"Ey Iran" Changed to "Ey Islam"

Soldiers at military rally sing nationalist song with Islamic lyrics


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Darius Kadivar

FYI/ War Correspondent: How Mullah's exploited people's heroism

by Darius Kadivar on

Very interesting comments by the filmmaker on how the Mullah's exploited the heroism of the IRan Iraq War Veterans ...



Enayat Fani interviews Filmmaker and War Correspondent Zakaria Hashemi on life and career


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

*) I will ignore your insults and get to the point.

*) That privileged class is not here because they admire the West. They are here to escape the "dar" i.e gallows of IRI. To escape stoning and Sharia. Or just to have a job and a future. Many of us much rather live in Iran if it were not for the freaks running Iran.

*) There are around 1-2 million Iranians in the USA. We are not talking about a few thousand. They are the best and brightest in education and achievement.  Many are recent arrivals and represent a good cross section of the population.

*) The crap about Western racism is old 60's propaganda. Keep it to yourself it does not sell here. We know the real racists are living in ME. Who was it that took Saddam's side over Iran just because they are the same race? Hint: Palestinians.

*) If as you claim Iranians are not Muslim by force then why not remove the force? Why does not the government allow people to chose their religion. It is obvious that the Muslims are afraid that many will openly leave Islam. We know this by how they treat converts. Bahai; Christian and so on. It is the actions of hard core Muslims that proves they are afraid of freedom to chose religion.

*) Finally I am really sick of this crap that Islamists like you and Seamorgh are pushing. Now you two claiming that anyone saying anything negative about IRI is "insulting" Iranians. It is YOUR AN; YOUR IRI and YOUR VF that is raping and killing Iranians. Not the Iranians in LA. So wake up and take a good look in the mirror.


The reality is that

by Kooshan on

The reality is that Nationalism and Islam are the two powerful undeniable wings of Iranian nation. Once we accept this reality, we can then FLY and be FREE.


There is no COPYRIGHTS when it comes to love!


At the end of the day, those soldiers are the true Iran lovers....the same goes with the soldiers in America!



Sargord Pirouz

You know the story behind Ey

by Sargord Pirouz on

You know the story behind Ey Iran, right?

"The song was penned by a gentleman who was a botanist and whose name was Gol-e Golab. It is reported that during the occupation of Iran by Allied troops in World War II, he witnessed an American soldier manhandling an Iranian grocer, which led him to vent his patriotic indignation in a poem that Ruhollah Khaleqi, a very respectable musician, put to music." (Per Shahabi-Sirjani, IC 2005) 


payam s

Prophet jaan!

by payam s on

Your claim is absurd. Just because you've met Iranians OUTSIDE OF IRAN and they happen to be a combination of muslim non-muslim and anti-muslim, doesn't make them some sort of a blue print or an ideal type with which you can analyze the entire Iranian society. You fail to understand the contradiction in your own logic, hence you fail to overcome your ignorance. Your attempt to homogenize the entire iranian population of +70 million and to try to impose an artificial image constructed outside of that country is quite problematic. It's reminiscent of the conquistadors and the colonialists who attempted to civilize and christianize the "savages". Now let me inform you if I may:

First of all, the Iranians that you have met in the US (or whom i referred to in my initial comment as the Diaspora) came/come overwhelmingly from the upper classes of iranian society in late 70s and early 80s. Even during the 90s and up to the present, migration from Iran (or any other country for that matter) is a privilege of the upper classes (I include myself in this category as well).

Second, that privileged class which was a minority in Iran, got a westernized education, looked up to Europe and the US as the ultimate destiny for humanity and the model of western capitalist development as the linear path for human progress. In this manner, they internalized the racism of the west toward the muslim world and began to see themselves and everything about themselves as inferior and cause of backwardness; including Islam and everything that relates to Islam (this includes many intellectuals on the right as well as the left; not excluding Ahmad Kasravi. His historical work on the constitutional revolution is very impressive but his ideas on modernity arise from a certain level of colonial mindset). They began dying their hair blond, dressing up in western designer fashion, and demeaning and ridiculing the provincial peasants and the urban poor: all of this because they could afford it and had the power to do so. Once the poor had enough of their conditions of servility and deprivation and were on the verge of a revolution, this same minority engaged an exodus that landed them in their ideal "free" societies of Westwood, Glendale, and Orange County. And these are the Iranians who you identify as the same as those still in Iran. This is extremely problematic.

Third, to claim that Iranian are only muslim because they are forced to be muslim is quite disrespectful to the iranian people since it robs them of any agency and dignity. In fact, many iranians stills support the iranian government because they sincerely believe the government is Islamic.

Now you can sit on your high horses in California or where ever you are and reduce the complex social problems in iran to religion and culture, or acknowledge that in reality these problems are not confined to the borders of iran but have global character and manifestations. Since you failed to convince me otherwise (you actually reinforced my initial claim by your nonsensical comparison) I repeat my initial claim: the majority of iranians in Iran are muslim, no matter how much you wish for it, when you blow your birthday candles, to be otherwise.


How can someone that does not speak

by iroooni on

and understand Persian proclaim it still awsome?


Even the national anthem is a rip off

by iroooni on


Veiled prophet

by Parthianshot91 on

Iranians are only muslim on paper, even that 40% isn't muslim. This reminds me of a friend of my mother who was supposedly muslim (On paper) but she always cursed Islam and called it a useless primitive religion out of all the abrahamic religions.


Islam is dead in iran, that's due to the sharia law and the true face of the Islamic mentality and society, none wants it, it's time to live our lives with our own culture, base our society on our own culture and mentality. shameless Islamists can cry and beat their chest for imam khomanie all they want, not gonna change the Persification process and cultural rebirth that is taking place in Iran.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Best criticism of Shia

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Islam was provided by Ahmad Kasravi in "Shiagari". This is a hard book to find in Persian. However its translation in English combined with his book on Islam is available now. For a few dollars you may buy it on Amazon. Instead of name calling you can find well reasoned criticisms of this phenomena. By someone who really understood it. 

This cost him his life. He was murdered by a devout Muslim for voicing his opinion. A while ago I asked "Midwesty" to condemn that killing. Being a good Muslim Midwsety refused in effect approving of this action.

The book is named "On Islam and Shi'Ism". Buy it and find the real weakness in the heart of the beast.

Here is the link:




Bye Bye Mullahs

by AlexInFlorida on

100,000 bullets for basijji and Iran will be FREE where the most unpopular and hated idea is Shia Islam and the lies, tyranny and Injustice it represents.


This is why I hate Islam

by عموجان on

These people(Arabs) are going to wipe off Iran from face of earth. We can't let them do that.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You say "May God" this and that. I assure you God does not take orders from you. God is not sitting for you or your VF to tell him what to do. You religious fanatics are the greatest offenders to the idea of God. How dare you tell God what to do.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am only replying to your claim that Iranians are Muslim. I am really sick of hearing this over and over. Yes, many people in Iran are Muslim. But there are many others who are not. The problem is that the "great" and "peaceful" Muslims kill anyone who dares leave Islam. Therefore people *pretend* to be Muslim so they are not murdered. Islam is thus a farce and no one can really tell who is a real Muslim and who is pretending. The best measure we have is to look at Iranians in free nations like America. Here around 40% of the Iranian population is Muslim; 40% has no religion and 20% has another: Jewish; Bahaii; Christian; Zartoshti and so on. 

The obvious analogy would be that around 40% of Iranian population is Muslim. So please don't go around quoting this made up Iranians are Muslim business. I know many Iranians in the USA and not one of them claims to be a Muslim. Not one does namaz; roozeh. Most of them do not have any religion. Many passionately hate Islam.

It is only some academic clowns making claims that 99% of Iranians are Muslim. I am yet to see even 50% of Iranians I know be Muslim. I guess most of them live in UK.


This is funny

by MRX1 on

why didn't they just copy russian or chinese national anthem? or better yet why not palestine national anthem?


soily souls/ soul showers

by Doctor X on

Putting one's soul in the soil of IRI? hmmm... kasif mishe onvaght ke...

That is when you go to the soul shower facility!!! What an invetion what an idea.

payam s

"the good forces of israel and...

by payam s on

the freedom fighting forces of the US"???

It is shocking how racist and misinformed some people are. Especially those leaving comments on various clips and articles on Iranian.com. It gives you a good sense of where the Iranian Diaspora stands in regards to so many different issues and how politically and socially informed or ignorant they are.

Damn Mahmoud, it seems like you're still drinking quite heavily. And the good people of Iran that you supposedly admire are Muslim, the same Muslims you wish to see killed, tortured, mutilated and massacred by your good Israeli and freedom fighting US forces (similar to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, Panama, Granada, and the list goes on and on and on). Most Iranians, except the rich upper class folks like yourself who are obsessed with being white Europeans, are loyal and faithful to their religion. I'm not even religious but I acknowledge this. I think you should stop being a drunkard.


So, nationalistic "Cyrus cylinder" Charade was such a big flop..

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

That the clowns are back to the old, tired islamist crap.

What next? I like the Freddy Mercury suggestion, but in respect to late Freddy, I'd leave him out of Islamist regime's revoulting, pathetic attempts of gaining respectibility it has lost forever.


PS to Mahmoudg

by IRI on

Don't hear any more about your cute surgical strike messages. hehehe, did your Israelis friends inform you that they are too tiny and WEAK to even consider rising against a giant?
Glad you are getting a better grip, now we got to work on your next step.


Sing it however you want

by IRI on

My great brothers who make the enemy tremble. May God bless you and your families for putting your souls in the hands of the soil of Islamic Republic of Iran.


No worries, as it aggravates more

by mahmoudg on

the good people of Iran to rise up against these Islamic Rapists.  Get a good look at these brainwashed worthless soldiers of Islam.  because when the good forces of israel and the freedom fighting forces of the US liberate Iran this bunch would be part of the 200K who would sacrifice their meaningless lives for their Islam.  Heif, Iran had so much good talent that had to wasted on Islam.


this is theft

by reza007 on

make your own lyric

Mona 19

هیچ سرودی جایگزین "ای ایران" استاد بنان نمیشود.

Mona 19

ما هر روز صبح قبل از رفتن به کلاس باید سرود "شد جمهوری اسلامی به پا‎ "
را می‌‌خواندیم، بعد هم که عوضش کردند به "سر زده از افق". نسل پدر و
مادرم هم سرود " شاهنشاه زنده بادا " را خواندند، ولی‌ هیچ کدام زیبایی و
لطافت سرود "ای ایران" را ندارد.

تقدیم به ایرانیان ایران دوست

ای ایران(با صدای استاد بنان)



by Simorgh5555 on

Agreed - In the same way the Islamists have now adopted Cyrus the Great as one of thier own. This is the same tactic as the early Christians who built their religion on roman festivals and customs in order to assimilate other religions rathen that annihilating them.


I hope

by Simorgh5555 on

I hope the lungs of each of those soldiers that vandalized this sacred national anthem is punctured by  a piece of shrapnel. May they draw their last breath for the offence they committed.

Death to the Islamic Republic. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Next thing

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


the Islamists are gonna steal the Israeli national anthem.


I must say....

by Benyamin on

Either because the IRI has killed or exiled or abandonned every musician so they have no one to make them a new Ahang=melody or they just couldn`t resist the superior melody of the ever GREEN "ey Iran". Either way, it shows that the kids in Iran are right to sing it.


Copyright is not respected in i.r.

by پیام on

This proves my case once again ;) Shame on these so called Iranians though that place a foreign religion above their national identity.

Jahanshah Javid

Don't stop!

by Jahanshah Javid on

Why stop here?

Change the lyrics on Queen's "We are the Champions" and sing it at the next parade. And Sardar Firoozabadi can lead, take off his shirt and do some Freddy Mercury moves. (side question: has he lost weight recently?)

And I have the perfect song for 22 Bahman parade: "The Star-Spangled Banner"! Can't wait to hear the new lyrics on that.

Oh if I knew how to make videos... the parodies I would fill YouTube with!

Sargord Pirouz

Even with the lyric change,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Even with the lyric change, that's awesome they sang it. 


The Islamic bunch

by Parthianshot91 on

 This is their potential, they can't even make a new song, that's how much creativity they lack, need I say more?