Why Tunis Not Iran

Mousavi talks about the "Golden Years" under Khomeini,
Karroubi is nostalgic for the "Dear Imam",
Khatami supports Velayate Faghih,
Rafsanjani addresses Khamenei as the "Dear Leader"....
Now do you get it why Ben Ali escaped and Seyyed Ali is still in power?
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01/15/2011 - 19:13

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

They all want to make reforms from within, when it is too late, when
reform has lost it's meaning, when there's nothing worth reforming,
when the system is rotten to the core.

I tend to agree to a good degree. Except that Bakhiar was a good man. I do not think any of these are "good" people. They are all rotten like their VF. With the possible exception of Karrubi. But even he is a Mollah and tainted.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


1. I know plenty of Iranians inside Iran. They all HATE IR. Other than those as you who do not live in Iran but support IR.

2. Religious Iranians hate IR more than others. Because they see the mockery it made of Islam. By the way the number of religious ones is diminishing. 

3. IR leaders are dumb as dirt. So much as to have no friends. Except among the more radical Arab Islamist terrorists.

4. It has located "Brown Shirts" aka Basiji all over. But failed at that now has to resort to importing terrorists from Hizbollah and Hamas,

5. Followers belong to Hizbollah who are not afraid to take money. Leaders are stuffing their Swiss bank accounts perpareing to run.

6. Iranian Mollahs have exploited religion for centuries. Their time is up thanks to their reign of terror and misery.

7. They are so full of themselves to put themselves above God. If that is not being concieted then I don't know what it.

8. They see enemies everywhere. Becuase their horrid actions have made all civilized people their enemies. Well deserved.


شورش در تونس و آینده‌ی انقلاب در جهان عرب

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

آلن وودز
- مترجم: آرش عزیزی خیزشِ تونس را اپوزیسیون این کشور٬ که آن هم ضعیف و بی‌روحیه است٬ سازمان
نداد. این خیزش خودبخودی توده‌ها بود و دقیقا به این علت غیر قابل توقف بود
که سازمان رفورمیست «مسئولی» وجود نداشت که آن‌را به مجراهای امن بکشاند.
ضعف یا فقدان سازمان‌های توده‌ای رفورمیست نشان نه از قدرت رژیم‌های مستبد
که از ضعفِ آن‌ها می‌دهد. همین‌که توده‌ها دست به حرکت بزنند٬ اوضاع مثل
ماشینی می‌شود که بدون ترمز در سراشیبی افتاده //


To refresh

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Mola's mind of 'facts on the ground" in Iran:

1. The only "reliance" this most savage regime has at the moment are: the thugs on the street corners, take them away and the entire edifice will collapse in less than a day.

2. Shia clergy is the most discredited, corrupt, disfunctional sector of the society in Iran.

3. The leadership of IR is at its most fragmented, disjointed state at the moment, everyside fighting against the other side.

4. Even in working class, poor areas of the cities, there are protests against the removal of subsidies.

5. The only ones following the regime are sundis crowd, their "beliefs" are as profound and  deep as their favourite desert.

6. All option for the clergy in Iran has been exhausted, but one : Dustbin of History.

7. Arrogance of power has done its job.

8. Top, tank Basiji, digar asr nadard.

In conclusion, Mola and all his friends (which in reality ,come down to two or three persons max) should start looking for a new career, perhaps in Zimbabwe, Bolivia, ...

David ET

great cartoon

by David ET on



On their way out

by AlexInFlorida on

Today they still have a grip on power and stay by force with nations resources used against the people.

But these days will come to an end too.  

The Writing is on the wall.


Spot on

by divaneh on

Very true observation. People need to foresee a complete change to energise.


Why Tunisia not Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, N Korea, Jordan, etc

by AMIR1973 on

Because, obviously every regime's situation is different. Just because a regime has been in power for decades does not mean it is a decent, just, and democratic one. Look at how long N. Korea has been around (not to mention E. Germany, USSR, etc before they collapsed). In fairness to the IRI, it has killed far more of its own citizens in the past 32 years than Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc.

Mola Nasredeen

To refresh

by Mola Nasredeen on

your memory

here is why:

1. Iranians who support it actually do live inside Iran.

2. The Islamic Republic relies on religious beliefs of Iranians.

3. Its leaders are smart and cunning individuals who are trained in the field of politics.

4. It has organized all the neighborhoods around the mosques and can easily deploy its followers.

5. Followers of the regime belong to Shia Islam and are not afraid to die for their beliefs.

6. Iranian clerical class has been involved in politics for centuries and knows how to play the game to win.  

7. They are not conceited hence are always ready for any challenge. 

8. They never take their enemies for granted and would face them with force.

hamsade ghadimi

moosirvpiaz, it's not a

by hamsade ghadimi on

moosirvpiaz, it's not a matter of time that nikahang "changed his tune."  it's matter of geography.  do you think all who work at press tv work there because of their philosophical leanings?  even a sound editor has to eat...



by Parham on

... "Tunisia" not Tunis. Tunis is the name of the capital city.


Can I draw something?(weekend project)

by comrade on

OK, I'm gonna change Mousavi to Reza joon, then Karrubi to Rajavi, Khatami to Sazgara, and finally I will replace Rafsanjani with a Dabashi or something like that. Now I'm gonna ask you to use your own imagination to make a caption for each of them. You will notice that the journalist's caption will remain the same.

One commenter scolded Kowsar for self-censorship while he was in Iran. In my opinion old habits die hard.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.




by Ferfereh on

You have talent and you're showing it in the best way. About these 3+1 Stooges, I can say : "Don't expect the criminals and their accomplices give you justice".


Dare devil Nikahang!


I remember a time when Nikahang was in Iran and like many of his colleagues had to exercise  self-censorship! How times change!





The Slaves of Their Own

by Demo on

All the dead Imam's men on line 21 years ago to "bow down" & to "kiss" his dying hands for their ultimate bound with the VF until the death ("Raw-Hell"):


PS: Would a true "Believer" ever "bow down" to any but his/her own creator  under any  circumstances? The answer is "absolutely" not. And that is exactly why Iran & Tunisia are not the same.   


B. Ali vs S. Ali

by Tavana on


Hold your horses

by robertborden54 on

Both the IRI gloating over the fall of pro-western Ben Ali and all the Greens who are lamenting the alleged successful revolt in Tunisia are off the mark.  Right now basically the same elites are still in power in Tunisia.  It's like the godfather is gone but various people from the same family are jockeying to replace him. There's also the threat of Islamists taking advantage of a power vacuum should the present elites resort to extended infighting. I doubt in a year from now we'll be admiring a democratic Tunisia. 


More like "Why Iran AND Tunis"

by SargordPirouz on

The conditions were similar in Iran in '79 to what they are in Tunisia in 2011.

BTW: All the current newspapers in Iran are gloating over the Tunisian revolution, as they should. 

hamsade ghadimi

eyval nikahang

by hamsade ghadimi on

eyval nikahang.  your wit matches your excellent artwork.  it took a while for some to see the true color of mousavi and karoubi.  something most of us knew all along.


Four Kaleh pook

by statira on

One should be really stupid to praise Khomeini after all the crimes he commited against Iranians. Eena daste khodeshoonam be khoone mardum aloodast.

Faramarz:  I think the reality check guy's name should be, Didiala!



This is so Sharp

by Faramarz on

Thank You.

You are extremely talented.

Does the guy in the bottom (the reality check guy), does he have a name?

We could have a contest on to give him a name!

No Fear

Well ...

by No Fear on

Why not support those who advocate VF is the ultimate " religious" authority in Iran and the world?

do you catch my drift?

Jahanshah Javid

All the Leader's Men

by Jahanshah Javid on

They are all still under the umbrella of velayate faghih. Just like in 1979 when even Bakhtiar and other tolerated internal opposition figures did not speak about abolishing the monarchy. They all want to make reforms from within, when it is too late, when reform has lost it's meaning, when there's nothing worth reforming, when the system is rotten to the core.