The Hills of Marlik

1963 documentary by Ebrahim Golestan

Iran Zamin: Marlik culture was discovered in the green and fertile lands of Northern Iran just South of the Caspian Sea. The amazing archeological founds on this site are associated to 10th-12th century BC. Some researchers ... believe that, Marlik, the name the local villagers gave to the mound, is 'Marda-lik' (place of the Marda or Amarda), and the Greek historian Strabo describes the Marda as living in this part Ancient Persia... This hillock was also a site where the local commanders or princes who ruled in the 2nd or 1st millennium BC. were laid to rest. According to the tradition of the times, the dead were buried along with their treasures >>>


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Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

Really enjoyed this, thanks GS. If I'm not mistaken this is considered a Classic of Iranian Documentary Cinema, thanks again GS. Imagine if you see it on the wide screen? Wonder if anyone wrote anything on it?


Too long (and a bit boring)

by Souri on

But this is an amazing job, overall.

Thank you for posting.