The Last Shah

BBC documentary


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Shazde Asdola Mirza

خدا بیامرزدش

Shazde Asdola Mirza


خیلی‌ بهتر از اون بود که ما فکر میکردیم.

خیلی‌ بدتر از اون بود که خودش فکر میکرد.


just got this email, good summary of how the empire of USA works

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Carter during his campaign for Presidency, promised if he wins, he will change two regimes, IRAN and NIGARACOA. Carter action was the core; the rest was a carefully planned CHESS game played by UK, FRANCE & USA Agents in IRAN.  Each player played his part to destroy 50 years of struggle of Reza Shah and his son.   The issue was not corruption; if anyone has doubt can watch the depth of Corruption in west on TV. Just about every Senator, Governor, Congressman is on some special interest payroll. The issue was not Shah getting married to 2-3 wives,  or ALAM Secretary of Court dating a french Woman, watch N.GINGRIRCH, EDWARD…President of FRANCE, President of ITALLY and their dirt .  We all  have read and seen pictures and stories of Churchill and his driver intimate Sex and relationship,  Kennedy with Marylyn Monroe, or Clinton  SEX Scandals in while in white house, or DC Madam with 2000 Politician on her list.
IRAN Prime Minister, after Hovayda, in a week or so from the time he came to power, ordered Monthly payments to close to 7,000 Mullahs through SAVAK, AZMOUN, and NAVIDI (OFFICE MANAGER OF NIOC) to be terminated, in cabinet he stated “payment to all Mullahs, bunch of MOUFT KHOUR must be stopped as of today”. PLAN?  He is alive and lives in Washington, Just check with one or two of his cabinet members). He was the man that Shah paid $30 Million to CARLOS/TERRORIST  took him HOSTAGE as part of   “OPEC MEMBERS were taken HOSTAGE...”
Carter based on plan transferred $150 Million to Khomeini. The same Prime Minister pushed to Move University of ARIA MEHER to ISFAHAN, ignited Strikes by students and professors all over the Country, a planned push to unite students and faculty to join Mullahs, & BAZARIES


statira that is changing in iranians

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

people in iran now are wiser than in the 70's

they don't just use the media to make their opinions.

They pay little attention to words and look at actions far more than they used to.  They debate more.

That is the root cause of the growing popularity of the late shah and not as his detractors wish to say due to nostalgia.

Iran was by far the most backward country in the entire middle east before the pahlavi's and they were forced to leave it because people listened to words and gossip instigated by foregners that benefitted, instead of looking at actions,

experts at propaganda like the bbc are now being seen for what they are, tools of their governments foreign policy, which has nothing in it for iranians.

Mullahs still control the machine guns and are ready to use them, but they have truly lost the country including the children of their own supporters.

As for the bbc, their work is seen more as desperate acts of fiction and imagination, created by a country that is partnered with the USA and israel in maintaining an American Empire at the expense of Iranians. 

They had a chance to allow us to sit at the table and squandered it through betrayal of the shah and iranians and even they know they have lost iran and iranians for good. 

This is much better since the west never accepted iranians as europeans or aryans or equal in rights.  And being more democratic will not resolve anything for iranians with respect to the west. While Iranians desire more democracy many realize that in the future Iran will look nothing like democracies in the west. 

More than democracy, Iranians want the freedom and human rights they used to enjoy at home before 1979 and a system that protects society from the deceit and manipulation used in the west to first fool its own people and then use them to fool others.


The bitter truth about us

by statira on

Iranians in general is that we are not civilized and smart enough to distiguish between good and bad and it doesnt matter how educated we are. We prefered that nekbat, muderous mulla Khomeini to the shah.


He was no dictator

by rain bow movment on

SHAH was a true patriotic Iranian,look at these evil murderer akhonds and their supporter, look?   where is CIA agent yazdi that helped to bring the worse  kind of backward thinking dictator and murderer in to power. he deserved what he gets.

and for BBC to make such a documentery against SHAH, which is more eye opening for a person seeking truth,it back fire against them & major political parties like Islamist,commonist,and all B.S parties

There is no limit to stupidity & ignorance of some people


No Surprise, it's the bbc after all

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

At 29.25 the speech is cut out.
What a surprise that the documentary does not translate the shahs words, where he says, Cyrus the Great King of Iran, The King of "FREEDOM" for Iran...

I guess that little part doesn't fit in with the whole fabrication of the Shah being a Dictator, so it needed to be cut out. 

What Iranians don't know can't hurt them right, so lets give them a choice based on coercion, manipulation and deceit and see if we can create the desired reaction.


What a Sad piece of propagada

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It starts at 1.35 Hang uniforms heavey with ribbon and braid, the Classic Trappings of a 3rd world dictator.

This was the "enduring reputation" of the shah.

The man who wore the uniforms, would never accept this title in his own eyes he was a visionary king.

Then one line of defense is from the british ambassador, Something is terribley wrong when we look up to the british ambassador for a defence, he says...he was a true visionary, he had a vision for iran he was not a cynical dictator.

this is just classic personality assasination care of the bbc

the rest of the movie is worse, so why even repeat it all.

Now I realize why I hear most iranians are praying for a shah, or iran needs a dictator to save it, after hearng the comments of the clerics about this family of so called terror, as if the IRI is a symbol of anything but terror.


What's Ironic is the title of the film isn't even correct

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If they said the Late Shah,

I could understand,

but to call him the LAST shah is not only 100% impossible for anyone to know

it means they are so confident in their powers of fortune telling they are certain the people of Iran will not create another shah.

That is partially mind reading too. 

And speaking with Iranians, while many want to see a more democratic Iran, my hallucination is that Iranians will continue to choose to create unelected shah's, if only because of their progressive benefits, for a long long time to come. 

Late Shah would be more factually correct.



how ironic

by shushtari on

that the bastards at BBC would creat a 'documentary' about the great MRP....

the same bastards, who have always thought of iran as their little piggy bank.....even after 80 years of raping and pillaging our nation, they could not let go! and orchestrated one of the most disgusting revolutions in human history.  

they got what the wanted- got rid of the shah, installed a bunch of murdering pedophiles, and sent iran back to the dark ages.....

just imagine what our country would be like today, if the filthy mullahs had not been installed!! turkey, south korea, israel- no match for iran 

Gharibe Ashena

Painful, like watching a slow train wreck !!

by Gharibe Ashena on

If the turning point was in fact when the shah printed an article about Khomeini being a British agent (which all clergies are), I would have instead made a nightly prime time program to talk in detail about Khomeini's book (toziolmasael). Then the Iranian people could Judge for themselves what that guy was all about. Alas, here we are in 2011, and the hope of our nation is an imaginary 1000+ year old man dwelling at a bottom of a well.

On Kas Ke Nadonad va Nadonad Ke Nadanad, Dar Jahle Morakab Abadodahr Bemonad!!  



What happen to us?

by Vattan on

Az mast keh bar mast.


دشمنان تفسیر می کنند


اگر ملتی که احمق است ایا چاره ای هم هست؟ ملت خرسواری و کشتار و خرافات را میخواستند. انگلیس ها به اروزوی خود رسیدند و امروز همان ملتی که میخواستند شاه برود کجا هستند و خیانت ایرانی به ایران تمام نشدنی است و امروز یک مشت جنایتکار دهن همه را سرویس میکنند.چین و روسیه و انگلستان و بقیه اربابان اخوندها هستند. ملت هم از خرسواری هنوز خسته نشده.

یزدی امروز در چه حالی است؟ و بقیه چی شده اند