Women Sineh-Zani

Mourning for Emam Hossein in English


Ari Siletz

Needs work!

by Ari Siletz on

Realy sineh zani in dastehs is much more passionate, flamboyant and dramatic. A chorus leader has to call out the verses that ignites a roaring repetition in the crowd. Would really like to see this with hundreds of female voices without the sappy artifical reverb.  Ladies, your religion will  never take over the world with such watery art.


what's the problem with U?,

by sioonn on

what's the problem with U?, u little curry bitch. dont u understand, its iranian money that gets spent on these whores, that's our problem. otherwise any moslem cunt who want to pussy chant ali is free to do so.



by MRX1 on

can I meet these hot girls for temp marriage  sigheh  for ten minutes?


Enough already!

by Milan on

More than ever, Iranians need sunshine, not centuries-old dark clouds of pain and despair.


Indo-Pak English Speaking Shias

by Javan on

Mashallah, these Indo-Pak English Speaking Shias are great!

This is a great site I found about Shia Islam:



1 hamvatan

چقدر بد بخت شدیم.

1 hamvatan

واقعا در آبرو ریختن سنگ تمام گذاشتن. یک مشت خل وضع.



پاینده باد ایران

Mola Nasredeen

A few notes..

by Mola Nasredeen on

1. The name they're chanting is 'Ali Asghar' a toddler who was killed in the battle of Karbala by Yazeed army. 

2. These young singers are not Iranian or if they are the sound track is not performed by Iranians. It sounds closer to Arabic accent chanting in English.

3. I don't see anything wrong with Shia Muslims to sing in praise of their saints or mourn their death. Catholic Christians do it all over the world, why are Shias treated differently

4. They are expressing their religious beliefs in a sad - non violent way, what's wrong with that? 

tehran e Azad

Aghab moondeh

by tehran e Azad on

Bunch of backward , brain washed OLAGHS!


Destiny Child .... Arabic Version

by sara29-1978 on


Jonny Dollar

They are Arabs! Can't you tell by the melody and accents?

by Jonny Dollar on

Are they looking for husbands? Is it hiezbollahis Single women lookin for husbands? These are same people who were marching in London! They are so navie thinking that people would buy into their stupidity.  How can you be a moslem woman and go on video like this? Non-sense. Backwardness! Go have babies and be a mom, what the hell is this?

"God is love!"


Khaharane Zeinab

by statira on

Why these sisters dont beat their chest for all the people who get killed, raped, tortured and mutilated by their zealot muslem brothers.


Thanks ELS but I don't think that is what they are saying :-)

by Mehrban on

They keep saying Darling "............" it must be the name of Emam Hossein's young child or something.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

"What is the name they repeat?"

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Yazeed = Imam Hossain's boyfriend!


What is the name they repeat?

by Mehrban on


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

One stop shop for both Seeneh-zani & Seegheh-zani!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Thta's for the male Seeneh-zan!


Sexy baby

by azadi5 on

Just kidding. From what I know, Iranian women are banned from singing in Iran, be it in public or recorded, because it may give men arousal, and you know how bad that is for someone's fate when he dies, he might end up on the seventh floor of hell where he gets barbecued 24hrs a day.

so wherever this stupidity is going on at least they let women's voices to come out in what resembles to be some form of singing.


Nahayate ahmaghi hamineh

by statira on

Why beating your chest for someone who killed hundreds of yrs ago?  


Bitches mourning the loss of their virginity

by jasonrobardas on

Pathetic!!! "Al-bekarato men Iman"

The Prince


by The Prince on

would've been funny if it was not so disgusting. Goes to show you that stupidity has a quality of being limitless. and BTW Mr. Dariushabadi, JJ has the right to not like this. It has nothing to do with democracy. 


"sineh zani"

by Fesenjoon on

So she's stroking her left boob for Hosein. Nice.

maziar 58

Bichareh ma !

by maziar 58 on

just listen to them; Are they marketing Shia to the younger generation ?and remember that khariyat na tanha aalaf khordan ast.   

Btw the music sucks.    Maziar



by KingReza on

I find the title: "Women Sineh-Zani" somewhat arousing.


Dariushabadi, I know my comment will be totally useless but wth

by Mehrban on

 Where is this crazy (my opinion) video published?  J is not only tolerating it he is publishing it.   Hellooooo.


OK everyone

by amirkabear4u on

as far as I know a muslem woman's voice should not be heard in public by others (na-mahram). These ones by no means and necessarily are muslems, they are not following the rules. 


worth re-posting

by vildemose on

It's worse: cultural shizopherenia, now in English

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

اين چهره راستين حسين کسی که به همراه برادرش حسن در کشتار
بيرحمانه و وحشيانه هموطنان ما در طبرستان شرکت داشته است. حسين بن علی امام سوم شيعيان خود ميگويد: « ما از تبار قريش هستيم و هوا خواهان ما
عرب و دشمنان ما ايرانی ها هستند. روشن است که هر عربی از هر ايرانی بهتر و بالاتر
هر ايرانی از دشمنان ما هم بدتر است. ايرانيها را بايد دستگير کرد و به مدينه
زنانشان را بفروش رسانيد و مردانشان را به بردگی و غلامی اعراب گماشت

( سفينه البحار و مدينه الاحکام و الآثار صفحه ۱۶۴ ٫ حاج شيخ عباس قومی )


JJ - You are a hypocrite

by dariushabadi on

Just last week you had a comment on another post asking Iranians "to grow up" and learn tolerance and yet you post here today ridiculing the religious and cultural practices of 1.8 billion Muslims.


If you want a liberal democracy for your country you have to start with yourself. You cannot have rule of the majority without respect for the minority. And in the case of Iran, respect for the beliefs of the majority.


Why is this clip so funny? These are young girls raised in the US trying to express sineh zani in ENGLISH so that their peers too can understand the suffering of what Hussayn and his family went through. This has been done in:


and now



Why don't you grow up and learn to tolerate other people's beliefs and practices?


Especially since you want them to tolerate and respect you. 


WTF! sick! moronic!

by Fatollah on

khejaalat ham nemikeshan !

Bahram Gohari

Sineh zani

by Bahram Gohari on

Bayad goft bravo, Engelestan ham be...keshidand...



by Rashti on

So this is what is left of Islam? Rediculous and stupid...

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

I can't stop laughing...thank you JJ-e aziz for this priceless entertainment!

I've heard that now in Iran Mollahs use rap songs praising Hussein during Ashoura..:-) I can imagine a cool dance compilation cd with these Zallil-Sister-Dolls done by DJ Crying-Hussy..:-)