Sahara Monadi

Lip syncs to Googoosh's "Man Amadeham"


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Oh well!

by Naz on

She is pretty and did kind of good impression but there is ONLY ONE GOOGOOSH, unique and untouchable!

Anahid Hojjati

Red Wine wrote it best

by Anahid Hojjati on



I agree

by azadi5 on

A lot of iranian girls have Googoosh complex:)


ba tashakor

by Narsis on

I think it's lame.

 why not let googoosh do her thing AND "YOU" do your own thing...use that creativity! how about something fresh? something different.


Right on, MB!

by Milan on

In hopes of the day when every Iranian can sing his/her own unique song!


There is stil hope!

by Manam_Babak on

After IRI, we can get back to what we are all about, Happyness, and joy!

Immortal Guard

Nice Clip!

by Immortal Guard on

She used to be on Shabkhiz satellite TV station!

She is very beautiful!

13th Legion

Good Job ;)

by 13th Legion on

I think she did a good job with her Googoosh impersonation, her passion and the hard work she put into it comes through, she had captured Googoosh’s personal style and energy in this clip.

She’s a good impersonator.

Keep it up, make more clips.


Googoosh complex.

by پیام on

Every Iranian girl wants to be called Googoosh by her bf. What is up with that?

Nice video btw.


Absolutely delightful,

by varjavand on

Absolutely delightful, thanks for posting it

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

آهنگ و خانمِ خواننده زیبا هستند اما شیوۀ اِجرای آنْ خَسته کننده وتِکراریست،از لُطفتان سِپاسگذاریم.