Bushehr Nuclear Plant Safe?

What do people say?


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Iran should be declaring disaster area, already.

by عموجان on

Damages these Mollaha has done to Iran is worse than tsunami or nuclear at list these disasters were locally but Akhondaha destroyed the whole country and it take centuries to fix it.


No Fear

by پندارنیک on

Never mind the nukes. Any updates on A.N-Khamenei situation?

No Fear

Check out the expert opinions of those who signed this garbage

by No Fear on


JJ has also signed. who could have guessed that he actually knows a few things about nuclear energy.


Much can be debated about the saftely of nuclear energy

by Bavafa on

particularly in Iran but not limited to Iran.

Arguably, hardly any one here has enough information or technically qualified to offer an opinion regarding the safety or lack of it in Bushehr.

One thing that seem to be clear though, IRI is hell bent on possessing this technology and the West is hell bent in denying it to Iranians. They have gone as far as attacking it by the means of software.

Should there be any accident in Bushehr or any other nuclear facility in Iran, the West and those behind the attack are equally if not primary responsible for any mayhem that may come as a result of it.

The world would hold IRI or any other regime/entity responsible as a terrorist if they are involved in any attack on nuclear facility in the West or Israel or any other place, the opposite will be held true if the West/Israel is responsible for any accident or attack that is as a result of their terrorist activity.





آن قالتاقهای اسلامیست که شب تا صبح ورد "انرژی هسته ای حق مسلم ماست " خصوصاً آنهاییکه در خارج زندگی میکنند و در صدر همه لابیستهای هسته ای نظام پر برکت باید جوابگوی این نگرانیها باشند.