Singing Surgeon

Operating and singing "Morgh e Sahar" at the same time


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the singer one

by statira on

on the rt side is actually a surgery tech, lt side one is the surgeon.


Just Like Iranians

by HHH on

Never know what to do, where to do it and when to do it, even a PHD.

Maa az bi-kafani zendehiim.

Jahanshah Javid

Ghormeh Sabzi

by Jahanshah Javid on

Sobh, I understand what you mean.

The top features on are changed about every 24 hours. Whoever recommends a video first, gets the credit.

Sometimes people post these videos in their blogs, like you do. I look at these blogs and if there's something really good for the front page, I will feature them and give credit to the blogger.

Meanwhile if I get the same videos recommended earlier by email, I will feature them and give credit to the sender, not the blogger.

So it does not matter if you blog it or email it. It has to reach me the earliest/fastest. I try to be fair to everybody.



by sobh on

I 100% agree that this video deserves to be on the top of the front page, my question is why when I did post the very same video one day earlier than Ghormeh Sabzi (who BTW does a great job of posting different videos) it was just ignored?Not that it is very important who posted first what, but I think I see a trend here at that certain people are getting preferred treatment than the others? That’s only my opinion, but who cares. 

Nader Vanaki

دکتر جان خوب خوندی

Nader Vanaki

فقط یه جاش رو خراب کردی ولی کلآ دمت خیلی گرم!


Beemare badbakht chee shod, zedeh moond ya oops!!!!

by Bavafa on



Nice voice.

by پیام on

قربون نفست.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

This video was promoted because it deserves to be on top of the front page :)



by shooli on



How Interesting

by sobh on

How interesting that my post about the very same subject on Sept 12


was ignored and this one from Sept 13 was promoted :-(




by Doctor X on

The iranian version?:)

Good job fellas:)