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Anti-basiji techniques

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"Captain Iran" superhero has been found!

by WeAreBlessed on

This guy is "Captain Iran," the superhero who will save Iranians from themselves! 

Captain Iran kicks Basiji ass and worships Hakhooraa (Hakha Ahura ... Yazdi PhD). 

I must comment on his great chest hair maintenance. 

Long live the saviour of Persians, Captain Iran!  



by Doctor mohandes on

Budou? Ya hamoon Boddo as in Run?:)

Thanks for that little briefing on the history of MA.

I never said there were no Justification for what he is doing, Be it legal or illegal, All i am saying that is Literally and Practically a non-starter UNLESS the real intention is for the protestor to go out there and put up a fight.

As we have seen so far, In every situation, people have preferred the Group attack option and ganging up on them, when they could  over  any martial art related tactic, That was so obvious. It is hard to tell how ready they are to fight back and how much do they really know about art of self defense and if they do, Why is it they have not resorted that option yet??

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Iran is occupied by a gang of Islamic thugs. When the time comes the Islamists will be hit by more than "self defense". The world is opening its eyes to the threat of Islam. Hopefully a unified world reaction will get rid of Islam all in all.


Self-Defense Man

by Khebedin on

This guy is a total idiot. I suggest he comes to Iran. Will he?


At Least...

by XsorpassoX on

This man is doing something to promote his beliefs that he can help, in some fashion to the Movement. If his video and techniques result in one person getting away from those bastards who beat and maim our people out on the streets, it's done its job. 

I say well done. Isn't it just like us to constantly criticize and dimiss others routinely? I think it's a genetic defect.

What have YOU done to support our people lately? 

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Martial Art is the art of self-defense. "Budou" which covers all aspects of martial art, means the path/way of the Samurai and emphasizes mental discipline. In the Lawless Land Of IR, speaking of calm is asking for the impossible, especially when we know for a fact that aside from IR's local goons there are foreign mercenaries attacking, hurting and killing peaceful demonstrators. Knowing the art of self- defense is, specifically, helpful in such situations. The kinds we see in the first clip. I didn't watch all the clips. The "sensei" or the instructor in the clips may even be promoting some "illegal" stuff, but do we really care as long as Iranians can learn to defend themselves against IR's mercenaries? Let's hope people won't ever feel the need to resort to using guns to defend themselves. 


Why Coctail Molotoff

by pedro on

Why cockail Molotoff eas widely used in 1979 against the Shah's forces, but now nobody is using it against the Basiji and plain clothes.

What's up with that?

Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisions



by comrade on

This fellow reminds me of another one in the early days of the revolution who registered as a candidate for the first presidency. He was called professor Mirzaei by those whom he taught martial arts. He was shot in his knee cap on his last noisy rally which he used to hold during those days of unregulated campaigns.. and never to be heard of again.

Now, this is my question: Can I publicly promote and advocate on Youtube a street battle against police for let's say next G-20 leaders' gathering  without any legal ramifications?  



Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Statira jan

by Doctor mohandes on

In theory and in an ideal sitiation yes of course Anyone can for that matter with enough practice.

It is really not a matter of them not being able to learn the techniques which i am sure they are quite capableof, but given a chaotic situation such as the ones we saw on the clip, They have to go out with the intention of Wanting to Hurt someone, which would need to be part of a more elaborate plan. Because they are facing those who have been professionally trained and do this for life. They certainly can not do this on a whim and in ahurry.

My yek gheroon:).




DM Jan

by statira on

 Iranian youth are fast learner and motivated.  I dont think  that learning of self defense techniques is a big problem for them. Hopefully with practice they get better and not just defend themselves they will break basijs neck.


Gada baba!

by aviator on

all these, even the easier one needs lots of practice to be done instinctively in a stress situation. In Tabriz, there's the Gada technique, which means moshteh keh miyad to ye kalleh basiji :-)

more seriously, there's some good techniques in these films, mostly from Jujitsu and Aïkido. O Senseï 


Nice Gesture

by Doctor mohandes on

Getting Real is in order here.

Now . We have to Give this man the credit he deserves, But it is easier said than done. They are not gonna stand there and watch while we perform the technique on them, since they are more experienced and ready to counter attack when they see resistance.

Takes a very battle-hardened and well-trained protestor to perfrom each and every technique with such precision, even if it is done to rid onself and not to harm them. 


why isn't this "brave

by alaaf on

why isn't this "brave warrior" and a "true patriot" not practising what he preaches? He wants poor innocent students to shed their blood so then he could return when the mullahs are gone and everything is safe(or so he presumes). c'mon tough guy. Get out of your safe comfortable castle and fight your own battle. 


Great stuff

by Amir19 on

I hope Iranian youth who will participate in the protest against this tyrannical regime will use this man's techniques. They are easy but very effective.  This regime is finshed and is standng on it's last leg. Let's finish it this year and in the coming year celebrate a new Iran free of dictators.


alaaf kenar god neshaste va migeh bokhor bokhor ke dary khoob

by didani on

mikhori. This teacher is a true vatan parast. You can use these techniques even in the streets of NY!



by alaaf on

kenare god neshaste mige lengesh kon