Speaking English



Look into the childs eyes.

by Tyre on

I watched the video and its obvious that the child is smart, thus I surmise his parents are.

I look into a childs eyes and I see he may be growing up to fast. Dont show him the ugly part of this demonstration thing, and may God Bless this child and show him a free Iran.

I have my doubts on that ever happening, as it could easily happen with 250,000 people in Tehran. Do you have that type of support?


Good job, at least he is not forced to memorize Quran

by IranFirst on

Good job, little boy. I am glad they did not waste your talent on memorizing the garbage in quran and make you repeat it like a parrot without knowing the meanings. There are many child "stars" encouraged by terrorist IRI to memorize quran to get prizes.


Just an observation ...

by didani on

It sounds like Iranians (even this cute little boy) pickup French accent better than the English.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

How cute. Barikalla Amirparsa!

Dirty Angel

poor sweetie

by Dirty Angel on

 There are by far more fun and efficient ways of teaching a child another language.

'Not telling how, until I'm allowed to pull his cute ears. ;) 

"If they chew you up, they still have to spit you out "



by XsorpassoX on

We can't just appreciate a light-hearted video and a cute little boy perhaps showing off his English knowledge. We MUST comment on the furniture, how it's covered, the history of furniture covering in the Middle East, America's role in this conspiracy and how it may or may not be a Zionist plot! Wow! I don't know what that says about the collective Iranian psyche, but it can't be good.


At least

by statira on

they didn't cover the furniture with plastic. In most houses in Iran, they cover their furnitures with plastic or sheet and they don't even remove it when guests come over.


Good boy.

by comments on

What is such a fuss to cover all the furniture at home?  Is that just for guests to enjoy the color and the texture?  To both of the parents: work your socks off to buy a new furniture one in a while.


امیرپارسا جون، پسر خوب، انگلیسیت و فرانست خیلی خوبه.  آفرین.  یادت باشه به بابا مامانت هم بگی اون پارچهارو از رو مبله بردارند.  حتمن یادشون رفته که قبل از فیلم برداری اونا رو بردارند.