Rolling Ball of Resistance

Patrick Blower of The Guardian examines Middle East protests


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by statira on

You sound like sed ali. If you really loved Iran and Iranians, you naturally get satisfaction when those iran hater criminals get what they deserve( public hanging), unless you're one of them or someone who cares less about Iran.

hamsade ghadimi

great video.  another

by hamsade ghadimi on

great video.  another setback for the islamic republic: the voice of arab street.  it used to be in their asset column.


Iran's Gays?

by onlyinamrica on

Iran reveals her Gays?
Are those two guys watching AN supposed to be gays?
The first fruit of secularism, gays are free to hold hands in public.


Great, Love it!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Very nicely done and Thank you for sharing. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Wait... Did I

by Doctor mohandes on

Read that right??

Does it say Patric Blower? LOL?:))



by didani on

great music too!


911 to 111: Rolling Divine of Justice

by Demo on

As the 911 World Center attacks by ????? led to the occupation of Afghanistan & Iraq by the West & all ME rulers whom none were better than Sadam stood still (doing nothing!!) & silently watched the hanging of Sadam & the unjust massacre of more than a million of civilian Afghanis & Iraqis, now exactly after 10 years & beginning on 111 (Jan. 2011) ; i.e. when Tunisia & Egypt protests began, one after another those criminal rulers are being hung one by one. It is also noteworthy that AN & his masters, were the first in ME to recognize & to over night throw red carpets for the both the US puppet regimes in Iraq & Afghanistan. Now no one should get surprised if they are all also hung by the Iranian youth on Sept. 2011, or once again on 911. Is anybody now going to deny the Rolling Rolls of Divine Justice on earth??



by masoudA on

loved it -

especialy the part about the western arms dealer running from Arab Street !!!

Joe L.

dont buy this garbage bro

by Joe L. on

did you see it? the american supported dictators were in the background and iranian president who will change in a few years was THE focus! wow, and you dont get what's happening? BRAINWASHHHH COME TO MEEEE. crazy.
guardian had a report that ahmadinejad is a jew. remember? they are full of it, run by pro israeli government. the rest is history.


The Day of Celebration

by Ski-Ab-Ali on

The day of celebration for all Iranian would be a day that all submit to the rule of law regardless of any personal vendetta. Otherwise vicious cycle bloodshed and violence will continue under different mantel. As an Iranian, I long for a day to see all the people who are running the present day machinery of the state and responsible parties stand in trial in a just court of law with total respect and humanity.   


The day

by statira on

 Iranians hang Ahmadinejad, Basijis and mullahs from the crane is the day of celebration.


It does not get any better then this

by Bavafa on

Awesome way to capture the mood & events in ME.