Mahmoud Hessaby

Father of modern physics in Iran

Wikipedia: Sayyed Mahmoud Hessaby (in Persian سید محمود حسابی - alternative spellings: Mahmood Hesabi) (February 23, 1903, Tehran – September 3, 1992, Geneva) was a prominent Iranian scientist, researcher and distinguished professor of University of Tehran. During the congress on "60 years of physics in Iran" the services rendered by him were deeply appreciated and he was called "the father of modern physics in Iran". In 1947, he published his classic paper on "Continuous particles". Following this, in 1957 he proposed his model of "Infinitely extended particles" >>>


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Farah Rusta

Another disaffected offspring of collaboration

by Farah Rusta on

No I am not talking about the late Dr Hessabi. I am talking about many of now grown up kids of yore, whose parents and grand parents knowingly and purposely worked for and collaborated with the first and the second Pahlavi kings, pocketed millions and even were medalled for their servitude but sadly when their (the kids) turn came up, the ivory towers in which they used to dwell collapsed around and their share of the loot was robbed of them by a new generation of collaborators. To these disaffected kids who are still moaning and like wounded beasts keep licking their wounds, I only have one word of consolation to offer: LOSERS! 




Dr. Hesabi

by Benyamin on

Dr. Hesabi is one of the greatest of Iran. I respect him profusely.

Immortal Guard

Laudable Spirit!

by Immortal Guard on

Regret and nostalgia are not going to help us to get on the right track. But they can serve as motivation. Iran and Iranians can do better. More dilligent work on the fundamentals is required.

Let's hope that some of his nationalism and humanism affects our politicians and people at the helm. We need strong people at the helm with principles, manners, a sense of logic and courage who know how to maneuver within the given constraints in order to achieve optimal results. 

Most importantly the people who are tempted to sell out their country for any kind of short-term gain will one day acquire the insight and realize that any current short-term gain will be offset by a bigger long-term loss.

I read in one of professor Hessabi's memoirs that when he first came to Iran the then minister of education did not know the difference between physics and chemistry! So this shows that progress has been made!


To 'Sargord Pirouz'

by Raoul1955 on

Since my grad and post-grad studies/research were done in physics and my area of interest seems to have been similar to your uncle's, I am curious as to the identity of your uncle.  If that [disclosing his identity] is not possible, then the name of the institution and the year he presented his 'formal proof' of ... would be appreciated.

Nader Vanaki

اصول درست و "حسابی" که ایشون

Nader Vanaki

بیان فرمودند جزو گفتمان، فرهنگ و فلسفه خاص و عام کشور شده و در این ویدئو تاریخی نیز ثبت شده.  درود و رحمت بر روان پاک او.



by Doctor X on

Marhaba. Marhaba Ya akhi Ahlan va sahlan .

Sargord Pirouz


Sargord Pirouz

Aw, I'm not mysterious. I openly share my family history here on the IC.

I happen to hail from a once illustrious Iranian family, something I freely admit. Does that mean my opinion counts for more? Heck no. My friend, that issue was settled in 1979.

And yes, I am not anti-Iran.


The mysterious sargord Pirooz

by پیام on

Judging by your own claims you must almost have relatives working or having had relatives that used to work for every important organization connected to Iran. According to your owns statements, your daddy was a pilot, you have family working at VOA Persian and your ancestor was a government official in Kermanshah ( during the Pahlavi rule!) and your uncle was a buddy of late Prof. Hesabi as well .


A part from the fact that you can just be telling lies, I wonder what went wrong in your case and how come that with a family so committed to Iran, you are so unpatriotic towards Iran's cause?

Sargord Pirouz

He was a contemporary of my

by Sargord Pirouz on

He was a contemporary of my Iranian grandfather, who also studied physics (in Germany). Both men were active in founding the University of Tehran, and both were Légion d'honneur recipients. However, my grandfather was active in government before Hessaby, as governor of Kermanshah province and later serving the dual-post of Minister of Education and Health/Welfare. It appears that Hessaby assumed the post of Minister of Education after my grandfather.

Hessaby appears to have lived a long life. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in his 50s. (Before I was born)

A later contemporary was my Iranian uncle, who also studied physics (in America). My uncle is known for offering a formal proof for one of Einstein's theories, which was published while he was a mere undergraduate. He was something of a genius.

RIP Mahmoud Hessaby.