Assadollah Lajevardi

Iranian state tv tribute to notorious prosecutor and Evin Prison warden

Wikipedia: Asadollah Lajevardi, (also Sayyed Assadollah Ladjevardi) (1935-August 22, 1998) was the warden of the Evin Prison in Tehran Iran from June 1981 until 1985 when he was replaced due to complaints of other clergy. He was assassinated by supporters of the People's Mujahedin of Iran on August 22, 1998 >>>


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He is dancing with Khomanie in Hell

by Siavash300 on

Glad this bastard was killed. We should celebrate his revolutionary execution. God bless whoever killed this Islamic monster. Thanks,

areyo barzan


by areyo barzan on

I do not find it very fair to shift the blame for this Bustards existence on the Savak

The thing about cockroaches is that their number is end less and one can never get rid of them altogether

Even if this one have been wasted by Savak there were plenty of other murderers ready and willing to take his place.

If any one is to blame it is the MF called Khomeini who used him and his likes to establish his own tyranny and more importantly the idiots who fell for his disasterous scam of  a revolution and followed him without thinking about what they were doing or knowing whom they where following



by shushtari on

I AGREe....

BUT there are some serious issues with their vision for far as I can see, they still want to include 'islam' in the future politics of iran....their women still wear the hejab, and it seems they believe in a socialist islamist doctrine..


perhaps not, but the only real option for me is a true secular democracy for our country.


I like the fact the MEK were the only ones that had the balls to actually kill a few of these for that, thanks.

but I don't feel they should rule iran in the future 



by Rastgoo on

Yes it was the MKO that assassinated him.  There is an abundance of evidence to that effect.  The assassin was actually killed and he was identified to be an MKO sympathizer.  I find your comment "I don't like the MEK but dameshoon garm" very interesting and representative of typical opinions about the MKO.  It is in my opinion the epitomy of the IRI's success at dehumanizing an organization that has over the years been the Islamic regime's nemesis.  They have deftly brainwashed even their own enemies (like you and the majority of the people on this site) to side with them against the MKO!  That's how these blood suckers have managed to stay in power for 32 years.  I understand and sympathize if you say you don't like the MKO because they seem to be wrapped up in Rajavi's personality mania and hence are non-democratic.  But I don't understand how they have replaced the IRI as Iran's #1 enemy!  Don't forget that Iran's #1 enemy was Khomeini and his followers.  They were the ones who stole the revolution and imposed their draconian Islamic rule on us.  They were the ones who dragged out a non-sense war for 8 years so they can stay in power.  Who was really the traitor the regime for continuing the war or the MKO for fighting the regime in hopes of overthrowing the regime?  To me that war was pure non-sense that cost Iran and Iraq 1M in killed and maimed and scarred for life.  It was all done to prolong and fortify the theocratic regime in Iran.  The gulf Arabs had offered Iran indemnities on several occasions and his highness, Ayatollah Khomeini, rejected and said that he wants to say his prayers in Baghdad and then Jurasalem.  Who were the traitors?   If you put away blind nationalism and hubris you will find that the MKO were not the traitors but the regime was and is.


History will judge,,

by sam jade on

OH what a nice guy ,, what a cool position ,,this was the progaganda that they showed in IRI tv !!!!!!!!!!!!

The bad guys were Mojahedin , demokrats , Chrik ha , few other opposition ,, ..what a nice guy theo ONLY poeple in his prison were people whom do not want to think like him.. what a jerck burn in hell.


but Lajvardi was a "genuine muslim"!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

یا أَیهَا النَّبِی جَاهِدِ الْكُفَّارَ وَالْمُنَافِقِینَ وَاغْلُظْ عَلَیهِمْ وَمَأْوَاهُمْ جَهَنَّمُ وَبِئْسَ الْمَصِیرُ



salman farsi

Khatami is not a genuine Muslem

by salman farsi on

He has betrayed the creed of his fathers in exchange for worldly gains.

 For an Islamic democracy


Charlatan Khatami's hero

by Fred on

Is he the same rabid Islamist Rapist murderer who charlatan Muhammad Khatami labeled as martyred, a great man who had done a lot for the Islamist system?

If he is, what does that say about those who glorify the charlatan who's hero was this Islamist Rapist murderer?


Thank you

by MRX1 on

to whoever and whatever organization that killed this cockroach whose hands were soaked in blood.

And yes if we had a real serious security service instead of paper tiger savak, people like lajevardi would have been eliminated long time a go and we wouldn't be in the mess that we are today.


MKO took credit but

by Mammad on

it was not MKO work. He was murdered by a shadowy faction inside Iran that was afraid that Lajevardi will some day speak about everything. Remember that 1998 was when the relatively-open press was revealing a lot of things about the past.

On a practical level, the MKO could not have killed him, because the way he was killed did not look like a typical MKO operation. Lajevardi lived in Iran street, Saghabashi Alley, in central Tehran. Every morning he walked from his home to Tehran Bazaar where he worked. He could have been assassinated anywhere from the quiet alley where his home was to the streets to his work that can provide the possibility of easy escape for the assassin. Yet, he was killed in his store in Tehran Bazaar, the impossibly crowded network of narrow lanes that was impossible for anyone to escape, if there was a will to arrest the assassin. That told me that he was killed by the security forces.




I don't like the MEK

by shushtari on

but dameshoon garm, that they sent this Ba@@**d to hell a couple of years early


again, if only savak had exterminated such cockroaches like this idiot and khalkhali in the early 70s....we wouldn't be here now 


this one just like Khalkhali

by mahmoudg on

got out scot-free.


God's number 1 enemy

by hooshie on

Must be having fun up there.

Ali P.

Gotta hand it to Imam Khomeini....

by Ali P. on

He knew whom, to put in charge of what, to shape his ideal society.

Maryam Hojjat

Another IRR/IRI Thug

by Maryam Hojjat on

Who had killed so many innocent Iranians.