Shah Speech on Oil

1973: Says multi-national oil companies have not served Iran's interests


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by shushtari on

I AGREE 100%

with these filthy brits you need to be cunning

the shah should have extended the oil contracts, and did not spell out his plans like in this speech....

imagine if iran would have been allowed to evolve, with our young population which is very bright, sky would have been the limit....because the mullah's crap would no stick- in the 21st century....even now, will al their desperate attempts to stay afloat, nobody is buying their's only a matter of time


the shah should have pretended to go along, all the while sending our kids to college and developing the next much revenue would be lost? perhaps billions, but what the akhoonds have done to iran does not have a is definitely in the TRILLIONS


god bless our country 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

areyo barzan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are 100% right. I agree with you that the previous generation was responsible. They were naive fools who sold Iran to a pipe dream. All I have to say is that I am proud to not have been a part of the revolution. I was in my teens but still recognized that Jomhouri and Eslam do not mix. Why did others not see this? Why did they fool themselves with face of Khomeini on the moon! What is wrong that some people bite the hand that feeds them.

Soosan Khanoom: Yes; indeed Shah will be Javeed in our hearts. I am planning on getting pictures of him and his father Reza the Great framed on put on my wall. I am not kidding. And I am not doing it out of fear of Savak.

Shah was a good man who was not appreciated by an ungrateful population. This is particularly so for the "educated". To this day I know Iranians living in the USA who fail to see how much he did for us. They are the real fools.

Thank you for bringing up these important points,



Don't understand what the Shah said

by Rea on

But read all the comments. Interesting, instructive. For an outsider, in particular. For everybody, lessons to be learnt.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Shushtari Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


As you know I very much appreciate what the Shah did for Iran. But he did make mistakes and letting Britain know his plans was one. He was a true patriot but was not cunning enough.

When dealing with Britain and their associates "Mullahs" we need guile. We need to expect the worst and be prepared for it. Shah did a good job keeping the Marxists in check However he underestimated the Mollahs.

None of this takes away from the good he did. None of this means he was not a good man. All it means is that he was human and like the rest of us made mistakes. That is all.



by shushtari on

you're pretty funny.....trying to blame the shah


from you're tagline at the end I see that you want the same crap to continue in iran....and perhaps you're a fan of that looney khomeini


rest assured that will all his flaws, the shah is in heaven while khomeini and his goons are burning in hell


good luch chum 

salman farsi

The most politically naive speech

by salman farsi on

  In one speech the Shah alerted his enemies (oil companies) of his intentions to cut their interests and the timeline to execute his threat AND at the same time wounded the clergy hence drew the road map to his downfall.

He was a muslim, a flawed muslim, but a muslim nonetheless. His sudden and irrelevant attack on the clergy, at the end of his speech, sealed his fate. 

For an Islamic democracy


آن کس که نداند و نداند...



IC history aside, your comment reflects an unfortunate but pervasive political novice, and a source of prevailing conditions in Iran.


salman farsi

Demo, are you playing tricks?

by salman farsi on

  During salman's life the Shiite sect was not evolved as it is today so please don't ask trick questions. There was no formal Shiite or Sunni. He was as Muslim as were Ali, Omar, Abu-bakr and Osman.

For an Islamic democracy


A true Iranian

by عموجان on

Islam was in people’s heart when he was in power.

Instead IRI making sure people can feel Islam up in their asses. 

I miss the guy too bad he got sick.  

rest in peace 

areyo barzan

Oh Please Escape!

by areyo barzan on

Even if for once in our measurable lives lets try to behave like responsible adults and not to shift the blame for our own cock up to someone else.


Sure in the history of every nation there are domestic and foreign opportunists and/or deceitful foreign governments who attempt to deceive and manipulate them, in order to get their own way and serve their own economical and political purposes.


But at the end of the day it is up to us as a nation to THINK before we act and to KNOW whom we are following and to WHERE. To realy listen to what they say understand their purpose before following them like goosfands.


At then end it was US and our previous generation who followed Khomeini to hell and chanted "Jomhory e Eslaami" without knowing the meaning of either  the word "Jomhoori" or "Eslami" (two totaly opposite concepts)


Even today it is still us who put the blame for lack of democracy in Iran solely on Shah’s shoulder without knowing about our history or the state of the country or the nation’s state of mind and way of thinking when his father took over from Ghajaars.


Furthermore even though none of us is willing to act democratically and tolerate the other point of view without accusing our fellow countrymen of either being an IRI agent or an Israeli spy or simply an idiot, we all expect democracy to be shaved into our back side and transform our society to another France overnight .


Well Fat Chance of that happening

Soosan Khanoom

OK ... I let you all enjoy your royal moment

by Soosan Khanoom on

Javeed  Shah  : )


Saddam Hussein overthrew the Shah

by Escape on

 Have you heard of the Kurdish War?

I wish you all would try,at least try that is,to investigate it...Break free your minds from all the propaganda.

Saddam Hussein overthrew the Shah.

areyo barzan

God bless his soul

by areyo barzan on

We Iranians still do not understand what opportunity we have missed and how we have destroyed or own and our children’s future by playing into the hands of BBC and their puppet Khomeini.


Most of those who participated in 1979 collective suicide of a so called “revolution” are still either too stupid or too pig headed to admit to their cock up and instead by looking for pathetic excuses they are digging themselves in a deeper hole


Furthermore, to all those who still wave the flag of Mosaddegh against Monarchy. I should say.

With all due respect sir you so not know shit about Mosaddegh, his thoughts and his views towards the monarchy.


All you think you know is a hand full of bull shit you heard in IRI TV or from BBC and VOA. Let alone from those who did not know the first thing or even care an iota about the man and just used his name as a tool to get to their own cynical and illegitimate purposes.


So my recommendation to you is to start and reading.

The first book I recommend is


Khaterrat va Ta-allomat e Mosaddegh written by DR Mohammad Mosaddegh.


Then may be you will stop recycle the BS of Hazbe Toodeh, MKO, IRI and the other opportunists and start thinking for yourself

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The reason

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Shah was overthrown was because he stopped being a puppet. I remember a particular incident. The 25 year oil deal with Britain was over in 1978. Shah wanted to charge them market price henceforth.

This happened in 1976. The British were really mad. They told him "you will regret this". Then went to work with BBC promoting Khomeini.The Iranian people fell to the BBC propaganda and the rest is known.

All you who think Carter is a humanatarian: think again. He was a tool and got used by Britain. I will never forgive Britain for this. Nor should you. We like to blame Arabs or Israel. But the real enemy is UK.


Regarding Shah being a puppet

by Reality-Bites on

As is often the case, things are not so black and white.

If you've read Milani's book carefully (which is a very even-handed, detailed and thoroughly researched and referenced historical document, arguably the best book on Shah's life), you'll note that Shah wasn't quite the Western puppet that many portray him as.

Certainly in the first few years of his rule, after witnessing his father forced from rule by the British and later being brought back to power after the CIA-sponsored coup against Mossadegh, Shah knew Iran's fate wasn't really in his hands during that era. And he did indeed have to check many decisions with the British and American and also the Soviet embassies, who often threatened to get rid of him.

But later, in the 1960s and 1970s, when Iran started to progress and grow economically, which allowed Shah to consolidate his rule, he frequently clashed with the West and went against them. One of the interesting things that I was unaware of, prior to reading the book, was how much successive US administrations, with the notable exception of Nixon's, urged the Shah to speed up reforms and introduce a truly democratic system. Kennedy's administration in particular was very insistent on the issue of reforms and democracy.

However, while did he bring some reforms and toyed with the idea of introducing democratic rights, the Shah eventually resisted introducing full scale democracy and continued to believe for Iran to progress, the country still needed a firm and authoritative leader, which proved to be one of his big errors.

Curiously, this parallels the way China is being run currently, economic reforms and prosperity under an authoritarian rule.

Sheila K

was it the US politician or the British who coached him?

by Sheila K on

according to Abbas Milani's book, The Shah, he never made any decisions (neither did his father or the Qajar dynasty) without consulting the British or the Americans. So I wonder who wrote that speech for him: the Americans or the British?


"He also had some other mistakes during his 37 year reign"

by Bavafa on

Could one of those mistake be to stay in power for 37 years as an unelected figure?

Since been exposed to another way of life such as in the West, I wonder why and how an unelected person should ever reign in for 37 years in any country and if that by itself is not a form of tyranny.



lonely campaigner

by Sohrab_Ferdows on

This is an old video clip which has been posted and reposted on youtube many times since its first appearance a few years back. There are some declassified documents from US government organizations which clearly indicate the degree of concerns that western world had over the issue of oil during 1960's and 1970's. This has nothing to do with any "conspiracy theory". Most Iranians are unaware and ignorant towards the value of oil, as the most important source of energy (even today) not only for industrial use but also for supporting enormous military power of western world. Almost 100% of the oil used by NATO was produced (and probably still is) in Persian Gulf region and increase in the price of oil would have a huge impact on defence forces of western nations. History shows us how Germany's military was defeated in two world war most importantly, because of their disadvantage in accessing to sufficient supply of energy to provide timely support for their forces.

Shah was right to milk the energy sources for pushing a backward and superstitious nation on the path of progress and civilization but, not only he did not have sympathy of his western allies, he also did not have the cooperation and loyalty even from his closest internal allies. The latter of course was most important because without that, the former would be just a normal reaction and could have no significat effect.

It is unfortunate that Shah had to plan and micromanage every vital affair in governing of the nation and the most important reason for that has been dependency of almost every political figure (with exception of a few) in the last 150 years of Iranian history to different foreign governments. One important matter that most of us tend to forget, is that Shah was just another person with all weaknesses and strengths that one might have. He was exposed to some conditions at different stages of his life which made him the way he was. He was alone in his dreams for Iran while facing many enemies inside and outside the country but himself was not fully aware of this. The issue which he mentioned near the end of this clip about the workers who were sent for training in Germany is a very typical problem with Iranians which has not changed much since then. Most of educated Iranians who gladly deliver pizza and clean toilets in western world these days would not settle easily for a "deskless" job which required some physical activity at that time.

Shah definitely had a big problem. He counted too much on his fellow countrymen to perform their patriotic duty and accept some hardship during tough times for a progressing nation which was one of the poorest in a not very distant past. He also had some other mistakes during his 37 year reign which is not unusual in the life of even a major political figure like him but none of these would justify what happened in 1979. While living in the west during the age of information, we have witnessed many strange events and strange behaviors and mistakes committed by western politicians and leaders which never resulted in crumbling of their establishment. We, the people, need to assume some responsibilities not only in our personal lives but also in the affairs of our community and our nation. One way is, to study, learn and speak/write responsibly regarding serious matters which have a degree of importance in the history of our nation.


afshin jaan

by shushtari on

i read your comment.....



god bless him

by shushtari on

you never heard that butcher, khomeini, EVER, EVER say ANYTHING about caring for iran or its' people, or it's interests!!!!


that should say a lot about the idiots who are still trying to blame the shah for the crap that hit the fan in our country....


the shah was far from perfect.....but he stood up for iran, and this is proof of it.....and the brits, french and lefties in the us decided to unleash islamofacsim on the world.......and the nightmare continues to this day 

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

IRI is too good for Iran , Iran and iranians deserves a Taliban style government!!!

 For what they did in 1979 Iranians deseve 100 years of IRI/Taliban style government.

I personally think 70-80 percent of the Iranian population is whole bunch of

Ghav o Goosaleh! that do not deseve better than seyed Ali!!!


Many questions to answer........

by comments on

Are Iranians very clever, very thoughtful, very wise?  Majority think so, but certainly those are not.

Revolution is under a big question....

Why did Iranians need to follow Khomeini?  What did Shah do that Iranians felt such a deficiency, which led to following and praising Khomeini?  Khomeini was so far from Iranian culture as a leader?  Why were Iranians so attached to a religion, which happened to be Islam?


Clever, was it not?.

by Khebedin on

Clever, was it not?. Removing the Shah and replacing him with the current regim !!. Iranians are very clever, very thoughtful, very wise. Or are they?


اعلیحضرت اون روز شکر زیادی میل فرمودند


By the early 70's His Majesty had grown intolerably frustrated of living under the legend of Mosadegh. This so-called speech was only a small piece of his miserably delusional efforts to portray Himself as the nation's champion who would return the national treasure to its rightful owner. Even in this video clip he is promising the preferred pricing and hiring of foreign workers. 



salman farsi and alaf raise an "ineresting" point...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

in their 1:1. Namely shah was a muslim, he was a nationalist, he was at Odds with USA, so USA did not like him. All they failed to mention (that we have Demo to blame for his abrupt intrusion!), was the "logical conclusion" that Ahmadinezhad is the second shah and all the shahollahis on this site should therefore "love his jigar"! 

Goodness me, just glad not to be a non "ollahi"..........

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


غیرت و وطن پرستی


اگر ایرانی عقل کامل داشت عکس خمینی تو ماه را نمی دید و عجب ملتی احمق و خرافاتی که حرفهای دجال خمینی را باورکرد و در حالی که ما خودمان تو ایران بودیم و زندگی میکردیم ولی خوشی زده بود تومغزمان. توده ایهای وطن فروش و ادعاهای ازادی و کومنیستها که هیچی برابری ازادی استالینی را هدیه ایران میخواستند کنند و مجاهدین خلق مارکسیست و اسلامیستهای انگلیسی تربیت و تعلیم شده مصر و لبنان و اخوان مسلمین تا امروز مادر همه ما سرویس میکنند. بله شاه دوست غرب بود ولی هیچوقت بچه غرب نبود. چون دیگر بعد از مسله مصدق و ازادی خواهی ایشان وکودتا دو ریالی شاه افتاده بود و بعد از ۲۰ سال دیگر قدرت ان را داشت که جواب انگلیسهای خونخوار و امریکایهای وحشی را بدهد. ولی ای کاش نمی کرد و ای کاش ساکت میشد و سلطنت میکرد ولی دیگر غیرت جای سیاست و عقل را گرفت. غیرت و وطن پرستی و پیشرفت ایران دگر اولین هدف او شده بود. ولی شاه در اوج ایران فراموش کرده بود ملتی دارد نمک نشناس و بی غیرت و بی سواد زندگی و فهم زندگی ، ملت ایران بی اشنا از اوضاع کشورهای منطقه و طرز زندگی و فقیری و بی سوادی انها. شاه تبلیغ نمیکرد که کشورمان در روزی بود و به کجا رسیده ، شاه نه تنها وطن فروش نبود بلکه خدمت او برای ایران هرگز فراموش نخواهد شد و اگر خیانتکاران و دشمنان او و ایران واقیعت را پنهان نکنند. ای کاش ای کاش مات ماه کسیف نشده بودیم.


Farsi's Faith??

by Demo on

What is Ali's right to succeed (what & who??) has got anything to do with Salman's faith? The provided link does not mention anything about his faith in Shiaism or any sects in that regard. He was a Muslim & there had been no way for him to know that 12 Imams were going to follow Ali. No sects are allowed in Islam. Revayats are all hearsays & only an idiot will testify under the oath to their authentities. Read Quran & learn about Islam. Period.

PS: For the same reason that Khomeini came about "Islamic Republic" out of his belly bottom now we have "Islamic Democracy." Such is called "Inventions in Religion" that even Satan could not think of such! 


Salman Farsi

by ahosseini on

"For an Islamic democracy"

You stand a better chance of asking for a shape with three sides and four angles than asking for an Islamic democracy.

salman farsi

Salman believed in Ali's right to succeed

by salman farsi on

the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). He was highly respected by the line of succession that is now known as the Shiite twelver sect. 


 For an Islamic democracy


salman farsi

by Demo on

And as one ever famous follower of the prophet Mohammed which faith did "Salman Farsi" follow? Just curious to know as you brought up Shia's faith in your comment regarding Shah.