Ali Feared Women

He wouldn't say hello to women in case they would turn him on, says Mohsen Qara'ati


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Arabs prefer Gay to Girls

by cvaughan59 on

J. C. Vaughan

Nae, I think not!  Arabs may be a bit over-sexed, but that only means they need to figure out how to handle sex attraction/arousal in a most responsible way - and not to be "ruled" by sex attraction/arousal, same as for every other man (incl. my beloved Iranian "babies"). Ali was killed for being Shiite and not Sunni, I think, not for being a crazy sex-maniac. As for Alkhonds, they seem to be willing to accuse anyone of anything, as long as they get to lynch/murder someone - like Ateqeh Rajabi (innocent!), or Makwan Moloudzadeh innocent!), or Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni (both innocent!!), or Ebrahim Hamidi (innocent!), etc. etc.(almost all innocent!!!)


So young ladies should mingle with him cause he is old

by choghok on

I think he wants to throw a party for guardian counil and wants to find a reason to ok for groupies to join the party, so he is saying it is ok for old guys to mingle with young girls.

I think it is the same reason Mick Jagger told his exwife about his escapades. 


دِ سلام نکن، آبجی‌


گر باد فتد به خایه هایم،  روباه و پلنگ همی‌ بگایم


حضرت علی زن ذلیل بود!



سر هر ماه دودستی حقوقشو تحویل زنش میداد. جلوی دیگران همش از زنش تعریف میکرد و قربون صدقه اش میرفت. هر روز هم که از سر کار میومد مستقیم میرفت تو آشپزخونه و آشپزی میکردو ظرف هارو میشست!

همیشه هم از مادر زنش تعریف میکرد و میگفت، "تو رو به خدا همیشه بیان دیدن ما. بی شما خونه ما رونقی نداره!"


What, a woman say hell, he had orgasms.

by عموجان on

What kind of idiot was Ali?  Or should I ask what kind of weak leader was he. May be That’s why they murder him, he was useless he was all about sex.   

Arabs buried alive their new born girls because they prefer gay society.


A Must Watch!

by Tavana on



No profanity, no personal attacks. The #1 & the most significant rational reason to watch the video is to be aware of your 'genitals' & to say 'be tokhmam' to any 'mind enticing' subjects! That is what 'Akhoonds' are for!

Thanks Admin! You're rocking!

Tiger Lily

Do I have to watch this? EWWWWWAAAAWWW, more genitals

by Tiger Lily on

be tokhmam*


*Admin, is that a profanity? Please,  remember that I don't understand these things, but can't think  of a rational reason for my eggs to be of any profanity nor personal attacks. Like my eggs, man.


Picky, Picky, Picky!

by Tavana on

Almost every kindergardenish knows the difference between 'most Iranians' & 'all  Iranians.' Picky readings again?

We all also will be surprized to learn that such 'Akhoond-invented' subjects of 'Mahramiat' & 'the prohibition of mingling females & males' do not exist in Quran!! They do not!! The Quranic conditions required for their minglings are for both women & men to lower their gazes & to be mindful of their chastities. And especially for women not to display their charms [in public] beyond what may [decently] be apparent thereof (Quran 24:30-31). It was therefore impossible for Ali who knew Quran better than anybody else not to say 'Salam' to a woman! Not a chance! These are all Akhoond-made lies! 100%.     

Maryam Hojjat

Tavana, It Applys to you as IRANIAN

by Maryam Hojjat on

who is occupied by sex!  Otherwise you would not think all IRANIANS are like you.


Re Iranians and modern society

by Arj on

Dear Tavana, when I say religious establilshment, it includes both the clergy in general, and the theocracy that is enforcing religious rules on Iran. Do you know of any Islamic religious institution in Iran that does not have a problem with mingling of males and females at work place. school and the society in general that I don't know of?

Monarchist, in addition to the religious fundamentalists, do not live in the real world -- whether on IC or not -- and do not have a real grasp of the present Iranian society! The new generation of Iranians (about 10 million university and college graduates in addition to others) are neither monarchist or religious fundamentalists and on the contrary, secular in their social thinking and pro-dmocracy politically. Hence, this notion of awkwardness existing in religious doctinres between male and female (mahram and na-mahram) holds no meaning to them! Unless you know of a version of Islam that scraps the whole notion of "mahramiat" or you believe that the entire population of Iran consists of Basijis!

With regards to Mhammed's age, what is quoted from Ali here is to suggest that Ali did not feel comfortable interacting with women due to his young age as opposed to Mohammed (30 years his senior) whose interaction with young women -- as an elderly person -- was not considered taboo! Hence the irony of the issue of his marriage to the 8 year old Aysheh! 

Kaveh Irani

Time Travel

by Kaveh Irani on

Is time travel possible?

Can somebody help this idiot move a thausand and a bit years into future?


Confessions of a Bigot Mind!

by Tavana on



"the religious establishment with the modern Iranian society!"

And what the heck is the religious establishment, if we might presume??? 'Akhoodism' is not a religion. That is a 'cult' instead like 'Monarchism.' Akhoonds are Iranians in majority & their minds are therefore 'occupied' mostly by sex, as most Itanians' minds are.

Moder Iranian Society??? Modern in what aspect??? Let's get real. No need to go too far though. Check out the modernism here on IC! It tells it all!

"Prophet was 30 years older than Ali, yet he married an 8 year old." Even if so, what did such get to do with us? They were both responsible for their actions as every single one of us is. None should rely on 'hearsays' ever. But Akhoonds are so deceptives that they would even testify hearing themselves what Ali said & what Hosein did & go on & go on!!! Deceptions. Deceptions. Deceptions. Never ending. Never.





سلام بر عشق



حالا فهمیدم که چرا دختر ها جواب سلام  آدمو نمیدن!

میترسن که بند و به آب بدن!

آهنگ سلام بر عشق - ایرج مهدیان



Confessions of an extinct mind!

by Arj on

The question he's asking, indeed tells volumes about the relevancy (or lackthereof) of the religious establishment with the modern Iranian society! The modern social relationships do not fit into their rigid minds and are impossible for them to fathom! That's why istead of adapting to the modern society, they try to roll it back to the same era as they belong (mediaval)!

P.S. Prophet was 30 years older than Ali, yet he married an 8 year old!


کافر همه را به


کافر همه را به کیش  خود پندارد .