No Russian Missile for Iran

Plans to supply S-300 missiles on hold

AFP: Russia has dropped plans to supply Iran with S-300 missiles because they are subject to international sanctions, a top general said on Wednesday, in the strongest confirmation yet of the leadership's intentions to put the controversial sale on ice. "A decision has been taken not to supply the S-300 to Iran, they undoubtedly fall under sanctions," the chief of the general staff Nikolai Makarov said in an apparent reference to UN sanctions, the ITAR-TASS news agency reported. "There was a decision by the leadership to stop the supply process, we are carrying it out," Makarov was quoted as saying >>>



che khosh eshteha

by Doctor X on

would you look at this guy?

Give us our money back with a hefy and sweet "penalty"?? Is there even such a thing?



I think we all need to

by vildemose on

I think we all need to boycott Tahgord. Completely ignore him...He is not Iranian and I would not be surprised if he is a CIA or Mossad agent trying to infilterate and build up cred among Islamists.


Tagord, why are you addressing me?

by Cost-of-Progress on

sargord dipshit, for a Palestinian goon you have a lot of roo. Go ask your paternal great great grandfather what it means.
CF reference to "your folks" is to anti-Iran mullahs, as well as maggots like you who are bent on the destruction of the national identity and culture of my motherland.




Anonymous Observer

Mark Merat, now they're "Junk"?!!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

dude, that's just pathetic....


BTW, "Sargord" if the S-300's are now "junk"

by Onlyiran on

then that makes the IRI an extremely stupid government for spending a billion dollars on them in the first place, doesn't it?  :-))


That's hilarious Payam Jaan

by Onlyiran on

If "Sargord" was Iranian he would know the saying: "gorbeh dastesh be goosht nemireseed migoft boo mideh"...but he's not and he won't know.

Yeah...all of a sudden the S-300's are "junk".  The same Tahgord who was boasting about it a month ago now thinks that they are "junk".  But he's very proud of the 60 year old F-4's in IRI's air force know, the ones which will get shot down by a half decent air force before they get off the ground.     


All of the sudden S300 is Russian junk.

by پیام on

I should dig up some of IMF's and SP's responds about S300 before Russia announced that they will comply with the arms embargo. S300 was the shiznit back then, but now is only junk. LOL. I guess we will take them airplanes down by palakhmoon, way more efficient and much cheaper to import from China.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on


Sargord Pirouz

"Your folks?" What are you

by Sargord Pirouz on

"Your folks?"

What are you saying, COP? You're not Iranian? Ah, that explains a lot... 



by cyclicforward on

You  must agree with me that S-300 system is not a junk. It is a highly sophisticated anti-aircraft system. Without it, your folks are totally exposed to foreign air forces. It is also not something that Iran can build any time soon. The amount of software required for the control is staggering. So, Please don't tell me otherwise. You needed this system badly but U.S. managed to take it away.

It is okay to lose but it is not okay to act stupid.

Sargord Pirouz

CF, in the past, Russia

by Sargord Pirouz on

CF, in the past, Russia positioned itself to actually impose certain arms purchases on Iran. They tried hard with the Su-27 and MiG-31 but Iran managed to pass. However the Russians got their way with the SA-15.

Now the Russians don't want to sell their junk- and it is junk- to Iran. Fine, give Iran the money back. It can surely be batter spent elsewhere.


Absolutely SP

by cyclicforward on

As if this was the ideal outcome for Ahmadi. Sitting there waiting to get sodomized by other nation Air Forces. How quickly you guys can paint a defeat to something else.

Sargord Pirouz

Finally, this ordeal is over

by Sargord Pirouz on

Finally, this ordeal is over with, and Iran can get its money back with a decent penalty sum attached for nondelivery. 




by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

Iran will build similiar system in near future.

ram jams


It's official!

by Onlyiran on

Medvedev signed the ban:


Now Khamenei can go suck on a....

I wonder what our Lebanese friend and our American friend "sargord", the two on board non Iranian, IRI "military experts" have to say about this fiasco.   


Slap in the face of mahmood bi_mokh!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Obviously the Russians realising this islamist regime is not going to be around for much longer, are trying to get on the right side of the iranian people so the future democratic regime of  Iran would continue dealing with them.

A good business strategy I'd say.

tehran e Azad

good start

by tehran e Azad on

finally Russia is stepping up to it's obligations!!!


Igor khol

by Benyamin on

Sounds more like it.

This attitude wont help Russia in the future. It shows how irrisponssible Russians are when it comes to their international obligation.

They have got the money 3 years ago and not delievering them anymore. sounds like no future Iranian government will take them seriously. same goes to India.


When you act like garbage,

by cyclicforward on

Then everyone treats you like one. Ahmadi thinks with lying and deceiving can get anything he wants. Now he knows how he got shafted so bad. He is sitting there in the middle of nowhere like a sitting duck. Let's see what he can do against an eventual attack.



by Shepesh on



got to love

by MRX1 on

the way russians manipulate and loot Iran! the corruption and waste during time of shah was a picnic in comparison to IRI waste and corruption.If only the morons can underestand it!


Not to worry, Ahmadi will make S-400s next week and "sell" them!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred

Anonymous Observer

Another $880.00 pissed away by the IRI

by Anonymous Observer on

in addition to billions sent to every terrorist group around the world. Now keep talking about how much money Shah took from Iran.