Saeed Matin-Pour: Prisoner of the day

“Propagating against the regime” leads to journalist's 8-year prison term

CPJ: Matin-Pour, a journalist who wrote for his own blog and for the newspapers Yar Pag and Mouj Bidari in West Azerbaijan Province, was first arrested in May 2007. Released on bail, he was rearrested in July 2009 amid the government’s massive crackdown on dissidents and the press. A Revolutionary Court in Tehran convicted Matin-Pour of having “relations with foreigners” and “propagating against the regime,” according to local news reports. He was sentenced to an eight-year prison term. Matin-Pour’s wife, Atieh Taheri, told the Human Rights Activists News Agency that the journalist’s health had deteriorated in Evin Prison and that officials had denied him proper medical care, according to news reports. Matin-Pour spent much of his imprisonment in solitary confinement amid abusive treatment, leading to heart and respiratory problems, reformist news websites reported. Saeed Matin-Pour has not been allowed any furlough leave in 2.5 years, and officials have denied him in-person visitations with his family for the past six months.


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why are they doing this?

by عموجان on

Do you need any more proof these Mullahs aren't Iranian.

My thoughts with him and his family.  


Defend Saeed Matin-Pour!

by Zendanian on

Sample Protest letter:

Please take a moment to send this protest letter or use your own version:


Free Saeed Matin-Pour, now!

I (we) am (are) writing this to condemn persecution and incaceration of independent Journalists in Iran. Media activists and independent Journalists in Iran are being constantly harassed and arrested by the Iranian government authorities. In particular, this letter is written to express my (our) serious concern about the health and well being of Saeed Matin-Pour.

I (we) condemn the continuous gross attacks on Journalists’ rights in Iran. I (we) demand the immediate and unconditional freedom of Saeed Matin-Pour and all other jailed journalists and call on the Islamic Republic of Iran to respect the right of journalists to free speech and freedom of association and expression.




Send Copy of your Protest Letters to:

info@leader.ir, info@judiciary.ir, dr-ahmadinejad@president.ir; iran@un.int; ijpr@iranjudiciary.org, info@dadiran.ir, office@justice.ir, support@irimlsa.ir; info@humanrights-iran.ir; avaei@Dadgostary-tehran.ir;


Political prisoners are our heros

by daneshjoo on


Saeed Matin-pour and all other political prisoners are our heros.

What many of us wish to do, they have done.  I hope they see free Iran soon.

GS, thank you for " Prisoner of the day" posts


Doorood bar tamame Iranian e mobarez...

by Bavafa on

Those Iranian journalist who have put their principals ahead of carrier have paid a heavy price and deserve our honor and support.  A sustain campaign to free all Iranian prisoners is a duty of all of us, we owe this to them.

 'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory