Ahmadinejad condemns Qaddafi

"How can a leader subject his own people to a shower of machine-guns, tanks and bombs?"

Reuters: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose security forces crushed protests against his 2009 re-election, on Wednesday condemned state brutality against demonstrators in Libya. Speaking for the first time about this year's Arab uprisings, Ahmadinejad expressed horror at the use of extreme violence and urged governments to listen to their people. "How can a leader subject his own people to a shower of machine-guns, tanks and bombs? How can a leader bomb his own people, and afterwards say 'I will kill anyone who says anything?'" he said in televised comments. "I seriously want -- from all heads of states -- to pay attention to their people and cooperate, to sit down and talk, and listen to their words. Why do they act so badly that their people need to apply pressure for reforms?" Ahmadinejad said >>>


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by Escape on

It's too bad it's Islam is all I have to say.


Escape what I mean't by chasing the heels..

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

was he is following the path traveled before by christians, which lead them to become an irrelevant poltical force in the west.

History shows us that once these ugly forces show their true faces that when they are defeated eventually, it is for good.

The more they try to hide, the more noticeable their record and disgraceful values become.

Amongst themselves in private they sing the song... Reform movement my Ass...

And in doing so become everyones problem.



Chasing the heels?

by Escape on

  Did you get a Phd too?


I Love this Guy. A human being to the core.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Ahmadinejad is a Lying, Thieving, Murdering, Narrow Minded, Brute.

Credibility for him is of little value in a world where people with such negative qualities get ahead and indeed win.

Did I mention Dr. Ahmadinejad is a devout muslim too.

Well done Islam, chasing the heels of the Christians perfectly.





by Doctor mohandes on

Not exactly, Since i Still think he has a whole lot more verbal dexterity than these dudees:)

I would put these malijaks at the Akaber Level one!

G. Rahmanian

Absolutely, DM!

by G. Rahmanian on

But seriously, look at all these "new" peons. Amazing! They sound exactly like AN himself.



by Doctor mohandes on

Are we talking more than 100 0r 200 thousands smacaroons? If not i am in. How about this. We will created the biggest and bades, most democratci website in the heeetoree ov huumaneeetee:)) are yoou een?

So let me know to what account i should wire the damnmoney. That is right, I 've got that much cold hard cash laying around.

Then have your people call my people!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

serious issues with Arabs

Yes absolutely . I will mention:

  • Attacking Iran in 1980s; trying to take our land; rape and murde. After all the IRI support most sided with Saddam.
  • Their non stop attempts to remove out culture such as challenging "Persian Gulf".
  • Originally attacking Iran 1400 years ago and ever since showing utter contempt for Iran and anything that has to do with our nation.

There are many other issue but I won't bore you all with it. My problem is not their race. It is their behavior. 

G. Rahmanian

Dear Mr. Javid:

by G. Rahmanian on

Why is it that we don't get any comments by our brothers and sisters in Iran? Certainly, there must be a few who would like to participate in these fine debates about democratic freedoms in Iran. Are you deleting their comments before they even get to us? Why such censorship? As a caring, democracy-loving Iranian, I demand an explanation. I, like millions of other Iranians who live in other countries, go back to Iran every six months and we can see so much freedom there while here, in the so-called, "free world," we can't even breathe freely. I think you should go to Iran and see for yourself. Maybe, you should even set up an American.com, there. Don't you think it would be real neat? Please don't quote me on this, but our great president's son is an investor, so perhaps, you can get some help from him, financially. He's a cool guy. He's not like the North Korea's great leader's son who is running all kinds of shady businesses in Macao. He only likes to travel between Iran and Afghanistan, a lot. If you want, I can set up a meeting for you with him. Please let me know!


AN could be campaigning for the UN human rights board

by Escape on

I mean if Ghadaffi can head the board why not Ahmadinejhad?


Maybe we can rid the U.N. soon of these Terrorist dictators dominance and their blind followers.


You lot have some serious issues with Arabs

by Shutruk on


The comments here are unbelievably racist. There are Iranian Arabs, you know.

As for violence, just look at what the U.S government did to the people of Waco - they massacred 80 men, women and children, many of whom were burnt alive. But you don't complain about this.

Once again, we never saw tanks and the army on the streets of Tehran during the worst of the unrest like we did in Egypt and Bahrain.

Mash Ghasem

24 Feb 2011. High Security precense in the streets of Tehran

by Mash Ghasem on

-24 Feb 2011. High Security precense in the streets of Tehran



جو امنیتی شدید در


سایت کلمه
وابسته به
ساعتی پس
از ظهر امروز
گارد ویژه و
نیروهای امنیتی
در چهارراه
ولیعصر،  خیابان
ولیعصر و
میدان انقلاب
، پارک وی ،
خیابان شهید
بهشتی، میدان
هفت تیر،
صادقیه  و
تمامی میادین
اصلی شهر حضور
پیدا کردند
.به گزارش
خبرنگار کلمه
از سطح شهر،
علاوه بر  نیروهای
رسمی امنیتی و

لباس شخصی در
این اماکن
تردد مردم و آمد
و رفت ها را در
نظر دارند و
به هر
که مشکوک شوند
او را سوار بر
ماشین ون می کنند

اساس این
گزارش، تمامی
حوالی تئاتر
شهر و حوالی
این منطقه  نیز
از ماموران
مملو شده است


امنیتی در این
منطقه اجازه
هیچ گونه ایستادن
به مردم را
نداده و در
مردم آنها را
با باتوم می
زنند و فضای
رعب و وحشت در
شهر ایجاد

از تمام مغازه
داران در برخی
مناطق منطقه
خواسته شده که
هر چه
مغازه را
تعطیل و محل
کسب خود را
ترک کنند. مردم
دلیل این گونه

امنیتی را نمی
دانند و از
یکدیگر سوال
می کنند دلیل
این گونه فضای

شهر چیست و از
این رفتارها
عصبی شده اند


به گزارش
نیروهای گارد
در اطراف صدا
و سیما، ونک و

عصر نیز، در
حال شدت گرفتن
است و هنوز
دلیل ناامن
نشان دادن
چهره پایتخت


Joe L.

I just read this article

by Joe L. on

suggested by iranianmiliratyforum and it said something very interesting:
""Those at the bottom won't, those at the top can't." referring to setup for revolution. thats exactly what i argue with my buddies in tehran. what do you think?

Joe L.

thanks Shutruk

by Joe L. on

you have clarified my point. when i was in tehran during the last election, i saw certain parts of the city blocked by demonstrators but life was going on. when i returned to my state, the news was talking about the uprising larger than it actually was. i am sure it was large but not as large as they were presenting it. i wasnt against cnn or bbc to magnify the events because i thought it is beneficial to iranian opposition and overall good for people. after one year of lets say 20% of the population demonstrating, there were how many killed? jailed or wounded? truly nothing even in Western standards. am i wrong? one killed is too many but when you have uprisings for over ONE YEAR, i think you should expect many jailed, wounded and killed, anywhere in the world. i would expect harsher response than it has happened in iran. something like china, greece, italy or turkey. am i wrong? i am all ears.


areh shoturak

by Cost-of-Progress on

only they use the following:

- throw people from 3 story or taller buildings

- Rape and sodomize their captives

- beat them to death

- blind them

- maim them

- shoot them in the streets and from rooftops

- run them over in the streets with motor vehicles

- hang them and call them drug smugglers

- rape and kill the families of so called moharebs

- confiscate the entire belongings of the so called moharebs

- and suck arab arse like there's no tomorrow

That enough for you? shurak?





IRI DID kill many Iranianian w weapons of all sorts

by IranFirst on

Nice try Shutruk. Please see the partial list




I gues you missed these names killed by your terrorist IRI (the total list is much larger). They were killed by, guns, hit by Arab IRGC's cars, totured in prison, etc.  IRI mentioned at the time that IRI is ready tokill thousans more is needed to keep its barbaric Regime and savage Islam, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN IRI SAVAGES AND GADDAFI?

By the way Arab IRI used Eastern and Western guns/weapons against Iranains



کور ،کچل ،بسیجی ،ساندیس خور ،پاسدار و ملا.....حمام باید گردند


Iran didn't bomb protesters with warplanes and gunships

by Shutruk on


Tear gas, rubber bullets and batons are used by riot police everywhere in the world - just look at Greece.

Iran never deployed tanks, fighter jets and helicopters to mow down its own citizens like the Arab regimes have done.

Qaddafi is massacring his people indiscriminantly...and with Western arms.

Joe L.


by Joe L. on

i just read that iran is purchasing many "new" passenger planes for its aviation. did the laws change? arent sanctions in place to forbid that? anyone know?


I'm impressed by Mr. Ahmadinejad

by Reality-Bites on

He managed to keep a straight face all the way through the shameless irony of voicing his concern for the persecution of the Libyan people at the hands of their despotic ruler, without batting an eyelid

On the other hand his words could've been genuine. After all, he and his IRI cohorts ARE indeed more concerned for the welfare of various Arab nations than they are for Iranian people, judging by the huge amounts of (Iranian people's) money and resources they regularly shower on the likes of Hamas, Lebanese Hezbollah, and their Syrian bosom buddies.

Joe L.

Mr. javid, tear down this wall

by Joe L. on

This is a.hojjati's comment as a proof that this site censors those who are perceived as pro regime:

Admin, would you please look into this
by Anahid Hojjati on Tue Feb 22, 2011 03:30 PM PST

To Admin: Recently several IRI supporters were blocked on this site. Now , all of a sudden, Joe L. and sumwoman are all over IC. Where were these two couple days ago? No one gets interested in a website and in a matter of one day contributes these many comments. This looks like a case of blocked users coming back with new user names.

Admin, can you look into this?

Joe L.

Why did you remove my post?

by Joe L. on

i checked my email and there was nothing from iranian.com. at least send me ONE email and let me know the reason for removing my comment. at least if i know why, i won't repeat "breaking" the rules. really!
also i answered anahid hojjati's rude comment and hers is still there while mine is removed! what's going on here?
it has come to my attention that people who are perceived as "pro regime"!! their account has been removed entirely without notice!!! (anahid hojjati has mentioned this in her comment to admin) and are unfairly censored in a discussion with those who are perceived as "against the regime"!
i am not pro regime. i could care less what regime is in iran. i love iran and iranian culture and enjoy my visit every time. i think it's one of the greatest places i've been. if i am wrong then i am wrong but saying this doesnt mean that i am pro regime. i see a lot of positives in iran. you may have different expectations that i dont know of. why is that a hush hush issue here? it seems like i have to explain myself as if i live in a dictatorial place. you make it so. shame on you. bring back my last post and let the people decide.


You can't Blame the Monkey!

by IranFirst on


Come on people, you can't blame the ugly Monkey for trying to look good, in these conditions :-)

In related news:

"Sexy monkeys wash with own urine" to look better





کور ،کچل ،بسیجی ،ساندیس خور ،پاسدار و ملا.....حمام باید گردند


Sange pa!

by alexqt on

Sange paye ghazvini esmesh bad dar rafte!



True Representative of the People?

by Maast o Deevaane on

To me, he sounds like a true Iranian (there are off course some exceptions!), when talking about and against state brutality, justice, punishment, democracy, religious freedom, racism, tolerance and etc. "Zer e ziyaad" but take the opposite ACTIONS :( Never the less, a very funny speech....

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I go as far as throw in Khamenei for free. They could take in whole Basiji thugs with them while at it. Not to mention the Hizbollahi and rest of Islamist + the cyber groupies. A deal that benefits all of us people.


What Hypocracy?

by ayatoilet1 on

Iran's regime is on record for having the highest rate of political execution in the world. Iran's regime is on record - on film - for suppressing demonstrators - beating them, shooting at them .... Iran's regime is on record for disqualifying candidates for political office. Iran's regime is on record for coddling up to these regimes - they opened an embassy in Egypt while Mubarak was in power (they had kissed and made up with Mubarak), they opened an embassy in Libya ... By the way, it looks like Ghadaffi is going to escape to Venezuale (Hugo Chavez land - close friend of Ahmadinejad's ...probably where the IRI will escape to also - very soon. Ghaddafi has transfered assets and personal effects there).

Mr. Ahmadinejad - who are you fooling? Only yourself, I think!!

Your days are numbered. None of this nonsense will buy you, or the IRGC or the political mullahs more time. You are history... and in history these past 32 years will be known (like the time in Europe where the Pope ruled and had political power) as the dark ages of Iran's history. Only scholars will know your name and your actions...no one will teach this period in history. You will go down as evil, brutal, short-sighted, small minded rulers.

Shame on you. Shame on your hypocracy.

Darius Kadivar

Well ... I guess that gives the IRI a Right to Nuclear Energy

by Darius Kadivar on

For Peaceful Purposes Just Like Libya:

Flynt Leverett's Article in the NY TImes)January 23, 2004:

Why Libya Gave Up on the Bomb - Op-Ed - NYTimes.com



Radioactive Fear by  Touraj Daryaee


What A Gullible Generation ! 




by Shemirani on

Well it's very clear that A.N is much popular in arab-world than he is in Iran. Islamic brothers, lets make a Win Win deal here ! Take him for free and make him your president. *

Our Special offer If you take him before spring we give you his boss aswell !! Spring is Persian big cleaning season....hurry up...no time to waste !!!!

Oh no need to thanks us for our generosity, your happiness is our satisfaction.... Ahlan wa sahlan !!!

( * 100 $ shipping fees, free insurance, non refundable, non exchangeable)

sandiskhor dashtim, humus khor haam darim :D



by Behrouz on

اینکه دیکتاتوری را بدون خونریزی از میان برداریم امریست نشدنی که ولایت وقیح خود جنایت شبانه روزی میکند و تن به رفتن نخواهد داد چون هدفمند است و جایگزین قوی دارد:
رفسنجانی  نقشه ی جامعش اینست که پس از مرگ خامنه ای خود رهبر شود پس رژیم ولایت وقیح  تن به رفتن نخواهند داد چون از درون مهره ها درحال انجام وظیفه هستند و خود او جایگزین ولایت وقیح خواهد شد.
او عمرعاصی دیگرست که نقشه هایش به دقت در حال انجام شدن است تا همزمان : مردم را به دلمردگی دچار ,  آیات عظام را بی اعتبار و بیت رهبری را ناامید از جانشینی مجتبا کند تا همه را مهار کرده و خود رهبر شود . سپس به قانون اساسی بی تنازل عمل کند که مساویست با یک دیکتاتوری شدیدتر بدون حضور موثر دیگران. بدلایلی یقین دارم که اقشار مهمی از وزارت اطلاعات و سپاه پشتیبان اوست که رهبر را مجبور کرده از اوباش استفاده کند که او حتا اهمیتی نداده و اجلاس خبرگان شرکت خواهد کرد. تنها راه نجات یک انقلاب فراگیرست تا جنایات اینها خاتمه یابد.


i call censorship

by fidelio5 on

I've had my posts removed. They weren't even attacks on others.
Some things apparently are sacred.