American Martyr in Iran

The story of Howard Baskerville, a hero of Iran's Constitutional revolution

حمید رضا حسینی, جديدآنلاين: گزارش مصور این صفحه داستان این جوان آمریکایی و حماسه‌ای است که به دوران استبداد صغیر در تبریز رقم زد. این داستان برگرفته از کتاب تاریخ مشروطه ایران، نوشته احمد کسروی است و او نیز بخشی از داستان را از قول دکتر رضازاده شفق، ادیب برجسته معاصر نقل کرده است. رضا زاده از یاران و همراهان مستر هاوارد باسکرویل و شاهد بی واسطه جانفشانی او بود. عکس‌های این گزارش، تصاویر کمتر دیده شده‌ای هستند از حال و هوای تبریز در خلال خیزش علیه استبداد محمد علی شاه قاجار که برخی‌شان به آرشیو عکسخانه شهر (تهران) تعلق دارند>>>


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Devotion to what they believed in

by afshinazad on

There are so many of these type of people were living in Iran and they were American missionaries and their devotion to what they believed in. In east and west Azerbaijan they have been since 1860 and they were not successful of converting people to Christianity and the main reason was there were so many ARMENIAN AND ASSYRIAN Christians in these two provinces.

The university and hospital in Urmia was built by American, whose name was JOSEPH COCKERN.   


A very intriguing story

by statira on

too bad that many people don't know about him.

Mash Ghasem

روحش شاد و خاطره اش جاودان

Mash Ghasem

Baskervill also gets many honorable mentions is some Iranian fictions including Reza Barahani's novel " The Secrets of My Land" asrar sarzamin mn, Barahani calls him an anarchist , whereas he was a good christian, siding with the people. They don't make them like that anymore.

ملت   ار   بداند  ثمر  آزادی  را
بر کند ز بن ریشه  استبدادی را


This American was prepared to give up his US passport....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

For the cause of Iranian liberation.

I wonder how amy of us are prepared to do the same?!  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."