2012 or ZION?

Iran objects to London Olympics logo

AP -- Iran objects to the logo for the 2012 London Olympics, contending it is racist because it resembles the word "Zion" and warning of a possible boycott of the games. The secretary general of Iran's National Olympic Committee said Iran sent a letter to International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge. The letter claims the 2012 logo spells out "Zion," a biblical term widely recognized to refer to the city of Jerusalem. In comments carried by the official IRNA news agency Monday, secretary general Bahram Afsharzadeh said the letter urges other Muslim states to oppose the "racist logo." "There is no doubt that negligence of the issue from your side may affect the presence of some countries in the games, especially Iran which abides by commitment to the values and principles," the letter said >>>


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by amirkabear4u on

there are some points about this logo. As far as I remember when for the first time this logo was published a lot of famous design firms were amazed by not been given a chance to compete for it. It was a surprise for a lot of people why better logo was not selected in particular they paid a lot of money for it too.

Below are some links which you may find interesting;





BUT EVEN MORE STRANGELY is how come IRR and AN came up with this. Maybe they have some connections in zionland after all !!!!!!!!!

Fairness and Equality in Justice


Why not ZOIZ?

by Escape on

  Well I never saw Zion in it because I wasn't obsessed with Zion but in the point you can see words from other words then why is it,you don't see ZOIZ first? The 2 if Far closer to a Z than a N.The N is a stretch for the normal.I don't even know how you get a N out of it,care to explain? If the last 2 appears to be a N,then why isn't the FIRST 2?


The pleasure...

by Reality-Bites on

was all mine, my good lady.

Anyone who has the capacity to laugh at themsleves/not take themselves too seriously - as you do - is already a step up on the ladder of life, in yours truly's humble opinion.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Reality Bites

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Thank you for taking the piss out of my posts in a fairly skilled manner. ;)

although cleverly ignoring their content.


Just don't take it personally, if I don't respond again, because believe or not, I've got reality biting and  demanding things right here where I'm posting from. 


And thank you for addressing me properly: I can't stand strangers addressing me out of a chummy call-centre, when they want something. 


Mrs Zahed Kindersley

by Reality-Bites on

Thank you for the taking the time to respond.

Yes, now that you mention it, I do note your use of the word "fanatical", which I suppose, distinguishes "fanatical personal attacks" from, err, non-fanatical personal attacks. Apologies for being slow on the uptake. It could be that I maybe in need of medical help or a visit to the optician too.

Talking of which, I can't recall what made me assume your reference to "need medical help" could be interpreted as derogatory! Perhaps it was the linkage you made earlier between the term and the inability of some to see the much disputed word in the logo, as you clearly do.

It seemed you were inferring that if some cannot see or think (into things) as you do, the logo being a case in point, then they need medical help. But now that I know you have no such fanatical traits and guard your personal ethics with exemplary vigilance, I see that could not have been the case.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Jeesh Daram

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Your post made me laugh and smile. Including an imaginary conversation with my father:

" Baba, Agha Daram migan hameye naghashiato yaadeshoone."

Silence. Annoyance, Irritation, Spanish Inquisition to follow, but stopped by me:


"Baba, esmeh koochikeshoon, Jeesh ast."


"Mohem nist ki chi mige, mohem ast chi mige"  




The subject of interpretation which you bring up further is a gigantic one, but it also involves "creativity" (the other great humdinger), which most functioning brains can perform but are always "subject" to "subject" "subjectivity".

Your witty comment hasn't spread on flat eyes.... 

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Reality Bites

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

I deliberately mentioned the word "fanatical", which should have given you a clue to what I had meant. Please, take the time to look it up.

 However, yes, I should have made my post clearer to this level, but I seriously question my time spent on such "schemes".

You assume that my mentioning of a "need of medical help" is derogatory. Simply isn't.  

I based my "opinion" on available medical knowledge. And quite a chunk on fairly recently available (to the public) "neuro-science".

I have absolutely nothing against or for specific  medical conditions, UNLESS, they manifest themselves as some form of suffering, and especially when they display themselves in dictatorial, aggressive, deliberately ignorant prejudice and other forms of harm to the "sufferer" and others.

Fortunately, by nature, of no fault nor praise of my own, I do not "possess" such fanatical traits, but am aware of them and my ethical codes are under constant , regular scrutiny and review. 

Soosan Khanoom

dear sumwoman  ...............

by Soosan Khanoom on

dear sumwoman 

your comments are welcome here .  It is good to see different point of views and heated discussions.  So keep writing and do not mind if sometimes the kids in the sand box act so childish .......

 they sometimes forget that democracy is the right of " individuals " not  right of majority ....... 

I may not agree with everything you say but you still have some points that makes us to ponder ...... we can learn from any point of view and from each other 

I think people in America are tired of their tax money going to Israel and people in Iran are tired of their money goes to Palestine ......  we each have our own problems to take care of which should show up first on our to do list....... that is all 


Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

knowing what a great painter your father was and remembering just about every one of his images (after all this time since they were posted here), I am not surprised of your vivid interpretation of alternatives that can be seen in that logo.  Certain things are visible by some people and not by others, which does not make one better but it is a truth.

I don't think Iran just garabbed this claim from a bureaucrat's bag. Most likely an artist saw such effect and reported that to the Iranian government.  Perhaps their problem is with the square in the middle that represents a dot, hence the dot on top of an "i". Or else what is that square? Four continents?

To use more of my hallucinated vision, under the influence of Earl Grey tea and chocolate, I also see three triangles around that central square which clearly represents the Trident, Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. Or one can say it is the star of David being evolved! So, now we are talking about two religions' influence on the logo.

Perhaps the best solution is if London, being the centre of the Islamic World and the most ordained place after Mecca, can add an abstract green sword on the top, so that it also represents Islam, a lotus flower to represent Hindus and Buddhists...and make everyone happy...........praise the lord


Ineresting comment, Mrs Zahed Kindersley

by Reality-Bites on

You abhor what you call "fanatical personal attacks" on this website, and yet you infer that people cannot have much of a brain and functioning eye sight and, furthermore, are cannabis using paranoid schizophrenics who are in need of medical help, merely because unlike you (and the IRI propagandists), they do not see the word "zion" in this logo!

Well, it's good to see you practice what you preach and don't resort to personal attacks.


Pot meet kettle

by Reality-Bites on

by sumwoman on

i can't imagine, you being self-conscious enough to recognize your own hypocrisy.

you wag the specter of the regime's intolerance of civil rights and women's rights, and yet, you have showered me with insults because i dare to speak my opinions which are different than yours.

you have made repeated course references to my face, as if i was put on the earth to please your eyes.

we hate in others, what we hate in ourselves....that which we have not been able to assimilate in ourselves.

so, i hope you can be tolerant of the regime's intolerance,
maybe then, you will be on course to bring meaningful reform to Iran,
till then, you are merely a madman jealous of another madman's high office.


sumwoman, would you be kind enough to point out exactly where I "showered you with insults"?

You tried to be facetious in sarcastically talking about being called away to meet up with your "Bassiji masters" and I merely responded in kind in dispensing a couple of tips to help make your efforts become more productive. I don't recall including any specific insults in the comment.

If anyone here is spouting off insults it's YOU madam. For instance, being called a "madman" for merely responding to your comment, isn't exactly a demonstration of online debate etiquette, is it?

So, why are you getting upset? It seems you are happy to dish it out, but can't take it.

I have absolutely no problem with those who have contrary opinion to me. In fact, I wholly support the right of everyone to express their views, because I believe in the freedom of speech. Indeed the suppression of freedom of expression is one of the main reasons I hold in such contempt the Islamic Republic and its supporters.

And likewise, I have the right to exercise MY freedom of expression in disagreeing with people like you. If you don't have the capacity to handle having yours comments challenged, I suggest you go jump in a river and cool off.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

How strange

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

My comment below hasn't disappeared within split seconds. A comment about a lovely photo of a happy hooker, all too common at private views, in a so-called photo-essay  has. 

I have nothing against hookers. Does this site have a policy against them? 


Is there a FAQ page here? 


Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Personal fanatical attacks

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

It is very obvious to anyone with a bit of a brain and functioning eye-sight, that Zion and many other words, a minimum of seven according to a UK survey,  shine through the logo. 

If you only "see" "2012", please seek medical help immediately. You might be suffering from both medical and mental problems.*

Why and how any regime uses the interpretations are a subject to discuss, as is the run-of-the-mill question of how far, if at all, politics and sports which they are in the definition of the Olympics, should be drawn together,

instead of the fanatical personal attacks, rife, rampant and encouraged, on this website, which is of course only one of the reasons people just don't bother anymore to contribute to this particular unprofessional, fanatical jungle of irrational, aggressive non-sense.


Scientific evidence for correlation between use of cannabis and paranoid schizophrenic traits, e.g. one word, one image sole associations , is increasing. So really, if you cannot see Zion in this logo, please consult a medical professional  to help you with your self-medication or glasses at least.



retort to the reform posse

by sumwoman on

i can't imagine, you being self-conscious enough to recognize your own hypocrisy.

you wag the specter of the regime's intolerance of civil rights and women's rights, and yet, you have showered me with insults because i dare to speak my opinions which are different than yours.

you have made repeated course references to my face, as if i was put on the earth to please your eyes.

we hate in others, what we hate in ourselves....that which we have not been able to assimilate in ourselves.

so, i hope you can be tolerant of the regime's intolerance,
maybe then, you will be on course to bring meaningful reform to Iran,
till then, you are merely a madman jealous of another madman's high office.



by Reality-Bites on

by sumwoman on

.....I must say, it has been much fun slinging wet mud with you boys...however my basij masters have called me away to more important matters. 


Here are a couple of tips for ya when you meet up with them.

Make sure :

a) you cover head and body in the standard "kalaagh siaah" outfit that they insist the female kind to hide away in (you are allowed to let your nose stick out though) and

b) cower up, act timid and subservient like the inferior being that they automatically will regard you as, i.e. a female, before issuing you with further instructions to turn every online discussion you take part in, into the standard pro-Palestinian/IR praise-fest.

Put those tips into action and not only will you have the bassiji brothers waving their clubs/knives/AK47s in admiration, but also "khaaharaan-e zeinab" eating out of your hands.

So, you go (zeinab) sister.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

that tale was from old testament and is purim celebrated till now by the jewish;maybe there should come a new persian king to offer peace in all middle east(as it was till  79),  feletinian need to accept the reality and so us.

iranian should free iran.




slinging wet mud with boys

by sumwoman on

Mash Ghasem you said:

"But then again, you're not even Iranian. That makes you a total waste of time."

if not being Iranian makes it a total waste of time...you are not yet ready for prime-time politics.

I must say, it has been much fun slinging wet mud with you boys...however my basij masters have called me away to more important matters.

I'll be back! Like Elvis, I'll be back....look for me at Burger King!
...oops did I say king?

Mash Ghasem

sumwoman , you're nothing but another boring incarnation of

by Mash Ghasem on

Abji Medusa.

Shame on you for being such a mouth piece of mullahs, exactly at a time when they're killing Iranian people. But then again, you're not even Iranian. That makes you a total waste of time. Down with all Cyber Basijis, Iranian or non-Iranian, like you.


Basij OR Green Movement - is it a false dichotomy?

by sumwoman on

Soosan Khanoom,

Did you ever think that maybe the "Basij OR Green Movement" is a false dichotomy?
Why does it have to be one or the other. Why can't it be something different all together?
Maybe, we have to put behind us, monopolies and duopolies and relish multiplicity which i suspect is the real nature of nature.
From the paranoid gallery:
Just like with health care and the internet, the control-freak elites are building a global, two-tier system.  The upper tier is the "one world religion" for themselves, which unites the power elites across fake religious facades under a single, religious nihilism ("Cremation of Dull Care" and all that)  The lower tier is the chaos of "diverse religions" for the masses, which divides peoples by their doctrines/race/culture, etc.  The NWO keeps charlatan faith leaders as pets, because the best way to keep humanity from uniting against tyranny is to distract them with contrived "My God/faith/denomination/atheism is better than yours!" arguments.
So, if their plans include chaotic multiplicity for the little people - as the little people, we had better grow up and figure out how to make multiplicity WORK for us rather than against us.

Reality-Bites, you have to look at a map of Isreal
1946 to present...this is why you can not lead, because you are not able to imagine future events based on past and present events.
take a look at the map

You said: "This is the "iranian.com" and it is the suffering of the "Iranian" people that should be the forefront of the concerns anyone that genuinely cares for them"

Bossy man, live and let live!
Iranians are far more worldly and caring than you give them credit for.

You want truthful reporting about Middle-east visit RT news - UK mouthpiece newspapers are lying!
RT interviews Americans with alternative opinions

US imperialism will push them into Libya's war

Airstrikes in Libya did not take place - Russian military


sumwoman, no offence but....

by Reality-Bites on

are on some kind of narcotic when you post your comments? I mean, what are on earth are going on about? What the hell has what's going on with Palestinians got to do with Iran? Why should Iranians "liberate" Palestinians? Who made Iran the protector and guardian of Palestinians?

Are you also going to suggest that Iranians go on to liberate the Tibetans from the repression of the Chinese and the Darfurians from the murderous Sudanese? Because surely that is the logical extension of your suggestion, is it not?

I abhor the treatment of Palestinians at the hands of Israel, but it's none of Iran's business. Iranians themselves need liberation from the IR puritanical tyranny that's made their lives a living hell and you are beating your chest for the plight of the Palestinians?

Maybe you should redirect your obviously considerable concern for Palestinians on websites dedicated to them. This is the "iranian.com" and it is the suffering of the "Iranian" people that should be the forefront of the concerns anyone that genuinely cares for them,......but then again, having read some of your gems on this website, you appear to believe everything is honky dory under the benevolent rule of the Islamic Republic, so I've probably just wasted my time posting this comment.

Mash Ghasem

Can Palestinans free themselves from captivity?

by Mash Ghasem on

Hamas, Islamic Jihad and PLO don't offer that much confidence or hope for many. How about you?

As long as thier elected officials are an aggregate  of ultra-religious consevatives and theives, captivity looms large.

Since your such a passionate expert of Felestine, you never told us know if you knew any Israeli Lefties?


release from captivity

by sumwoman on

that sure is a beautiful song...

i read somewhere, some old Persian king released the Jews from the Babylon...

can the new Persians help to free the Palestinians from captivity in their own land?


Mash Ghasem

Sosan Khanom , in all seroiusness your idea is simply brilliant

by Mash Ghasem on

Imagine Sinead singing in the Olympics.

Makes me wanna have a pint and a shot right now!


you want to change Iran - change the attitude of Iranian men

by sumwoman on

just because a person doesn't want war in Iran, doesn't make them a Basij agent

just because a person exposes MOSSAD world-wide pedophilia sex ring doesn't make them a Basij agent

excerpt: "Does Mossad run pedophile rings? Virginia Roberts worked for Jeffrey Epstein. She has stated that when she was aged 15 “She was ‘given’ to men ranging in age from their 40s to their 60s. Jeffrey Epstein is a member of the the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations."

PS: i did hear about the awful fates of Iranian women who are sentenced to death after being sexually assaulted...currently thinking through a one woman show to bring this matter to a wider audience - hoping to change the attitudes of men in Iran.

my view is that the mooolahs very much reflect misogynist attitudes in Iranian men...it's not the other way around.
as is below, so is above
you want to change Iran - change the attitude of Iranian men!!!!!!

hence i don't trust Green Movement - to me, all of you sound amazingly misogynist! If Green Movement is involved with Iranian pop music videos coming out of California - then definitely it's misogynist... women with gobs of make-up, dressed in short skirts dancing around like bimbos! YUK!

so nothing nothing would change if you were to be brought to power in Iran.

Soosan Khanoom

These people in IRI are just

by Soosan Khanoom on

These people in IRI are just  crazy paranoid ones that are making a deal from something that is not a big deal at all .....Only their eyes have captured it .........  so what ?   the root of word zion is biblical .... an dit describes a sad moment in history ....

it is true that zionists Israel regime today is filled with bunch of murderers who have nothing to do with jewish people struggle throughout the history but why on earth we should fight with the words and the history behind it 

how about this song as the opening song for this Olympic ......  

By the rivers of Babylon

Where he sat down
And there he wept when he remembered Zion.


 who sings it better than Sinead




by statira on

actually ZOIN. More like Zein of Zeinolabedine bimar.



by Doctor mohandes on

Take it easy,

They have got you to do the work for them and look at the beating that you are getting on this site.

I think they will think twice next time before even thinking about hiring a PR.


If you take...

by ahvazi on


ZION and you read the other way it says NOIZ!!! and that's what the IRI is doing...making NOIZ as usual!


IRI desparately needs a PR person?

by Reality-Bites on

Well alaaf, I wouldn't worry too much. They've can always rely on loyal people like you to rush to defend them.

And interesting to note you also worry about the Western media's "anti-Arab" agenda alongside the anti-Iran agenda. Why are you so concerned about the anti-Arab agenda?

As for this supposed Zion logo, it was launched 4 years ago. I guess that's how long it takes the IRI bigots to concoct their fantasy and read into something that isn't there at all. How much more humiliation and embarrassment are the Iranian people going to suffer at the hands of these fundamentalist and repressive clowns?

Seriously, you couldn't make it up.

Mash Ghasem

Cyber basij sumwoman: karma , marma,

by Mash Ghasem on

Karma is a classist/ caste based doctrine created in India to justfiy the caste system in Hindostan. You're born because of your Karma into your caste, so there can't be no change.

Real life has nothing to do with it, it's all about organization and how you use it. So many murderers have gotten away scott free, you can't even imagine.

Oh, talking about murderers and rapists going without meeting their karma, do you remember Taraneh Musavi, she was an Iranian women too. Remember what happened to her, and what happened to her muderers that raped her? They all got promoted.  I guess your Karma is not working on this case, yet.

Last but not least, talking about stumbling on words,

I guess you don't know any Israeli Lefties, do you? Ever heard of Avraham Borg?

P.S. that grine is really obtuse and obtrusive at the same time, I give it # 2 in  avatar bad taste, right after Bacheh Tarso's.