Farzad Farhangian

Third diplomat joins Green Movement

BBC: An Iranian diplomat based in Brussels has said he is seeking asylum in Norway. Farzad Farhangian is the third diplomat in Europe to defect from Iran this year in protest at the government's crackdown on opposition groups. His defection follows that of a senior official at Iran's embassy in Finland, who said on Monday he was seeking asylum there. Norway granted asylum to another diplomat in February. There has been no reaction from Iranian officials on Mr Farhangian's asylum claim, but the previous two defections have been met with statements that the diplomats' postings had come to an end. Speaking in Oslo, Norway, Mr Farhangian said he wanted to "take a stand in support of the Iranian people and the [opposition] movement," Associated Press reported >>>


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by mehrdadm on


more nonsense from terrorist stateless major

by Fair on

How many American diplomats had to REQUEST ASYLUM after resigning their posts? In fact, those American diplomats became celebrities, gave public speeches to packed audiences, and spoke and wrote freely IN THEIR COUNTRY afterwards.

More bogus BS comparisons from you, and everybody here sees right through it.  If you insist on keeping coming here and making a complete fool of yourself, go right ahead. Truly pathetic.


rats jumping ship....

by shushtari on

by the way.....where is the resident bache akhoond to try to come up with a lousy excuse for this one LOL

Bijan Douli


by Bijan Douli on

He was an old pahlavi officer, then recently became a basiji, and today he became a comedian! Talk about being genuine! Who are you SAR-GERD? Come out of the closet!

Sideburn is very azarbayjani!


Rafsanjani's Exporting Company

by comrade on

I'd hesitate reading much into it regarding the genuine interests of the Iranian people.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



The seeds sown by people movement

by divaneh on

are now blossoming.


What is really accomplished

by sparrowlake on

so he defects, now he is free..it helps him, but fail to see how it helps the rest of the people.  Can't fight this regime from the outside looking in. Better to have stayed and worked aginst the regime from his position


Something is going on

by onlyinamrica on

They are in state of panic. Soon you will see mass exodus.


A Cross between Bill Murray and John Belushi!

by Faramarz on

He looks like a cross between Bill Murray and John Belushi with a hint of Elvis!

He could have been on the Ghostbusters sequel!

What a waste!

Anonymous Observer

What IS the deal with the mutton chops?

by Anonymous Observer on

Is he an Elvis impersonator?  


ghatreh ghatreh jam shavad vangahi darya shavad

by Bavafa on

Iranians have been waiting impatiently!!!


Jahanshah Javid

Nevermind all that

by Jahanshah Javid on

... how cool is that side-burn?


who is next?

by afshinazad on

What I like to see is at least 5 more in this month and that could creat domino effect.

Anahid Hojjati

Let's hope next spring is Bahare Azadi

by Anahid Hojjati on

This is good news. Sanctions are working, and that is why IRI apologists wrote so much against it. I am hoping that next spring is bahare azadi, looking forward to schools starting. Universities and even high schools can be great places to oppose IRI. Iran has seen too much hardship. If these guys stay any longer, our culture will be endangered even more. I can't wait to go to Iran and have a democratic government in place.

Hoshang Targol

Haji Firooz [SP] , a people's revolution is simply beyond your

by Hoshang Targol on

Gringo ken, your imagination.

If you were an Iranian you might have had some recollection from 32 years ago, and what happened to Shah, but you're not and you can't.

Stop making these idiotic comparisons, educate yourself. And if that doesn't help, medicate yourself.

Sargord Pirouz

Now almost as many Iranian

by Sargord Pirouz on

Now almost as many Iranian diplomats have left work, as their American counterparts did following OIF. Almost. 


Good news or Bad news....

by alexqt on

Any news against this regime is good news....


Déjà Vu :)

by Souri on

Déjà = Already

Vu = Seen

Hoshang Targol

It's a Death Pang thing.

by Hoshang Targol on

Compared to the last days of monarchy , doesn't feel  a tad like de-ja voue all over again?


rats deserving a sinking ship

by mahmoudg on

they will all have to be answerable to the Iranians for 30 years (or however long they had been in service of the IRI).  just defecting will not and should not absolve them of their comlicitiy with the regime.  The same is true with the present, past and future members of the Interest section of Iran in the US.  We should be tracking their movements and whereabouts (which is being done).  Only to make sure they do not particiapte in any terrorist activities against hte people fo the US.


Well done

by Mehrban on

good news.

hamsade ghadimi

more to come, stay tuned

by hamsade ghadimi on

a) they rather be on the outside, b) they prefer to make an honest living, c) they had azab-e vojdan, d) they're being paid off so that they can realize a-c (refer to eroonman's latest arajeef on his blog where he's condemning the man who'se footing the bill:)


Is it the "Cyrus cylinder thing" or the "sanction thing" or....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Is it just the normal collapse process of a weak, corrupt fascist Islamist dictatorship we are witnessing these days?

Anyway, we seem to be hearing a good news everyday!