Iran tests air defense missile

Before new round of nuclear talks

AP: Iran says it has test-fired an anti-aircraft missile near a nuclear site in a military display before talks resume with world powers over Tehran's uranium enrichment program. The semiofficial Fars news agency says the "Hawk" surface-to-air missile system was tested near Arak in central Iran, where a research reactor is under construction. The report Wednesday gave no other details. U.S.-made Hawk missiles were purchased by Iran before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, but Iran says it has made its own versions.


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خودش(اون) به خودش(اون) میگه گًل گفتی‌.


صدقه بذار کنار چش نخوری الف میم فا.



by on

Gol gofti! But most (if not all) those who you target as audience here at IC will most likely keep away from your sincere and accurate thoughts!





dear all god-fearing, free-thinking, self-valuing Iranians,

by merlin on

here's something markedly different than the anti-Iranian, anti-patriarchal, corrupting, perverting, valueless and so on messages that usually appear in this domain that is run by enemies of its audience, in opposition of its audience wittingly or otherwise. have you ever wondered why, with supposedly almost a million members in this powerful nation, the Iranian community lacks even an iota of political power or influence? further, why are Iran's enemies so powerful in contrast that they seemingly direct the minds, values and behavior of Iranians here and abroad in opposing and destroying almost everything that is inherently and naturally desirable: self-determination, rule of Iran by Iranians, pride, dignity, freedom, our traditional cultures and values that are unrivaled in beauty and power? some of your neighbors literally cheer in your face and pat themselves on the back for the boasted murders of your tribes' scientists and educators. are your people too primitive or base to pursue knowledge and application of nuclear technology? no, clearly, what this tyranny fears is the start of an even playing field. their leashed media boasts daily about bombing and killing entire families waking up for school, work and general service of their communities. this is absolute terrorism. they dont want peace on even terms they want absolute control and power over every aspect of your existence. while they have countless ICBM packed with nuclear warheads, a fine gift from american taxpayers, they propogate propaganda and more destructive attacks against iran for setting up a centrifuge. they fear justice. these are complex issues but realizing that the national community has absolutely no authentic counsel is a good start. The PAAIA is financed by enemies and opponents of Iranians' natural interests. the rosenberg foundation is a good example.