Reza Pahlavi: Iran Years

News and documentary clips from day of his birth in 1960 until 1979



jasonrobardas do you advocate communism or do you have a better

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Leaders children in all the capitalist world enjoy a better life financially than others.

The thing is this guys father, the shah, actually delivered alot for the average person, which is why many people adored him for what he accomplished.

Some Little boys and little girls even in Germany and the USA eat out of trash cans, despite food stamps.  Should all people give up the privaleges they earn for themselves and their familes if the state of their fellow man is not living perfectly... or should they dedicate their lives to bridging the gap between rich and poor and helping to create more opportunitues and giving the little guy a better life as a result of their good fortune.

It's exactly for helping so many people become part of the largest mddle class in the middle east that this guy and his family are so admired.

God bless good people, like reza pahlavi.


An unfinished sweet dream.

by عموجان on

Not only for him but for those who still think that was a better Iran.

I hope we wake up soon from this nightmare we are in now. 


Crown Reza Pahlavi, the only path to sucess and prosperity

by Siavash300 on

For those who care about Iran, Crown Reza Pahlavi is the only path to sucess and modernization. Monarchy is the answer for all those who keep talking about secularism and freedom. The above video reminds all Iranians of old good days that people were happy and our country was on the top of the world. Iranians were well respected all around the globe and we were reaching to the gate of Great civilalization. The spirit of Great Cyrus. 

 May God bless Reza Pahlavi and his family.

Payandeh Iran.


The tagic saga of being born with

by jasonrobardas on

a silver spoon in your mouth , in the midst of abject poverty . This is the story of the kids of the ruling class in Iran at all times of history .

    Imagine Little boys selling lottery tickets on the streets of Tehran . Imagine little girls weaving carpets every hour of the day indoors, without seeing the sunlight, day after day .Imagine children working hard daily to support their families . Imagine Children being denied a happy childhood . imagine children being treated as "small grown ups"!

  Ours is a society where Dickensian treatment of children was the norm and it still is , Let us hope that one day , every child's birthday will be acknowledged in Iran , not just the blue blooded , priviledged kids of the ruling elite .


Thank you creator David

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Memories are only a part of the lasting good our nations first family gave Iran.  Days of Iranian Traditions, Freedom, Independence and Autocracy suited us all well, pity muslims, communists and some others others were not grateful enough when the Shah faced betrayal from the United States.

Reza Pahlavi is a gift from our triumphant past.

He Reminds me of a time when we all used to have class and today we can't even hold a candle to red necks and white trash. I guess Leadership matters.