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Dr. Mohandes

Hey Hey Now

by Dr. Mohandes on

Come on Guys.

He did not mean nothing by it. He was just yanking your chain. Wanted to test your limits and by god now he knows , at least i hope he does, that he was wrong...


Now whois gonna run this site without you folks? I mean the whole day-to-day traffic is generated by the comments/analyses/essats/opinion pieces from you people. JJ won't be happy about it at all. Right Dude? 

Don'f feel insulted. Forget it (or as some would say forget it about it) ... Dont think too much of it. It is all good in the neighborhood. 

I extent a serious and heartfelt plea to all of you guys to please reconsider and stay. 

Thank u...

Now can we crack open that Bottle of Wine? Mr. On yaroo... whacha waiting for man? I am sure salmanwill honor us by having a few shots as well... Ayyy carrramba... Bunita chicititaaasszzz... Ahhayyy 


گرامی باد روز سانسورستيزی


در گرامي‌داشت سيزدهم آذر
روز مبارزه با سانسور

بار ديگر سيزده آذر، روز مبارزه با سانسور فرا رسيد. در اين‌جا قصد نداريم به توصيف مكرر فشارهايى بپردازيم كه بر ادبيات و هنر غيردولتى وارد مي‌شود. اين‌كه حاكميت هم‌چنان رؤياى سلطه‌ى كامل بر هنر و ادبيات را در سر مي‌پروراند و براى رسيدن به آن از هيچ سازوکاری دريغ نمي‌كند، درست است. اين‌كه وزارت‌ ارشاد بيش از گذشته آثار هنرى و ادبى را سانسور مي‌كند و موجب بي‌اعتبارى بيش‌تر كتاب و كتاب‌خوانى و آثار هنرى شده است نيز حقيقت دارد. و اين‌كه سانسور در سالى كه گذشت چندان گسترده‌تر و شديدتر شده كه دامن بعضی«خودي‌ها» را نيز گرفته است، جاى انكار ندارد.
اما اين يك روى سكه است. روى ديگر نقشى يك‌سره متفاوت دارد. خواست مبرم مردم‌، به‌ويژه نسل جوان براى بيان آزاد خود، سبب شده است كه رشد فناوری و ايجاد راه های ارتباطی تازه مانند اينترنت و ماهواره و موبايل، و شکل گيری شبکه-های اجتماعی مجازي، سانسور را به چالشی جدی بکشاند. وجود ميليون‌ها كاربر اينترنت و عضويت ميليونى در شبكه‌هاى اجتماعى مجازى در ايران و استقبال روزافزون مردم از ماهواره كه حتی با آمار مسئولان دولتى به پنجاه درصد مي‌رسد، آن‌هم به رغم تمامى تهديدها و هجوم‌ها، نشان مي‌دهد كه تمايل به ابراز وجود آزادانه چه فورانى دارد. ديگر همه‌ى راه‌ها به رم ختم نمي‌شود! ديگر تنها راه ممکن برای ارائه‌ی هنر و انديشه کسب اجازه از دم و دستگاهی خاص نيست.
بازتاب اين چالش را به‌راحتى مي‌توان در تصميم‌هاى دوره‌اى و عجيب‌وغريب متوليان دستگاه سانسور مشاهده كرد. مثلاً در مورد كتاب، گاه از ثبت نمره‌ى منفى در كارنامه‌ى ناشران سود مي‌جويند، و گاه با طرح گرفتن تعهد از ناشران مي‌كوشند آن‌ها را مسئول پيامدهاى چاپ كتاب كنند. به اين طريق مي‌خواهند اداره‌ى سانسور را از وزارت‌خانه‌ى ارشاد به دفتر ناشران منتقل سازند تا به قول خودشان چهل درصد از حجم كارشان كاسته شود! اما همه‌ى اين ترفندها در مقابل موج اوج‌گيرنده‌ى خواست آزادى بيان بر بستر رشد فناورى هر روز ناكارآمدتر مي‌شود. حالا نه عصر ناصرى است با اعتماد‌السلطنه‌اش و نه دوره‌ى پهلوى با محرمعلي‌خان‌هايش. زمانه‌ى ديگرى است كه در آن شيوه‌هاى كهنه‌ى بازدارى انديشه و بيان كار چندانى از پيش نمي‌برند. گرچه بايد اذعان كرد كه تمايل و نياز شديد حاکميت به سانسور و تصويب و اجراى قوانين و مقررات گوناگون و استفاده از فناوري‌های جديد براى اجرا و ا عمال آن هنوز سدّی جدی بر سر راه آزادی بيان است. هنوز بر گذرگاه رسمى انتشار و توزيع كتاب و مطبوعات و آثار هنرى و ديگر شيوه‌هاى بيان، سانسورچيان با تيغ‌هاى آخته ايستاده‌اند. اما اين وضع چندان دوام نخواهد يافت، زيرا چالش‌ موجود هر دم زمين زير پاي‌شان را سست‌تر مي‌کند. و اين براى همه‌ى كسانى كه مي‌خواهند آزادانه بيانديشند و آزادانه بيان كنند، مايه‌ى خشنودى است.
با اين‌همه، تا آزادى انديشه و بيان بي‌ هيچ حصر و استثنا براى همگان به صورت قانون جارى جامعه در نيامده و دولت‌ها موظف به اجراى آن نشده‌اند، راه باقى است، هم‌چنان بايد رفت.
گرامى باد سيزدهم آذر! روز مبارزه با سانسور، روز سانسورستيزی!
كانون نويسندگان ايران
11 آذر 1390

Anahid Hojjati

couple of my comments did not show up

by Anahid Hojjati on

i blamed it on my blackberry. 


Dear Faramarz

by divaneh on

I know they recently did it to your comments. It is absurd how little understanding and judgement is shown when dealing with comments. I like your idea and would stay away for even longer periods. I am now gone till Friday.


An idea who's time has come?

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Prof. Framarz, me likes your idea of a Writers' Stirtke, in the form of non-appearance, for a finite period of time, to begin with.

It would be good to also write a formal, short appeal and ask others to join and participate in the strtike. I'm sure people like Mirza and other troublemakers, all the usual suspects, will  also join and participate. Cheers

An injury to one is an injury to all.

Censoring one is censoring all.

Oon Yaroo

Faramarz Jan, is the admin JJ himself or some other folks?

by Oon Yaroo on

It seems like JJ has outsourced the editorial job to some Mexicans or Indians who just know a few Farsi words that start with the letter 'k'. And every word that starts with this letter they delete!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on



I agree with Houshang and Divaneh in addition a prediction. Next time we would use the Reza Shah approach. Give the mullahs a taste of their own medicine. No more privileges; no more "respect" for Islam.

Now go stomp more because your words fall on deaf ears. People know what Islam is The Islamic henna lost its color with the Islamic Republic. I say to heck with Hossain and all the rest of Imams.

PS: Glad you know about how do open a bottle of wine. Also I am not a royalist. I am a secular wanting religion out of politics. And out of my face. Do your religious *** at home. I don't want to see; hear or know about it.


Divaneh Jaan

by Faramarz on

I am not at all happy when folks mess around with your comments, mine or others without even understanding the content.

The best way to deal with this problem is to stay away from this site for a few days to register our displeasure. I like JJ and what he is trying to do but once in a while it is time for course correction.  

I'll stay away till next Friday, if you agree.

Oon Yaroo

Brother Salman mocheto gereftam! I knew you were a wine drinker!

by Oon Yaroo on

I deliberately tricked you! Every wine drinker knows that wine comes in a bottle and not in a glass! Like you said, you open up the bottle of wine and serve it in a glass.

Of course, there are people who drink it right out of the bottle! 

They say Maddoh's do that since they get too thirsty chanting Hossein Hossein...!

Tell me brother Sal, do you drink it out of the bottle or the glass? 

Do you drink red or white?

Shenagar'e Khoobi Hassti Amma Abb Nemebenee!?



by Fesenjoon2 on

someone is trying to prove wrong the motto "nothing is sacred".

They deleted my post too.

Kind of reminds me of IRIB. 


To the illiterate kid in Admin

by divaneh on

Stop chopping my comments. You are illiterate and don't even know the meaning of Majous. Now go play with your toys.


Who is butchering my comments?

by divaneh on

The kid in charge of admin seems to have nothing better to do than mess about with my comments. You are obviously not the right person for this job as it needs a matude judgement. Stop re-writing my comments child.




اگر این پادشاهان ایران اینقدر لیلی به لالای آخوندها و خر مذهبها نگذاشته بودند و مثل رضا شاه با اردنگی آدمشان کرده بودند حالا تو به این خود بزرگ بینی و گزافه گویی دچار نگشته بودی.

در ضمن، چرا انتقاد از صدای انکر الاصوات این نره خر به تعبیر جنابعالی بی احترامی به حسین است؟ شما را نمی دانم اما ما این جور چیزها را می گوییم کوته بینی. 


Hey Salman, (II)

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

if you like to porve you're not who I say you are, just listen to Davod Maghami (the whole song in its entirety) and tell us what you think about it? Especially that voice and delivery.

We all know you're in dire straits, and keep telling you to change you line of work. Your insistent pro-government positions, shows you're still very commited  to your job, even while the money isn't there no more. Meanwhile back in the real world, here's some real Dire Straits for you. And we are not brothers either.

Private Investigations




Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Hey Salman

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

have some suprise new for you brother.
You (I think you mean your royalist fathers) and the rest of the royalists were in power only bacuase the clergy allowed them to be.

Really. I thought you wanted people to share the nation. But you claim that clergy "allow" people. Well right now VPK is at home and Islamists in GITOMO. The more I read your writings the more I like that arrangement.

You bet people like me will vote to deal more harshly with Islamists. Your people may have the run of the most backward places. Our run the greatest and most advanced nations. And do whatever they want while Mollahs and Taliban run in the hills.

Whatever gets touched by Islam goes from gold to ****. The facts speak for themselves. From Sassanid to Afghanistan. Gold to ***. 

salman farsi


salman farsi


Brother darius

Muhammad (pbuh) was more human than you and I and so was Hossein (AS). This is why we respect and adore them.


Brother Hooshang


Since you seem to know so much about the agents of Vezarate Etele'at, can you please use your contacts with Vezarate Etele'at and ask them to send me my unpaid cheques, I have been in dire straits lately.


Brother VPK


I have some suprise new for you brother. You (I think you mean your royalist fathers) and the rest of the royalists were in power only  bacuase the clergy allowed them to be. From the Ghajareih to Mashrootieh to Pahlavieh to Mossadeghieh and back to Pahlavieh ALL were dominated and controlled  by the Islamic clergy. So what are you talking about brother? Wake up.

Brother/Sicter OOn Yaroo


You can't open a glass of wine.  You open a bottle of wine brother.



For an Islamic democracy


اقتصاد قبری


  ارتباط ایرانی‌ با قبر ناگسستنی ست ..کار ما با قبر هست . نشاط را ما از قبر میگیریم .سعادت را ما از قبر میگیریم .بار و بندیلتو ببند بریم کربلا ،،،سر قبر ،،از اونجا هم میرویم نجف،،، سر قبر ،،،بعد میرویم به مدینه،،،سر قبر،،،برمیگردیم به مشهد ،،،سر قبر،،،میرویم قم و كاشان و شیراز و اینجا ها ..همه قبر هست ،،،میرویم سر قبر،،،،سر قبر،،،،اصلا زندگی ما همش در قبر است،،،به همین خاطر آباد ترین جاهای ما قبر هاست(از تخت جمشید و دو سه چیز دوران ساسانی بگذریم كه یك خشتش و یك سنگش به تمام قبور جهان  می ارزد )...بعد از قبر دیگر چی داریم ؟ مسجد!!!!! در حالی كه این مسجد هم در ارتباط با اون قبر ساخته شده ..هموطن، ما آدم های قبرستانی هستیم...اهل زندگی نیستیم...ما را اینجور بار آورده اند.آیا ما فقط برای قبر آمده ایم؟ این مملكت همش پر قبره ، روز به روز قبر به قبر اضافه میشه.  هی قبر داره تولید میشه تو این مملکت ..کاخ هاش کو؟‍ سالن های عظیم نمایش کو؟؟سالن های عظیم موزیک کو؟این مردم نیامده اند که هی همش برن سر قبر!!! تور سوریه میبرند سر قبر !!! همه ی زندگی ما برای قبر شده..مملکت ما هم شبیه قبر شده..حیف این کشور نیست؟ . بهرام مشيری

Oon Yaroo

Shazdeh Jan, great Ashura rhymes!

by Oon Yaroo on

I hope one day not in a distant future Iranians transform Ashura, Tasua, and similar Islamic days of death and killing into days of wine drinking, love making (heterosexual kind of course), and life living! Simply, happy days!

Oon Yaroo

Brother Salman, TMI!

by Oon Yaroo on

That's too much information.

I mean your desire to be tied to a chair or to a Maddoah or what have you! What you do during Ashura/Tasua is not my business.

As for me, I just open up a glass of wine and drink it on the Ashura day!

My motto is drink wine, live, and let live!



بی خیال عاشورا و حسین، حال کن با "داوود مقامی" ببین چی میگه

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

صداش هم خیلی بهتر از این دلقکه.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You brothers and sisters seem to think that you are the sole owners of the country and the Islamic people have come from a different country or planet.

It is funny how the violators claim to be the victims. In the past "we" had power. Muslims were allowed to practice their sineh zanir; wear chador and be free. We did not stop Muslims from practicing their "religion". We shared the nation with others.

But after Muslims got power they imposed their barbaric ways on us. Forced hijab; stoning; barbaric Sharia. You got nerve saying you are the victim. Islamists are greatest bullies in the world. The only thing they do better  is whining about being victims.


Salman from Vzarat Ettelat , you're in no position to claim

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

anything having to do with Iran.

24/7 all your efforts in here is to portray murderers as saints. If you had a shred od decency for once in your life you would have addressedissues of all those political prisoners in our country, but no. Your paymasters have you here to distort our history and our present. Shame on you for being such a hypocrite, monafegh.

salman farsi

Your nation is their nation too

by salman farsi on



You brothers and sisters seem to think that you are the sole owners of the country and the Islamic people have come from a different country or planet. They are as much an Iranian as you and I are. 

For an Islamic democracy


Could You please Stop it Salman

by darius on


please keep your love for hossein and whatever you beleive private.

According to Islam even Muhammad is nothing but a human ,the  way

you go about these stuff makes you  nothing but an idol worshipper. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

اون یارو عزیز - در جواب به سوال شما

Shazde Asdola Mirza

در مراسم سینه زنی‌، بسیاری کار‌های با مزه و حرفهای دو پهلو زده میشود، که مجلس را سرگرم کننده می‌سازد.

از لاس زدن به دخترها و زنان که بگذریم، و حرکات قبیح اهل قزوین ... این شعر‌ها و شعار‌ها را به یاد دارم:

ای یزید آتش زدی بر خرمنم ... "خر" منم آی خرمنم.

اگر تو زینبی ... آن خایه‌ها چیست؟

حسین حسین شعار ماست ... خریت افتخار ماست!

مردم بی‌ تمدن مسیو حسین رو کشتن ... جدا جنایت کردن - جدا جنایت کردن

به جای صلوات ولی با همان آهنگ: لحاف دشک کرسی می‌خریم و آل محمد

به جای تکبیر: الله احمق

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: enough

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on



How about our feelings which are ruined by your Islamist brothers. My view is that no amount of insults is enough and we have not even begun yet. Better get used to Islamism being insulted for centuries to come. People will  stop when Muslims behave like civilized people. Or when it is gone and only a bad memory.

But I do have a proposal just for myself. How about this: Khamenei and the Islamist goons leave Iran. Give me back my nation and get their stinking *** out. Maybe jump in the Mehdi well. Then I promise not to insult Islam for a year. Maybe longer if rest of Muslims in Iran behave as mature people. BTW: they are not my brothers; if they were I'd disown them.

salman farsi

Enough is Enough!

by salman farsi on



Why you crowd do not respect the pure emotions of your fellow brothers in Iran?


Brother OOn Yarroo


I wish I was tied to a chair and was sitting beofre this Maddah brother. Thanks to borther JJ some of your list are already blocked. For the love of Hossein (AS) stop this anti Islam bashing or I complain to borther JJ for insluting the most scared of all Imams. Even in a democracy like the US you can't inslut the Christ so why you do to Hossein (AS)?

For an Islamic democracy


Haj Ali Louie De Palma of Taxi!

by fanoos on

This midget Maddah looks a lot like Louie De Palma of the TV sitcom, Taxi.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

اونوقت شاه می‌‌رفت خر از قبرس می‌‌آورد!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Oon Yaroo

Who can sustain an hour of this ritual sitting in the front row?

by Oon Yaroo on


I am trying to picture an of hour of this ritual where the following friends and folks with their hands and legs tied to the chairs and forced to sit in the front row to listen, respond, and passionately participate in the Maddoh during the whole thing:

Faramarz, Bahram G., HG, VPK, AO, AB, OI,Tiger L., Red Wine, Jessh Daram, Shazdeh, Anglo, Vildemose, ...!

Who is going to pass out first?

Who is going to charge toward the Maddoh?

Who is going to yell at the Maddoh, "Hey Modar Ghabeh, Karemoon Kardi!?"

Any other reactions you might resort to?

Just food for thought!