Khomeini's First Speech

February 11, 1979 after return from exile



absolute power corrupts absolutely

by MM on



1400 + 32 years on

by mahmoudg on

we are still grappling with finding democracy.  the history of the last 32 years should be a vividreminder to us, that Islam is worthless and was not, can not, and will not be able to provide salvation.  We need to rely on people power and not cults.


This same speech can be

by Bunyip on

This same speech can be equally applied to the current situation in Iran, word by word. Freedom is out there somewhere, we are still looking for it. We are yet to get it. 32 years ago these akhund shashoha goolemun zadan, hala bebinim, ki miyad ta dobareh goolemun bezaneh!!!


And we think Iran is ready for democracy.. we are so stupid!!!

by AlexInFlorida on

We like to be lied to... that's not a quality to build democracy on.

Khomeini wanted tyranny and only his word to succeed... that is not Freedom.



by shushtari on

people fell for this idiot???!!

what an embarassment to iran.......