Iran Oral History

Preview of interviews with scholars and former officials on the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah


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Immortal Guard

Amir Sahameddin!

by Immortal Guard on

Because we are not that great a people! We always say why me? Why not some other Iranian?

By the way where can I download your picture? I would really love to have it!

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

خدمت یا؟

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

میګویند حدود پنج میلیون ایرانی و اغلب تحصیکرده و با تجربه در خارج ایران زندګی میکنند  چرا اینها یک سازمان  یک دانشګاه  یک مرکز برای ایرانیان سرګردان ایجاد  نمیکنند که مجبور شوند دهانهایشان را بدوزند و در خارج با مشګلات بسیار دست پنجه نرم کنند مرکزی برای ګردآوری فرزندان ایران که ....مثلا تولید یک مرکز برای کارو جذب جلب يروانه های سرګردان ایران زمین؟


Very valuable collection

by Sohrab_Ferdows on

Harvard Oral History Project of Iran is a very valuable collection of interviews conducted under directorship of Dr. Lajvardi. As time passes, more of these interviews will be available online but at the moment, some of them are still closed to the public waiting for proper time to lift the restriction. It is obvious that no single source will ever suffice a serious research work in any subject especially history. here is the link to the list in alphabetical order:



Iran Oral History

by Khebedin on

If anyone can get hold of these, please provide to JJ so that he can shre them with us. I think they all would be very interesting. The personality and character quality comparison between then and current foreign ministry.


project at Harvard

by Monda on


I have heard about the digitized interviews with 100+ noteworthy affiliates of the Pahlavi regime. Not sure if or when the Oral History project is completed. But I'm sure the clips or audio files would be advertised as nicely as the project itself.  


Jahanshah Javid

I'd watch

by Jahanshah Javid on

Looks like a great collection of interviews. I would definitely watch.

Does anyone have information about this project? Where it can be purchased?