American Plot: Pine Trees

Dr. Ravazadeh tells people to uproot "useless" pine trees


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Kaj e tagoot

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I am so glad to be enlightened by his great wisdom. I figured a way to turn Kaj into Toot. Aghaye doktor; chetoreh ke man ye derakhte kaj tot konam?  


Desperate speeches of dying

by alx1711 on

Desperate speeches of dying parasites.



by Shemirani on

Who are these women seating in front of him and TAKING NOTES  of Dr Jafangzadeh's talk ????? mage mishe adamizade enghadr bi mokh bashe ????

laghab bimokhi bayad be ina dad !! 



Kos-khols have no horns

by Fesenjoon2 on

A kos-khol has no shaakh o dom.

Isn't this the same genius who said Pizzas existed during the time of Imam Ali?






Dr. Ravanizadeh's beef

by Arj on

IRI's discrimination has now narrowed down from animal species (pigs and dogs) to trees! Pretty soon Dr Ravanizadeh will pick on certain species of sea weed, algae and planktons!



by jmyt17 on

He calls him Doctor??

I can not find word to explain my fleeing about this PUNK???

What is talking about? Some-body help me to undrestand please!!!


the sex benefits of pine trees

by Fesenjoon2 on

  1. Pine tree pollen increases stamina so the mullah can stay erected longer: //
  2. Pine tree bark has medical benefits for hypertension, so that the mullah will calm down when he sees free women: //
  3. Pine tree oil is aromatic and can aid the mullah in masturbating, since women are unclean half the month, and "dim-witted" (naaghes-ol aghl) by their very nature: //


See? Now I am sure I have convinced these muslims not to uproot Pine trees. It has benefits for sex! 


What else pesty Americans brought to Iran?

by Disenchanted on


     filthy dogs? nasty zippers?! Bubble gums? G-strings? :-)

     Perhaps fans of Persepolis soccer club know the benefits of Pine (Kaaj) tree. Those of us old timers remember Esteghlaal original name was Taaj! There you have it Taaj and Kaaj! You figure the rest ;-)

     What makes this guy unique is not his idiotic ideas. As there are plenty iut there with stupid ideas such as him.(we got even few on IC!). The surprise is how the hell he gets such a platform to spread this crap?!

Jeesh Daram

Yes and No

by Jeesh Daram on

No, because he is blaming foreigners for planting pine trees. Iran has one of the oldest specie of pine family which is the cedar of Abarghoo known to be one of the oldest on earth still thriving. Yet, he has valid points on uselessness of a pine tree in an arid environment like Iran. It is extremely flammable and it is suitable for places where there are some air moisture even if no surface water. Now, as for mulberry tree and his suggestion, he is absolutely correct. Iran is land of mulberry trees and even on asphalt sidewalks of Tehran you can collect a few pounds of mulberry.  Morus alba is the specie that does well in aridity of Iran with minimal water once established. Most of the pine trees along Tehran-Karaj and many other places are dead at young age. Why? Because of pollution. Mulberry is very resistant to the kind of pollution you find in Iranian cities. Bottom line, plant variety of mulberry trees and never buy a fruitless variety that is like marrying a woman and asking her to abort her child. Stupid western idea of fruitless olive, mulberry and cherry, in order to protect their pavements and sidewalks! Not an Iranian will ever do that...

Anonymous Observer

Well, he subscribes to a desert ideology

by Anonymous Observer on

and thus desert he wants to see.  Sand dunes in the middle of Tehran, where he can ride his camel and reminisce about the good old days of the "prophet."  



Preaching vandalism on TV?

by kazem0574 on

Dr Risho-Pashm, you asked here is your answer:

Most of Iran and Tehran generally suffers from shortage of water. Your suggested Toot trees (white berry) needs a lot more water. Those species of KAJ or Pine are very dry-hardy trees. One of the greatest benefits of having pine trees in dry conditions is their adaptability.

The trees DO provide shade actually (been to park Saie?) as well as wind protection and erosion control.  This variety is also evolved to be “more” fire-resistant.

However for the first five years of their lives Tehran Shardari (Council) has to Tanker water them and when their large root systems are established they no longer need much water.

They are keeping those Tehran hills from being washed down in Winter and make Tehran’s dry hills come to life.


I pray

by choghok on

they bury your corpse under a pine tree then self named Dr.