Trial of alleged CIA spy

"I ask for maximum punishment"

AFP: Iran put a US citizen of Iranian descent on trial Tuesday on charges of spying for the CIA, with the prosecutor calling for the "maximum punishment" -- presumably the death penalty -- if he is convicted, the Fars news agency reported. Confessions extracted from Amir Mirzai Hekmati "have made it clear that the accused cooperated with the Central Intelligence Agency and acted against (Iran's) national security. Therefore I ask for maximum punishment," the prosecutor was quoted as saying. Hekmati, a 28-year-old former US Marine born in the United States to an Iranian immigrant family, was shown on Iranian state television mid-December saying in fluent Farsi and English that he was a CIA operative sent to infiltrate the Iranian intelligence ministry >>>


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I also like this guy, but...

by cvaughan59 on

J. C. Vaughan

although I hope he can escape torture, rape and lynching, he has very few chances.  Cases like Makwan, Ebrahim, Ayaz and Mahoud (not to even mention the 1988 in-prison massacres) all show clearly that the IRG/Basij-ha/Mullahs are every bit as murderous as Devil Worshipers with a human-sacrifice victim shortage right before the big Satanic "holy" day. For them, every excuse and any excuse is a good excuse for murder, even if they have to make up and fake up 90% of the "evidence"- including, in the cases of Ebrahim and Makwan, the "psychic" knowledge of the Qazi judge!



by yolanda on


1) This guy will get death penalty if convicted!

2) Sakineh might be hanged

3) The drone is lost.

4) IRI threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz

Wow! It is a tough year ahead of us!

On 1/1/2011, IRI rang in the new year with 12 executions.....let's see what happens this time.

I am just curious if Shahram Amiri is still alive. Wikipedia says:

According to NPR news, Amiri was jailed "months" after his arrival in Iran and as of May 2011 is "on trial for treason."


The choices people make?????

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

1) Become a US marine!  For the love of God, This makes no sense even for George Washingtons Great Grand Children.  Being a murderor for corporations and a military empire rotten to the core. 2) Then Go to Iran, at a time all are living under tyranny.


I like this guy.

by عموجان on

We all have ties to our life out side and in side Iran, regardless how long or what is our profession; he has balls to do this. It was stupid or he was freelancing as spy, he wanted to go to Iran and did it. As Middle East heats up all of us may have to do things that we think is right for our beliefs. To me first enemy of Iran is Islamic Republic and their leaders (Khami.. Hamadi .Jafari.. and so on). America always helped Iran it is us who don’t know how to use that help, to your benefit. 

I hope he makes it. 


Another Hostage

by Faramarz on


I once watched an interview on CNN with a CIA guy and the reporter asked, “Why can’t we penetrate Osama’s inner circles and have one of our guys in there and kill him?”

The CIA guy said, “We have many Americans who have volunteered to go to Pakistan and they speak the language and they think that they could do the job. However, the only problem is that when they open their mouths and show the two rows of straight white teeth that have been taken care of by good dentists, dental floss and regular brushing, the enemy would know that they are not locals and might be spies!”

So the claim by the Regime that this American born and raised person was trying to penetrate the Interior Ministry is bogus. They caught him because he was Iranian-American and was a US Marines.

They need to be careful about how they treat him. Americans take certain things very seriously and this is one of those cases. 


Does not make sense

by MRX1 on

Why would CIA go out of it's way and recruite an American who is an Iranian descent,  who did not grow up in Iran, most likley not too familiar with the culture nor can speak the language fluently. 

Arent there enough Iranain's in and out side of Iran that are willing to work for CIA for  penny on a dollar? 

This is another case of kidnapping and ransome (Remeber the hikers) that's all.


Don't kill him twice........

by پندارنیک on

In the world of espionage an uncovered spy is dead already........


Vildemose: A fair trail is a rare commodity in Iran....

by Bavafa on

However the level of charade displayed by any trail will all depends on how guilty he is and how much [credible] evidence they have against him.


On the other hand and to be fair and unbias, if they do put him on a public trail, they will get an upper hand to their counter parts, USA, who has been holding Iranian citizens without any charge or trail.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



BAVAFA: DO you really

by vildemose on

BAVAFA: DO you really believe this person is going to get a fair trial in IRI?? The fact that he is a former marine is enough for the IRI to throw out all reason. IRI operates on paranoia.

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Only thru a creditable and fair trail ....

by Bavafa on

the guilt of this person can be determined and if found guilty, he ought to be punished based on justice.

However, death penalty is only State Sponsored murder and should not be part of any justice system.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Maryam Hojjat

Hoe stupid is this GUy to

by Maryam Hojjat on

GO to IRAN with this barbaric Regime.  As MAST keh bar Mast