Ahmadinajad Slams Illegal Imports

"Our brothers" involved in criminal trafficking


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Reality Bites

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are misunderstanding me. Yes AN is a scumbag no question about it. He is also insane and delusional. But I think most of the killings were done by Basiji by orders of Khamenei. I really think AN thinks he won fair and square. Of course this is totally not true. But crazy people delude themselves. By blood I meant that of all people. Bush in the Iraq war cost a lot of lives. This is not a matter of dispute. Yes they were not Americans but they were people albeit Iraqi people.

Many people have called me anti-Arab racist. But I take no joy in watching innocent Arabs wiped out. Anyway back to the subject. I think Khamenei rigged the elections for AN. Because he hated Moussavi due to long standing feuds. Khamenei did not expect that AN is so "Kalhe Khar" and impossible to control. AN thinks he is anointed by Mehdi to clean up the world. So he is taking on Khamenei because he thinks he is protected by divine power. Now Khamnenei has got a problem. That is all I am saying. Nothing is forgiven or forgot. I am just explaining what I think is going on. I also said it may all be a show. But if it is not we are going to have a huge fight on our hands and Khamenei may get the worst of it.


VPK, I'm surprised at you!

by Reality-Bites on

You say:

"...Yes I know AN himself got in with a rigged election. But at least he did nothing Bush did not...."

Tell me, did Bush spill the blood of the American people for merely protesting about the election results and process?

More to the point, it isn't just about how AN got elected and its aftermath, have you forgotten about continued repression, the continuing harassment of people, the continuing intimidation, violence, imprisonment, torture and murder under AN's watch?

Suddenly all is forgiven and forgotten because this scumbag has got himself into a power struggle with the other scumbag, Khamenei? The little twerp is clever. He knows if he talks about the rule of law (if you call it law under the IR) and, when it suits him, wraps himself in nationalist flag, he might get support and sympathy from so many of the people who have had it up their necks with this religious dogma nonsense.

The SOB is an ultra religious Hojatti and still waiting for his 12th Imam to turn up and establish his beloved Islamic Republic all over the earth.

Yes, I detest the MEK and Khamenei too, but this little twerp is every bit worthy of contempt as the others, and a few PR speeches here and there are not going to fool me into buying the crap he is feeding those who are naive enough to fall for it.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

They both

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


are lunatics and Khamenei is senile as well. I think they may self destruct alright. But hopefully take each other with them. AN has one advantage which is he is younger. So he has not got as old and bitter as Khamenei. 

The Imam on the other hand is both crazy and senile. It has got to his head. Don't get me wrong I am no fan of AN. But I think he may be tougher than Khamenei imagines. It will be an interesting fight assuming it is not a show. 


Speaking of Moft-Khors,

by vildemose on

Speaking of Moft-Khors, there are a bunch of people in Ahmadi-Nejad government that have multiple jobs and yes are mostly related to him through marriage or otherwise.

 AliAbadi the oil minister who is also Irans rep in OPEC is the prime example.  This uneducecated idiot, was the head of Irans sports adminestration for a few years and literally drove it to ground.   Having served the sports admin so well now he is given the task of running Irans oil + OPEC.  (Iran has the turn to lead OPEC).

Ahmadinejad and his Hojatieh gang are just as corrupt as the rest of the hardliners...To think otherwise is dismissing all the facts and evidence that are piling up against him daily.

Having less blood on your hands than Bush is not a measure of health of a leader, any leader who cares about his nation or its people.  Ahmadinejad is not well in his head. He is delusional and a sociopath that's why he was chosen by Khameni to do away with the reformers. Khamenie knows he is a lunatic and he is giving him enough rope to hang himself with. This has been Khamnie's plan all along ever since he picked him to be the President.

Khamnei knows full well that this lunatic will self-destruct. He has no doubts...


It is getting to be scary.

by عموجان on

When finally these two sides openly come to head against each other that means bullets will be fling on the streets. These Animals don’t know how to resolve their differences by taking as they have shown during past 32 years how they executedtheir opposition instead of power sharing and they are rich enough to hire mercenary to do their fighting, innocent lives and future of Iran is on the line here. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Reality Bites

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You know things change and alliances fall apart. Yes AN has been president for 6 years. Maybe he was biding his time and building a base. I don't know. Maybe he got fed up with Khamenei and his unelected office.

Yes I know AN himself got in with a rigged election. But at least he did nothing Bush did not. In fact he has less blood on his hands than Bush. So before we go at him let us think. If there is a fight and he wins it will be good for Iran. Who knows maybe he will abolish the VF. I know I am dreaming but I still rather see that than an American / MEK attack on Iran. For decades we thought Soviet Union would never change: it did. We do not know what future brings and anyone who thinks they do is wrong.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There are several issues here.

Normally I am for free trade so why should government control trade? But since there are laws AN is absolutely right. Some times he says things that surprise me.  He is for:

  • Improving relations with Tajikistan which I absolutely support.
  • Standing up to Khamenei which I also support.
  • Wanted to celebrate NowRuz in Persepolis.

Now maybe it is all an act. But who knows. If the Mollahs and AN go at it I hope AN wins. Honestly I rather have AN than MEK now I put on the asbestos suit as the MEK gang aka JM attacks.


holy sh*t!!! this guy is digging his own grave!

by Benyamin on

I wonder if he goes against Khameneii and Sepaah then who is there to back him?

Maybe he has bribed enough "Amirs" or "timsars" of Artesh and Sepaah who have his backing? or he is just simply stunningly stupid.


Objectively Speaking

by Piyalechi on

And in the spirit of "nabin ki migeh, bebin chi migeh," I certainly am in-noush with what he says in this video file.

I specially concur with his emphasis on the need for everything staying on the books, regardless of the nature of the import transaction.



Gotta love the gullibility of some of the commenters here

by Reality-Bites on

Ahmadinejad has been "President", what, six years and this issue has only come to his attention just now? Either he is seriously incompetent or he is a liar, or more probably both.

IRI bigwigs have been stealing and lining their own pockets ever since they took power 32 years ago. That includes many in AN's own cabinet past and present. If anything, corruption and criminality by those who prop up this regime has got worse during "President" AN's tenure.

And now that he is having a spat with Khamenei, Sepah et al and, as a result, he decides to ingratiate himself to the public, by moaning about a situation HE has presided over, he is "speaking the truth" and "doing the right thing" now? Give me a break.


The case of AliAbadi

by aynak on

Speaking of Moft-Khors, there are a bunch of people in Ahmadi-Nejad government that have multiple jobs and yes are mostly related to him through marriage or otherwise.

 AliAbadi the oil minister who is also Irans rep in OPEC is the prime example.  This uneducecated idiot, was the head of Irans sports adminestration for a few years and literally drove it to ground.   Having served the sports admin so well now he is given the task of running Irans oil + OPEC.  (Iran has the turn to lead OPEC).

Ali-Abadi has no skill or relevant experience in addition he can not even talk proper English.   When asked what qualifies him to be head of Oil ministery he replied, 35 years ago I was involved with OIL tanker making :) (Read I was taking pit halabi Naft door to door and selling it)

The real issue Ahmadi Nejad is concerned about, is that his gang should be the only Mafia doing bootlegging.   Otherwise none of this is new.  War of two Mafias.

May we all have good dreams.

Mash Ghasem

You must remember this,... the fundamental things apply

by Mash Ghasem on

And as the economy goes to Shitte, with daily announcements of bankruptcies,mass lay offs, strikes..., the blame game about the economy has begun, or has it ended. the case with subsidies removal and back track is very interesting, first they switched to cash, now faced with inflation they're revertign back to 'energy credit cards,' they basically don't have the vaguest idea WTF they're doing.

so as the blame game goes on, according to AN its Sepah, according to Sepah  its Dolat, but as we all know,  the fundemtal things apply, and its IR in all forms and shapes.

And tis for Professor

Play it, Sam




Har kas ye jaro surakh

by opinionpost on

Har kas ye jaro surakh kardeh bara khodesh mibareh miyareh....

Baradarane ghachaghchiye ma....

If only I did not know who he really is... I would have thought he is 

being frank and honest....But unfortunately... he is cooking something... as usuallllllllllllll... 


Brothers from Different Mothers!

by Faramarz on

Captain Renault in Casablanca:

"I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!"




Did you see his halo? So beautiful ...

by ImtheKing on

He`s so good looking. A real patriot. 

He did a lot for Iran in this 6 past years. His major achievement was to transform the surface of our country from 1,648,000 square kilometers to 1,648,000 cubic kilometers. Thing that no one can do.

And now, he stands against Khamenei and his military mafia, ... for people.


You wish it and our President does it! 

God bless Prof. Dr. Eng. Ahmadinejad 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Who knows

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


what is going on. This may be just a play to fool people. Or it may be a real fight between factions. Only time will tell what is going on here. If it is a real fight then IRI is at the point of a civil war.

If not then we are just watching a play. One thing I know is that American involvement will mess it up. Please for God's sake do not send in the MEK. Or you will unite the whole IRI against the common enemy once again.


The whole notion of "Right" and "Left" in IRI is a joke

by AMIR1973 on

There is only one basic line of "political thinking" in the IRI: Khomeinism. We can speak of Khomeinist "reformists", Khomeinist "conservatives", etc -- but we have to recognize that loyalty to Emam-e Aziz is the sine qua non (to use a pretentious Latin phrase) of IRI politics. Just as there were different strains of Leninists in the USSR (and currently in Cuba), there are different breeds of Khomeinists in the IRI. We have to learn to distinguish "Right" and "Left" as they exist in democracies and semi-democracies from their ersatz equivalents in the Islamist regime. 

No Fear

A gradual step by step process towards tangible reforms.

by No Fear on

The " Banking System Reform " is not implemented yet and that will piss more Motalefeh and traditional conservative groups. Those are the big challenges ahead of us.

Mohsen Rezaei should have seen this coming. This was long due. He controls the cigarette imports and his daily Tabnak is labelled the " cigarette dealer newspaper " by modern rightwing writers. 

Also, a little special something for Askar Olladi who met Hashemi Rafsanjani in private recently hinting behind the doors dealings. Imports should be controlled and taxed. Nothing wrong with making money, i suppose. But it should be taxed and accounted for in accordance to the laws of our republic.

But most importantly, as a result of a true rightwing politician's actions, Iranians are benefitting. This is what politicians need to do. To push the envelope, relentlessly. We are witnessing major transitions under Dr. Ahmadinejad.

What a leftist politician wishes for, a rightwing politician would make it , reality.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

wow, this is huge

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

This is huge. Ahmadinejad is directly and openly attacking the IRGC for smuggling cigarets (and whole bunch of other things) via its own ports illegally. He is also demanding the closure of IRGC ports and its ability to import and export as it wishes.

The question is whether or not Ahmadinejad has gotten permission from Khamenei BEFORE he began his attack. If Ahmadinejad did not get permission from Khamenei, then it will be a huge fight between Ahmadinejad vs. IRGC-Khamenei. The only rational basis would be that Ahmadinejad found out that Khamenei has decided to allow Majles to remove him. By all-of-the sudden making this public, Ahmadinejad is bringing the people (and reformists????) on his side. IRGC and its illegal activities are intensely hated.

But if Ahmadinejad first got permission from Khamenei, then this means that Khamenei is worried about the power of IRGC and wants to cut them to size and is using Ahmadinejad to do so. Khamenei used Ahmadinejad to cut down the reformists and may wish to do the same.


persian westender

خوب بابا این هم حق و حسابشو میخواد، بیچاره بدبخت

persian westender

۲۰۰۰ میلیارد تومن سیگار قاچاق وارد کردین، اندازه یه کون سیگار به این  ندادین....خوب زورش میاد دیگه... 



This one I believe ..

by nitemustfall on

If there is only thing I ever believed Mahmoud has said, this would be it.

For decades, "Sepah" has reportedly taken over 45+ ports in Iran and noone, inlcuding the Government, knows and has the right to know what's being imported or exported from those ports. That could practically mean billions of $$ for the Sepah and it's branches. Lawlessness can't get any worse that that.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

برادران قاچاقچی خودمون

Shazde Asdola Mirza

 هر کی‌ یه اسکله وا‌ کرده و داره میبره و میاره ... تحت نام کالای امنیتی و اطلاعاتی‌

هر کی‌ یه جنده خونه وا‌ کرده و داره میده و میکنه ... تحت عنوان "خانه عفاف"

هر کی‌ یه نأعشه خونه وا‌ کرده و داره بست پشت بست میچسبونه ... تحت نام امام

پس ما چی‌؟ سهم ما چی‌ میشه؟ کارت دعوت من و رحیم مشائی کجاست؟


Lawlessness eats itself

by divaneh on

Whether they fight each other or not, this is the evidence that the lawlessness that they have created will finish them off. The government needs to combat the smuggling in order to increase its custom revenue and protect the internal producers and hence improve the economy and increase the employment. On the other hand the Mafia that it has created (or vice versa) will not have time for these types of economic arguments. They now have to choose between economic collapse and Mafia wars.


how long

by Fair on

do we Iranians want to listen to such crap, and pretend that a better future can be obtained through "reform".  If after 30 years of such a pathetic system with such pathetic rulers, even 10% of Iranians think that religion has any room whatsoever in government, then we are truly doomed, and the shah was way more already than what we deserved.


Let's watch

by ali_aaa on

Tom and Jerry go at it. Another "Khaymeh Shab bazi"

This too will be forgotten in a month.

It time to steal from Iran and Iranian and they are all at it. 


I kick myself for turning my back to Islam.

by عموجان on

I could been stealing from poor and keeping it all for my self and it was all Halaal money. 


Unafraid to Say...

by Demo on

He is 'BS'ing to fool the common people more. He was hand picked by his Master 6 years ago as the so called president with the pretense to bring his 'corrupt brothers' to justice! Instead he became a travelling man going all over the world with his brothers' money! He is once again talking about the same 'brothers' including the most criminal one Saeed Mortazavi sitting in front! These 'brothers' have shamelessly 'No Fear' of GOD's calamities coming upon them @ any time soon!


Why is he speaking about it

by vildemose on

Why is he speaking about it now at the end of his term?? What's changed??


The upcoming fight...

by Bavafa on

Mobarak bash 

'Vahdat' is one of the main key to victory



I dare say...

by پندارنیک on

His every single word is correct.