President Johnson Welcomes Shah

... as Iranian students demonstrate at White House

U.S. National Archives (1967): President Lyndon Johnson as he welcomed the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, to the White House, while Iranian students demonstrated outside.


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It is called "protocol" in case you didn't know

by anglophile on


Just watch how Obama is one step ahead of Prince Philip when they walk to and from reviewing the guard of honour. The only exception is when your host is a lady like HM the Queen.



by Fatollah on

agreed! but, do you really think that Mossadeq'ollahies are pure and innocent?


To the Shahollahis on

by jasonrobardas on

    Getlemen .....Please....Look at the protesters in this video. They have  covered their faces because they do not want to be identified !   obvious proof that Shah's regime  was brutal and  that it imprisoned, tortured and killed the dissenters.

    If he was truly a democratic leader as you young gullibles assume, the Iranians would not have to express their grievances incognito . They would not be  be fearing for their lives and their families .

    Now these are the people far away from Iran, on the other side of the ocean and yet they fear retribution . Inside Iran you would not even think about protesting .  Like it or not , Shah's stagnant , oppressive regime paved the way for the status quo ! 

    You young fellas just got captivated by the glamour and the glitter of the Shah and the crowns and the thrones and the facade  and the .........



Rooheh Shah Shad, Marg bar propagandistah va demogogha

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

After everything Iranians have been through at the hands of the USA and the IRI and especially with the consent of those who want to see democracy for Iran, this would be an excellent speech for Today.

LBJ says:

You are winning without any violence and without any blood shed, a lesson that others still have to learn.

To destroy the exsisting order , to dismiss the past without a plan for the present or the Future, well that is never enough. 

We Americans challenge every propagandist and every demagougue whether he speaks on the radio waves of the world or in the streets of our own cities to demonstrate his commitment to progress with the facts and the figures.  The people of the world cry out for progress, not for propaganda.

And then the Hypocricy of funding Khomeini, Saddam, MEK.  American Torture centers managed by CIA in various countries including Greece, Egypt and Afghanistan.

We Iranians challenge the USA to with actions to prove they are sincere about LBJ's speech and realize it's significance.



Oh well

by Reality-Bites on

The protesters' wishes came true 12 years later and look where we are now!

Still, MRP should've at least listened to those protesters, regardless of whether they were right or wrong and took on board criticism, instead of pushing on with believing only he knew what was best for the country and dismissing contrary views, until it was too late.


نه‌، یادم نیست.


اصلا هنوز به دنیا نیومده بودم در ۱۹۶۷، و هر اتفاقی‌ در اون سال افتاد ربطی‌ به من و نسلی که بعد از اون سال دردناک  به دنیا اومدن نداره!

ولی‌ این رو میدونم، اگه این روز‌ها یک روزنامه در ایران جرات بکنه اینچنین جسارتی به شازده حسن نصرولله بکنه در عکس دیدن این والاحضرت با ولی‌ فقیه، اون روزنامه و تمام کارمنداش از سردبیر بگیر تا دربون، سرشون از کهریزک و اوین خواهد در اومد!

تبریک :) 


Memory test!

by پندارنیک on





توفیق زیر عکس جانسون که داشت یه چشمی و یه ور یه ور به شاه نیگا میکرد تیتر زد: قاسم کوری...




Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

یکی از عادات اون خدا بیامرز این بود که دوست داشت هی جلو جلو راه بره و از همه یکی دو قدم جلوتر بره. باری در این فیلم هم شاید بخاطر تاثیر داروهای مضعف برای لوسمی و یا خستگی راه و شاید کمی هم غرور در دو نقطه بخاطره همین تند رفتن و جلوتر راه رفتن اشتباه میکنه و جانسون با ادب او را براه راست هدایت مینماید و درست همان لحظه ای است که جانسون بعدش انگشتش را به بینی اش نزدیک میکند، که در فرهنگ آمریکا بمعنی زیر سبیلی در دادن است و چشم پوشی از یک اتفاق خنده آور که اگر خاطرتان باشد جانی کارسون همیشه این کار را انجام میداد.  باری بعد هم وقتی نیکسون رئیس جمهور شد از منبع بسیار قابل اعتماد شنیدم که شکایت کرده بوده است که چرا شاه دوست دارد از میزبانش جلوتر راه برود؟....خلاصه هرچه بود شروع یک پایان بود و دیدیم چه بروزمان آوردند و از حکومت ایران چه فاضلابی ساختند    

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Notice @3:43, how LBJ holds his right hand on his chest when

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

the Iranian National Anthem is being played!

No matter how you look at it but both pro and anti Shah folks today would give an arm and a leg to be where their predecessors once were in 1967!


There is always opposition

by jasonrobardas on

to the rule of tyranny . Thus was his inevitable demise.......

Shazde Asdola Mirza

LBJ: winning progress without violence ... (Reformist too?)

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

"To destroy the existing order, to dismiss the past without a plan for the future, that is never enough!

We Americans challenge every propagandist and every demogouge ... to demonstrate his commitment to progress.

The people of the world cry out for progress, not for propaganda!"