2 Days After Revolution

French TV report from February 13, 1979


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Mash Ghasem

Agree with Deev, and

by Mash Ghasem on

thank you DK, especially your second comment.

For a more extensive look at this historical phenomenon, please see:

Blast from the past,



Dumb Hooligans

by Onlyiran on

Half of these gun toting idiots were probably executed by Khomeini anyway...


i bet there were

by shushtari on

 a bunch of no good felestini thugs among those idiots who were protesting....

too bad, gen oveissi should have been made martial law commander like in '63- he would have unleashed hell on these traitors....and our country could have been spared.

for these idiots to hold up the nasty photo of that illiterate mullah- khomeini- is disgusting, and shows what a bunch of true idiots these guys were.

you can't even find a copy of khomeini's pathetic rants....it is so embarrassing that even the thugs and thieves of today can't bear to show them ! 


You are wrong on this one Dariush

by Nezami. on

You are wrong on this one Dariush and actions of savagery nature are just that. No matter who commited them.

The fact that some people are my compatriots, or your compatriots, or whether or not they were gomrah, does not make their actions any better.

I was a small child during the revolution in Tehran and as our house was close to some of the clashes and protests, I witnessed some scenes from both sides that nobody should ever see. Scenes like hanging an office doorman in uniform by militants, from a nearby tree and using a bit of rope. His stomach had been cut wide open (a truly awful scene which I will never forget). And also a scene where soldiers were fighting armed revolutionaries in central Tehran in pitched battles, which was very scary.

Both sides were wrong in their approaches to opposing views and some of their actions were just savagery. No one can deny that and unfortunately at 9, I was a real life witness to some of these.

The events in Tunisia and Egypt have shown us even more that we are way behind these Arab countries when it comes to dealing with the opposition views and we have to judge our countrymen's actions justly and highlight what has been wrong, as well as right. Otherwise with biased judgments, we won't further people's understandings and their sense of fairness. And we won't learn from our own mistakes. 



Good revolution, bad outcome

by deev on

Good revolution, bad outcome, lets hope next one works!


Humiliation of Iranians by Iranians, what else can be said.

by AlexInFlorida on

Humiliation occurs when one experiences both pain and embarrassment at the same time. Disgusting to think that those who were humiliated were the good people that served the Shah and Iran with devotion... at the hands of other Iranians who believed the story that shah was a dictator, corrupt and repressive. Now I realize exactly what socrates meant when he said Ignorance leads to evil, knowledge leads to good.

My people need to seek forgiveness for their ongoing ignorance and crimes.  Even though their actions were and are completly unforgivable.


Darius Kadivar

Raoul1955 spare us Your Racist remarks ...

by Darius Kadivar on

They ain't savages they are my People ! 

However misled and wrong in their behavior at the time or like we would say in Persian "Gomrah" they are my compatriots.

So spare us your patronizing comments. 

It didn't stop You guys to cut deals with the same "savages" a few years later:

President Ronald Reagan - Address on Iran-Contra




by afshinazad on

There is nothing can call these people but morons.

Thousands been killed from last 32 year

Hunders thousands killed in 8 year war

Thousands missing childern and women

Millions of educated and doctors and other Iranian out of country.

The Iranian lost civic and social and economical freedom.

Women no longer have the freedom or the right.

Bankrupt country and ruled by terrorist.

No more Iranian culture and langauge is been changed to Arabic and I no longer understand wording any more.

we are called savage and terrorist and no more dignity and no more being proud of being Iranian and we are afraid of telling people who we are and if we are more look like white people we call ourselves either Italian or other crap.

after 32 year of shame, today our nation hope is to restore the country or to get our dignity back, but is it possible? we all responsible for this nightmare we are facing, what a people what a disastor what a shame, every time I rememebr those days and mistakes our people made I go mad, I was only 16 and I never been involved in that and it was not my choice and I ask for justic and I ask why those people changed my future and my life and I gues millions like me asking same question. shame on us shame on those who destroyed our destiny. 


Look at the

by Raoul1955 on

Savages.  They got their freedom and democracy.

Darius Kadivar

Good ol' Yves Mourousi and Mitterand in the waiting ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

The TV Host in the begining Yves Mourousi - Wikipédia ( who died since) 

How Ironic to see the future Socialist President of France François Mitterrand - Wikipédia in the same clip.

To think his presidency will be marked by so many events related to his dubious transactions with Iran. Ranging from selling arms to both Iran and Iraq to Bakhtiar's assassination and the Gorgi Affaire during the Cohabitation years which opposed him to Jacques Chirac in a famous presidential debate:

Mitterand debates withJacques Chirac on the Gorgi Affaire during the Presidential campaign’s televised debate


Only shows how History offer's bitter twists of fate ...