

In 1998 Just such radical reactions could attract some attention to human rights violation in Iran through world media which were repeatedly promoting the new 'reformist government" in Tehran.

BTW I listened to the egg thrower many times; it's not very clear but and I do not think he speaks Arabic!! I just hear "he is terrorist" with Persian accent.



by yolanda on

The egg thrower speaks Arabic and calls the guy "terrorist".....he is probably a non-Iranian! It is amazing that the guy continued his speech with slimy egg on his hair!


Ways to fight!

by Shokaran on

The most important reason that lets IRI staying in power for the last 30 and some years is lack of knowledge HOW to battle this regime!

I believe IRI is totally different than Shah's regime, therefore fighting them would be different,when this regime kills people without any hesitation you can not expect people to repeat last year's demonstrations, it will cost so much and it doesn't go anywhere!

Ignoring the regim and trying to edjucate ourselves is the best way of resistance.....and once in a while shooting a rotten egg or tomato to these guys have a big impact of the war against them and showing they are not sacred anymore!!


  Real protests occur in

by Escape on


Real protests occur in the streets in hundreds and thousands, throught community mobilization and organization, not just some cheap mojahid stunt with egg.

That's right this was a FAKE PROTEST! Eggs don't count nah nah na na

Mash Ghasem

What kind of stupidity is this suppose to be?

by Mash Ghasem on

and you call this kind of manure "protest?"

Listen to one of our, more observant rather enlightened, fellow I.C.ers, when he writes:

" If Iranians want democracy and democratic freedoms in their country,
they must get away from their computers and do something... They're saying while between 5 and 8
million Iranians live in diaspora, why is it that the crowds
demonstrating again the IR so small?

Real protests occur in the streets in hundreds and thousands, throught community mobilization and organization, not just some cheap mojahid stunt with egg.



BBC News April 2, 1998

by acopier101 on


take that

by alx1711 on

take that hahahaha... thats what you get for representing Islamic Parasites.

He should have punched him in the face when he had the chance :)


Really old clip!

by choghok on

This is from the time he was minister of culture.


حیف تخم مرغ!!


...ولی‌ آفرین به این حرکت.