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Spectator makes fun of regime supporters on Qods Day


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reality check and facts

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

chechen rebels are closely affiliated with al-qaeda and dont share the same ideology with IRI. unlike the case with talabns whom Iran may help in case by case where it serves Iran's interest, the rebels in chechnia are of no interest to Iran with no idelogical believes sympathetic to IRan

On the other hand, so much has been invested in any possible ways in Plastine and Lebano and we, iranians, expect to see some fruits of those investment. fruits like having a well trained and equipped army(s) at the Israel's doorstep, it is called 'deterence' policy.

ram jams


video posted by D K, هی هیات من الذاله و امام حسن

I Voted Ahmadinejad

That slogan goes very well with their sleeveless shirts and would be completed by a beer at thepub around the corner afterward.

Not that I mind what they wear or drink, but I do mind when they read of holly Quran and shout Imam Hassan while they have absolute no faith at all on those thingd.

Such slogans have, are, and will be used by the supporters and real believeres of Islamic Republic of Iran. Come up with your own slogans and get more creative. No body believe they are muslims just because they say some thing-they probably dont know what it means to begin with-in arabic LOLLLL!!!


ram jams



by Iraniandudee3 on

Ooooh yea, semites are Arabs and you look down upon them while you're risking your own nation and people to "save" them, lol, what a confused bunch you islamists are. You're all a joke in the eyes of the world and your own people. You don't get more lost than that.



by Iraniandudee3 on

You notice that most of the people in the qods parade looked Paki and had an accent when saying "Marg bar mousavi".

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Clashes between pro Islamic regime & Green activists -London

by Darius Kadivar on

Ghods day Rally in London - Clashes between pro Islamic regime and Green activists:


About Dariush A

by AryamehrNYC on

dont waste your time on this fanatic from texas....he is a disgrace to the first name he carries



by rtayebi1 on


The IRI agents, the Israelis agents. Arab/Jewish/Aryan... lovers. WE THE MARCI ANS R  going to take over UR earth  do I have to say LOL


IRI (IRI Agent)

by Manam_Babak on

I thing it is better to Bomb Bomb Bomb Qum, and poof, all our oroblems are solved.!


Semites are Arabs

by IRI on

And Arabs don't understand anything but force. To show Israel who is the boss, we just need a surgical strike on their nuclear sites and poof there it goes.
Since they don't have any nukes officially and they are not part of the NPT, hitting their nuke sites would have the support of the entire world. There is nothing but to bomb bomb bomb Israel, surgically.


Reality Bites

by thexmaster on

Great questions in which I have asked rabid IRI supporters myself.  But they don't have an answer to such blatant hypocrisy.  All they do is dance around it, deny it, distort it.  





Dariush A


by Dariush A on

Then keep laughing and continue your pro Israeli demonstrations. Face it, it is in your blood,



by Reality-Bites on

My questions are far from stupid. On the contrary, they are very valid and relevant, because they highlight the hypocrisy at the heart of the regime you support in Iran.

Your utter nonsense about IRI supporting human rights would be laughable if it weren't so tragic. The IRI mistreats huge proportion of its own citizens, and you witter on about IRI supposedly defending the one or two other nations?

IRI complained about killing of Yemenis by Saudis? Big deal. I recall IRI also "complained" to the Saudis when they killed scores of Iranians on the Hajj few years so, but little else. And not for the first time you are wrong on Darfur and Chechnya. IRI has not lifted a finger to support those people. Why? Because it is on friendly terms with Sudan and Russia and it couldn't a give a rat's ass about gross violation of Human Rights committed by them, just like IRI's violation of the Human Rights of its own citizens.

And if IRI was genuinely and truly concerned about the welfare of the Palestinians, which is none its business, then it would work with the UN to bring about peace between Israelis and Palestinians and help to end to conflict. But instead, what your IRI has been doing, unlike your claim that it is standing up for Palestinian rights, is that it has been arming and finding groups like Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah to ferment and prolong the conflict, while continually issuing threats against Israel.

I see you avoided my questions, as I thought you would, because you have no answer. And the sad fact is, even though the likes of you and your IRI leaders beat your chests for the Palestinians, for the most part the Palestinians can't stand Iran and Iranians. They supported Saddam in his war against Iran. They even blame Iran for helping US to topple Saddam. They support UAE over its claims of the Iranian islands of Persian Gulf. And in the mean time they (as well as Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraqi Mahdi Army) happily take the petro dollars of the Iranian people, thanks to the generosity of your IRI.

Yes, you and your IRI brothers carry on celebrating your Qods day and cry tears over the rights of the Palestinians, while trampling all over the rights of the people of Iran. As I said, it would be laughable if it weren't so tragic.




Dariush A


by Dariush A on

You ask some stupid questions. I would think you should have known the answers. 

Iran is defending one or two nations and see how she is being attacked. Imagine, if they defend and support the rest like Palestine and Lebanon. 

As I recall, Iran has sent food and supplies to the Muslims in Bosnia and perhaps Chechnya 

They also defended the non Muslim nation of south Africa for years against the racist government of south Africa, unlike west and Israel. They have condemned the killings in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the Iraqis and Afghans.  Most likely they have condemn the genocide in Darfur as well. 

Actually they defended the human rights with respect to any other country, except Iran.  You probably ask why? Unfortunately, it is in the blood. The same blood that is running in your veins.  The same way that you are defending west and Israel against Iran and close your eyes on their crimes against humanity and specially killings of hundreds of thousands of Iranians.

In one hand you are criticizing Iran for defending and supporting a helpless nation and on the other hand bitching why they are not defending rest of the world.  Besides, isn't that what Ahmadinejad is trying to do in UN and elsewhere?




Mr.Kadivar, there's yet another good reason for the Israelis

by bushtheliberator on

 Various folks have poured enough war hysteria into Iran's waters to give anyone drinking it the jitters.I'm not having any of it,thank you.

If Israel were to attack Iran, the full culpability would fall on my dear Uncle Sam.Nothing has changed the longstanding calculation that there is no useful military option for the US in Iran.

The Israelis can not alienate their ONLY friend by starting " Gulf War Three" for US.


Sargord and Dariush

by Reality-Bites on

A couple of questions for you gentlemen:

why does the IRI ignore the murders of so many Chechens and the brutal trampling of their wish to be an independent country, at the hands of Russia?

Why does the IRI not organize a Qods day for Chechens, like it does for the Palestinians? Why does IRI have a good relations with Russia, when it hates Israel so much?

Why is it that you fellows never seem to condemn Russia for its treatment of Chechens (your fellow Muslims, remember), as you constantly do Israel over its treatment of Palestinians?


I think IRI meant to say :

by Manam_Babak on

A surgical strike on the IRI corrupt and ruthless government would
be supported worldwide. With the least number of casualties and most
damage to wipe the system and free the land for all the citizens. With
their precise calculations and having all the "tools", Israeil can help
Iranians get rid of infestation of Islam from their land.

Dariush A

I don't agree with

by Dariush A on

I don't agree with the opinion that no one is taking them seriously. In fact, they are taken very serous, but I also agree that they have shot themselves in the foot specially during the protests.  So has Israel and it continues to do so. 

Apparently the oppositions have decided to hold their pro Israel / Anti Palestine demonstrations on line this year,  using their cheerleaders such as Reality-Bites Darius kavidar while Darius Kavidar is fantasizing about reza pahlavi.

Sargord Pirouz

This has been up for a while

by Sargord Pirouz on

This has been up for a while now.

For the sedition inclined, the event was a total washout. But whatever, looks like the hijacking efforts are a thing of the past.

Told you so. 

Louie Louie

Excellent comment by DK

by Louie Louie on

You are absolutely right!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

عجب تظاهرات پر شکوهی بود

Shazde Asdola Mirza

The Israelis must be shaking in their boots right now!


The hypocrisy of IRI and its supporters

by Reality-Bites on

The hypocrisy regarding the Israel/Palestine issue, is what I'm refering to, of course.

The question has to be asked what the Israel/Palestine conflict got to do with Iran and Iranians? Who made IRI the protector of Palestinians against Israel, when it is supposed to be safeguarding the interests the interests and welfare of the Iranian people (never mind that it does the exact opposite)?

If is the case that the IRI and its supporters are so concerned for the Palestinians, then why are these hypocrites so selective in their supposed defence of a dispossessed people?  Of course the treatment of Palestinians by Israel has been shameful and should be condemned, but there are many conflicts just as bad and often even worse.

For example, why don't we see IRI and its supporters express their concern (never mind issuing threats) about 

Muslim Sudanese committing genocide, of up to 300,000, in Darfur, whose people also want their own home land (just like the Palestinians)?


the Indonesian Muslims who murdered up to 200,00 East Timorese people, when Indonesia colonized East Timor between 1975 – 2001 and who still continue to bully the newly independent country? 


the Muslim Morocco that has killed thousands of Western Sahara people in their fights for independence?


the IRI friendly China that has for the past 50 years killed many and ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of Tibetan from their country to be replaced by Chinese nationals as well as destroying much of their culture/heritage?


the Muslim Algeria where up to 100,000 of people have been killed in that country’s brutal civil war?


the Muslim Turkey that continues to kill many Turkish Kurds (who also kill many Turks in return), in their war of independence?


IRI friendly Russia that kills has killed so many Chechens (who also halved killed many Russians) in their independence struggle?

So why are IRI and its supporters beating their chests only for the Palestinians? Are the lives and rights of Palestinians more important than other victims of inustice?  

Were these not the same Palestinians who were cheering when Saddam’s army had occupied parts of Iranian territory during the Iran/Iraq war? Are these not the same Palestinians that back the UAE over its claims on the Iranians islands of the Persian Gulf? Some of these Palestinians were even accusing Iran of supporting the US when Saddam was toppled. They certainly don’t a give a hoot about the Iranian people.

So why do IRI and its supporters provide them with arms, funds and continually only pick on and threaten Israel? Why are they so silent on the plights of other dispossessed people? Why doesn't the IRI organize Qods Days for THEM? It can't be because all those other countries that have been mistreating those striving for their own independence, are either Muslims or IRI friendly, could it?

Nothing, but sheer hypocrisy and double standards. 


This shows Muslim opinion for surgical attack

by IRI on

A surgical strike on the Israeli corrupt and ruthless government would be supported worldwide. With the least number of casualties and most damage to wipe the system and free the land for all the citizens. With their precise calculations and having all the "tools", Iran can help Israelis get rid of infestation in their land.


Regime is in trouble

by Abarmard on

Not because most people wouldn't support what they had for the past thirty years but because of system trashing all the legitimate forces and making itself narrower, shrinking and dividing its supporters.

topping DK's comment, the system itself has done such damage to itself that no opposition inside or out could ever do.


this proofs exact opposite!

by Anonymous8 on

ONE guy think he is funny, make fun of 1000 OF PEOPLE WALKING BY!

who is majority?

whos ideology is "dead" ?

Darius Kadivar

Another Good Reason for Israel NOT to attack Iran ...

by Darius Kadivar on

The Worst Enemies of the IRI are inside Iran ...

No one takes these clowns seriously anymore.

Ideologically The IRI is Dead ... Definitively since last year and as time goes by Brick by Brick the Ideological Foundations of this Republic are being fragalized.

It's not these clounesque gatherings that will save it in this landslide ...

The Question now is Time and Patience In seeing the inevitable outcome at arms reach !

Will However the Israelis understand this ? ...

I sure hope so for it is in their interest and ours to see this regime come down by the hands of the people themselves !



Dariush A

Anti Qods = Pro Israel

by Dariush A on

Is there going to be an anti Qods / pro Israel demonstrations by the opposition or not? Who will bring down the Anti Israel banners this time? 

These demonstrations should be held in every country. Israel must be charged with genocide and face severe punishment. Israel must go back to the 1945 borders. That will guarantee the peace in middle east.




is this all the regime could muster as supporters!!!!!!

by mahmoudg on

On this day of Quds.  about 200 people show up as supporters of the regime!!!!!  this rapist republic is in more serious trouble than we thought folks.  Their days are even more numbered than I thought.  I stand corrected and revise my estimates.  Israel does not have to waste as many of its dear bombs as I thought on these less than low lifes.  Only a dozen or so and the entire country will be reclaimed back from the fesces we call islam.


Very funny

by Simorgh5555 on

I loved it!


Jarayan chie?

by Doctor X on

I hear Ab zereshk, goosfand, so i put two and two together and put on dancing shoes and rice-eating:)) shirt. so ver eez de partee?

Marg bar ... Zende bad... Dorood bar...





این ایرانی باحال درد آشنا به "گوسفندان" زرشک حواله میکند و در فرامرز بدلیل وجود امکانات آب زرشک برای اینجور موارد حواله میشود.