Mousavi & Tunisia

Mousavi: "My views on the Tunisian Movement? I'll let you know in my next statement."
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01/14/2011 - 17:26

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Commie's alternative caption

by comrade on



-Where is your destination on this trip Mr. President?

-Islamic Republic of Tunisia.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Esfand Aashena

Running out of subjects to attack the Islamic Republic?

by Esfand Aashena on

Mousavi either has some influence with the people or he doesn't.  This is just a "cheap laugh" in my opinion. 

Everything is sacred


Red wine

by jasonrobardas on

You articulated my deepest sentiments.


This is probably the best cartoon I have seen here...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Thank you. It really sums up Mousavi and Co's impact on Iranain people's post election uprising. First as an - unitentional - catalyst, then as a break.

Redwine's notes on Tunis vs Iran is so spot on. I have been following Tunis events for some time, and isnt it just amazing? And did anyone note what was the final blow to Tunis's dictator? only the threat of a General strike!  Lesson learnt, I hope...

But I hyave no doubts what happened in Tunis will happen in Iran, albeit at much bloodier scale,  just a matter of time... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

David ET

great cartoon

by David ET on

forget mousavi. He was just a tool to oppose Khamenei/AN.

Anahid Hojjati

Good comments from Oktaby, JJ, and Red Wine

by Anahid Hojjati on

Moussavi either writes bayanieh or meets with family of those jailed. It is nice to meet with the families but that is not the way revolutions happen.


رد واین عزیز



ملاّی مفتخور صدها سال مفت خورد، نقشه کشید، توطئه کرد، صف آرائی کرد، دروغ و دغل و جادو جنبل و تحمیق کرد تا بقدرت برسه!
وقتی بقدرت رسید سی سال از سفرهء مردم دزدید، ذخیره کرد، باج داد و مزدور فلسطینی و لبنانی (و ایرانی!) خرید تا روز مبادا از سقوطش جلو گیری کنه!
وقتی دید داره کارد به استخون میرسه موسوی و کرّوبی رو اجیر وچوب دو سرگُهی کرد تا چند صباحی  سرنوشت محتومش رو بتأخیر بندازه!
از شما بعیده که سرشت این شجرهء خبیثه رو ندیده بگیری و اونها رو با زمامداران تونس و مردم ایران رو با مردم تونس مقایسه کنی!

وقتی ملاّ سوار شد انتهای داستان یکی از این دو صورته، یا خر بمیره یا ملاّ!

دل قویدار سحر نزدیکست


Hamsade Ghadimi

by Doctor mohandes on

De nazar Shabe Jomei Block Ya flag Besham de akheh Berar:)) By making a mention of what the sentence really ends with:)))

Or would you want to see me pull a sargord pirouz for you?:)) Allaho akbar. Boro sare Darso mashget pesar:))

hamsade ghadimi

doctor mohandes, mardom

by hamsade ghadimi on

doctor mohandes, mardom toones, democracy pesendes...


Good one

by oktaby on

Tunisian demands were economic & political and a-islamic in nature. Ben Ali gnerally built Tunisia internally & externally but increasing money grab & nepotism did him in. The extravangance of his son is stuff of tabloids. However, Tunisian secret of success is in secular nature of this movement. It is a first in Arab world and middle east and potentially a powerful tide. Morocco's young Mohammad Vi, to his credit, has been loosening and democratizing but better step it up. They have Ekhvan ol moslemin to contend with in addition to corruption & nepotism. Egypt and others won't be so easy.
islamic devolution has been a warning, and a tool, for all ME dictys.

Tunisians rallied around university student that committed suicide after his
meager side business was confiscated. Iranians students have given much but we have yet to see the pay off. Ashkan, Neda, Sohrab.. are waiting for Iranians to rally around simple secular demands they died for. 

jj, we are waking up but slowly. I recall your comments in support of Mousavi & Kahroubi but seems like you have moved passed them finally. Once masses do, we can throw the bums out quickly. Like Tunisians and Ozbaks.

Omid, that is Tunisian flag



عزای سیدعلی


    اول بن علی ‌-- بعد سید علی

Omid Hast

What's that thing on top of the reporter's head?

by Omid Hast on


mardome toones...

by Doctor mohandes on



Nikahang shows his lack of understanding of Tunisia & Iran


The single biggest difference, Ben Ali fled. Seyyed Ali and his religious dictatorship will not do the same. They have mandate from god to keep themselves in power by any means necessary, massacring Iranians if need be.


social movements, revolutions require more than just a leader. They require active participants/ revolutionaries with clear set goals and the tenacity to win! Something Iran of today lacks. Mousavi is only reflective of today's opposition movement in Iran. 


This is why I keep saying sanctions (airtight or otherwise) only exarcebate the already existing problem. with a demoralized population, you will only give the dictators more power and time to rule! 




Red Wine


by Red Wine on


خلق بزرگوار تونس ۱۷ روز جنگید و در آخر در مبارزه خود پیروز شد،حال تو این را داشته باش که در ظرف یک سال و نیم..ما فقط خشتک مبارک آن مهدی و این میر حسین را گرفتیم و به بیانیه و قیل و قال اینان گوش دادیم و اسلامیون ما را زدند و تجاوز کردند و کشتند و دیگر هیچ  و هنوز سر خان اولیم که آیا سلطنت خوب است و یا ملیت و ایضاً هویت و در آخر جمهوریت !

و اینک میبایستی دید فرق ما با مردم شریف تونسی چیست ؟! ادعا که زیاد داریم،خروار خروار تاریخ به پشت کمر داریم و هزار شاه داریم و هزار بی‌ ناموسی،ادبیات داریم و علم و دانش از شهر ری تو گیر تا به هرات و کابل که اینیم و آنیم و ما پرسیای بزرگیم !

پس دوباره عربده کشی‌ و تقصیر اندازی و حرمت شکنی،کارمان اینست و جز این چیزی دیگر بلد نیستیم ! رنگ رنگ پشت سر هم رنگ،امروز یک رنگ و فردا دو رنگ ! بوقلمون صفتی شده مراممان و جلاد پرستی‌ شعارمان.. حال خودتان دانید و باز یخه بگیرید و به سر و کله هم بزنید و انگلیسی بلغور کنید و بی‌ آنکه نتیجه یی بگیرید...

خداوند آخر و عاقبت ما و مملکتمان را به خیر کند.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Love it! :))))

When is he going to wake up? When are we going to have a real leader with guts?