Sadegh Ghotbzadeh: Rise & Fall

Former top adviser confesses hand in plot to kill Khomeini

Sadegh Ghotbzadeh (Born in 1936 – September 15, 1982) was a close aide of Ayatollah Khomeini during his 1978 exile in France, and Iranian Foreign Minister (November 30, 1979–August, 1980) during the Iran hostage crisis following the Iranian Revolution. In 1982 he was executed for allegedly plotting the assassination of Ayatollah Khomeini and the overthrow of the Islamic Republic >>> Wikipedia


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Hajj Hemghat...

by AryamehrNYC on

Here is a recap of your latest post:


End of conversation. 

hajj khnom

ARY No manner

by hajj khnom on

You do not have to worry for my proper English, since it is the last thing on my mind. If I were you, I would worry for proper manner that you lack of and holes in your brain.


Hajj Hemaghat...

by AryamehrNYC on

First off, take a deep breath, relax and unbunch the Pajama Jeans that has caused you to get all fired up this AM.  Secondly, maybe you should take a refresher course on speaking the English language properly, then there would not be any holes in your intellectually challenged statement.  Thirdly, when Hoveyda was murdered, people were outraged and did ask "why" (both inside and outside Iran).  But, maybe you missed that outcry since you were out in the streets looting and destroying public/private property. 

Get a clue. 

hajj khnom

Ary NO Mehr

by hajj khnom on

I do not need to do research to find out whether Komeini had Iranian support. I lived through it and I experienced both regimes. Maybe, you should stop talking non-sense and open your eyes.

And I did not compare Hovyda to Ghotbzadeh……..You guys have not learn how to read or listen yet? I was trying to cross the point that both those men got executed by IRI and no one ask question why? Including you!!


Hajj Khanoum

by AryamehrNYC on

Come on now....let's not distort the truth once again.  There were not 36MM people out on the streets during the great insurrection of 1979.  Moreover, if you had done proper research before spewing your rubbish, you would have come to realize that comparing Hoveyda to Ghotbzadeh is like comparing apples to bowling balls. 

hajj khnom


by hajj khnom on

NEVER. EVER !! You are giving me an order not to think or speak! That is so a demented.


No one deserves to die. And if your reason is that Ghotbazdeh supported Komeini so did 36 millions of Iranian who were on the street and what is your remedy for them?


 Everyone has right to have a fair trial regardless of his crime, if there is a crime. When are we going to learn that no one is guilty until his is proven guilty. Your hateful comment is supporting IRI action curtly against people.   



Haji Khanoom is absolutely correct.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Let us not forget, the very same people who cheered the summary execution of Shah's generals. were the next victims of Islamic regime.  

I personaly consider Ghotbzadeh to be an opportunist and a traitor to Iran and it's people. But that is not why he was murdered. He was murdered because of the power struggle within the gangs of power hungry Islamist regime. Similar to what is happening today between khamenei and ahmadinezhad. No matter what, Ghotbazdeh was not given a fair trial and became the victim of the criminal system he himself helped to create...  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


he knew exactly

by shushtari on

what he was doing...

this idiot along with yazdi were definitely agents of the americans and british.....who betrayed their country for their lust for wealth and power.

yazdi was spared, but this poor fool was sent to hell early


the shah should have exterminated these traitors long ago.....that way iran would have been spared. 


to Hajj_Khanum Again

by ali_aaa on

NEVER EVER compare Hoveyda with this piece of crap Ghotbzadeh.



He was a traitor

by statira on

If he was a patriot and cared x Iran, the moment that Khomeni said he felt nothing, he should've blown up his head.  People like Ghotbzadeh made a Saint out of that piece of crap, Khomeini.


to Hajj_Khanum

by ali_aaa on

let me be clear:

HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED. This is what happens when you sleep with Khomeini. 


There is a silver lining...

by afshin on

I think the case of Ghotbzadeh shouldn't be simplified as one of a traitor who got what he deserved.  Ghotbzadeh in my opinion is in fact a microcosm of the intellectuals, and in his case the pseudo-intellectuals of his time.  Many of the throngs of supporters that Khomeini had, were western educated Iranians who carried some sense of idealism with themselves.  And as misguided as they were, I would say they probably did have good intentions.  I'm fairly certain they didn't have the ultimate results of this horrific revolution as their goal.  They didn't say to themselves, let's get rid of the Shah, so we can have more political prisoners, execute hundreds of thousands of people, turn the clock on social liberties and progress back about a millennium, turn one of the fastest growing economies of the world into heap of horse manure, and transform Iran in to a pariah state.  I think they wanted an Iran free of foreign influence and with a more representative system of governance.  But as the saying goes, most bad roads are paved with good intentions.  The point really is, that we as Iranians have to take valuable lessons from what happened thirty years ago.  Not because we want to rehash the past, but so we don't condemn ourselves to repeating it.  We have serious cultural issues that have contributed to our collective plight.  We lack a sense of community and many times over we only care about our narrow short-term interests.  Our culture has an almost pathological borderline personality disorder.  We idolize and demonize people to extremes.  We all too often believe in farfetched conspiracy theories than  more simple explanations of events.  We are so engrossed and at times infatuated with our supposed glorious past, that we forsake and sabotage the future.  We don't respect the opinion of others, and as a result areindifferent to the right of others.  I would say, the current Iranian government is not just a renegade regime that has hijacked our destiny.  But rather, a symptom of what ails us as a people.

hajj khnom

ali_aaa and bfarahmand

by hajj khnom on

Who the hell cars? What an irresponsible- foolish answer!! Maybe if we asked a question or cared when they killed Ghotbzadeh or Hovyda , we would not be in this situation now! A human got murdered and a life was lost and you do not care? And why is that? Because killing is OK as long as we are safe? No one asks to be killed or tortured. Khomeini and fundamentalist used Ghotbzadeh to fool western world to get to power and then got ride of him.


He asked for it

by iamfine on

He was a vatan froush and an agent.



by ghalam-doon on

We must have been brainwashed.

What a nightmare!


Dont watch this please

by ali_aaa on

You should watch Rise and Fall of Roman Empire, not rise and fall of Ghotbzadeh. Who the hell was he? who the hell cares?