Shah Goes, Khomeini Comes

Documentary form 1979


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Shah understood Islamic Institutions produced corruption...

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Shah also knew west was supporting these corrupt authorities for neocolonial motives, from which they have not given up on one bit.

A religion which sanctions rape, torture, murder, lies and fear... To me that is Devil worshiping.... but it is really the result of having corrupt authorities which are not even religious, but cruel and ignorant humans, with little education.

It requires an extraordinary level of ignorance to blame the shah for the creation of this, that is unless you believe his rule was not correct for iran and the iranian people should be governed more like the swiss.

In that case I would have to say you are not a sincere democrat, but have either no idea what you are saying or are just plainly delusional.  Iran was not ready for democracy then and is even less ready now.  Even if you secularize the system, Iranians will still not be able to function well in a democratic environment.

How long will it take soosan kanoom to realize shah was great for Iran?  I'm not holding my breath, it may never happen. never ever in a million years and 10,000 reincarnations of this lifetime.


Revolution or Counter-revolution ?

by esmal3kaleh on

What happened in 1979 (in my humble opinion) was not a revolution. It was a "counter-revolution" against the ideals and accomplishments of the constitutional revolution. The seed of this counter-revolution was planted by Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri.

Reza Shah, and M. Reza Shah acted merely as project managers, and all the great men and women of that time contributed to progress of Iran, each with his/her own expertise. Davar, Foroughi, Mossadegh, Bahar, Fazollah Reza, Dr Mojtahedi, Farrokhroo Parsa, Hekmat, Dr Sooratgar, Yamini Sharif, Dehkhoda ... and many more.

The progress made during Reza Shah's tenure was the dream and plan of the constitutionalists, yet they were not able to fullfil them for 15 years after the Const. Rev. due to the lack of a good project manager. That is why when Reza Khan came about, everyone gathered around him.

Unfortunately, the intellectuals of 1979 did not know their own people very well, and that how much influence religion had on the people."Seyyed e Owlad e Peyghambar" was enough for the majority.

The intellectuals were swept away by the tide of the islamic counter-revolution.

Ali P.

Khomeini, the Shah, and the Revolution

by Ali P. on

I am not talking about the Revolution, revolutionaries, and the Shah.

I am just asking, if you ever followed Khomeini, do you feel like an idiot or not.

You may feel like an idiot, or you may not; for whatever reason. I am not passing any judgment on you.

I would just like to hear from those who did, at one point, followed Khomeini and his crap.

That's all !



by پندارنیک on

The revolution was not so much about following Khomeini as it was about disobeying the regime of the Shah. One has to remember that the Shah had long passed the political point of return; he, belatedly,  started to seek advice from those whose pleas for reforms he had rejected with the highest degree of cockiness and arrogance only a few years earlier. The creation of the Resurrection Party was the final nail in the coffin. 

Revolution is not a choice to be avoided, it's a historical event based on social necessities which can be prevented to some degree for a limited time, only if the right anti-revolutionary means have been utilized correctly............If it was not Khomeini, and a rather smooth transition of power in '79, then there would have been another one some years later with a much bloodier price tag.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

if you ever followed Khomeini and his crap???


Shah Paved the way for the emergence of the status quo

by jasonrobardas on

Through his system of tyranny ,brutality,  stagnation and corruption.


Neither Shah was God or Khomy was Devil

by عموجان on

We had a religion, which was private, and we could go to it when our soul needed help,now that is gone (we gave it up) to a force full, nonsense, made up religion which is based on rape, death, murder, lies and fear and that’s what rule Iran now. To me that is Devil worshiping.

Poosteh Pesteh

usa and uk and france

by Poosteh Pesteh on

their movie in 1979 just see it

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

People like you who thought SHAH was God had brought the devil to us ..... 

JJ ...... what this site has turned to ?

A Place for bunch of senior citizens who used to worship SHAH ?    It is ok ..... they need a place to vent ...



When Iran give up God to follow Devil.

by عموجان on

Nothing stay the same, good days are ahead. We all learned something about Iran in 32 years.