Shahab Dashti

Hamburg cell at heart of terrorist plot against Europe

CNN: Europe is reeling under the threat of a Mumbai-style terror attack. Intelligence reports show Britain, France and Germany are on the hit list. New terror alerts from Washington and London based on the volume of intelligence -- not a new threat. Meanwhile British authorities are not raising the UK threat level but have raised the travel alert for citizens travelling to Germany and France. The US has even imposed a curfew at its giant air base in Ramstein, Germany. Behind all the warnings lie the revelation that al-Qaeda terrorists might be planning "Mumbai-style" attacks in at least five European countries. And one of those countries is Germany. According to a Western intelligence source Shahab Dashti, a young Iranian-born German, and several others headed to terror training camps on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border >>>


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Sargord is right

by reader1 on

He is probably a Sunni Iranian from Bluchestan or Kurdestan who has disgraced his people . As Peykan said, those of us with EU passports with our place of birth clearly written on them  are going to pay  for the action of this idiot. 


we don't need this shit

by Fatollah on

what the hell, bad news for Iranians worldwide, first time I read about an Iranian on Al Q. side ... I read somewhere, the Wahhabies thirst for Iranian blood! Have I missed something?

mash Ghanbar


by mash Ghanbar on

Be Fair!!:))

The Ghettoization is not a choice It is there because they have NO other options. They can Not practice their religion and celebrate their culture as freely as they in US or maybe even in Canada. There is the big difference. The european governments in general are not as much accomodating, making it even harder for these immigrants to assimilate.

Sargord Pirouz

Mahmoud, using your logic,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Mahmoud, using your flawed logic, because there are isolated cases of American citizens in Al-Qaeda, the US government should be overthrown. That's idiotic. 

It really is a waste of time responding to the ignorance of exiled foreigners like yourself. 


I guess the bubble had to burst some time

by mahmoudg on

for almost 10 years we Iranians were not involved with this type of terrorism and Al Qaeda.  I suppose that myth had to break some time.  More reason now why we have to take out the Islamic Rapist Republic in Iran by force and its supporters worldwide with all our might.

Sargord Pirouz

I'm guessing this is a

by Sargord Pirouz on

I'm guessing this is a Sunni-Iranian fundamentalist, along similar lines to Rigi and his gang. 

These guys are the exception and are generally hostile to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

So Western intelligence agencies shouldn't have a problem tracking this type of terrorist, as they stand out from your typical crowd of Iranians. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are being very unfair. One Iranian out of some 3-6 million! That is not my idea of "be hoviati". I like setting up our standards high and we do. But I don't see any of my friends either pretending to be "Western" or "Arab". They are themselves.

That is why a large portion of Iranian Americans leave Islam. We don't become Christians; thus pretending to be "Western". Rather keep out culture and be secular. Of course some people think anything secular is Western; I don't.

This idiot just fell with the wrong crowd. The problem is the European version of Islam. It is a ghettoized Islam. Appeals to the angry; frustrated; and lower class youth. This is more a reflection on European Islam and its problems than Iranians.


Bad news for young male travellers of Iranian decent

by Peykan on

...who hold an EU or a western country passport. They should expect more scrutiny at borders, especially across Europe. 



یکی‌ دیگر از پیامد‌های بی‌ هویتی ایرانیان.


متاسفانه چه در ایران و چه خارج از ایران، بیشتر ایرانیان دچار بی‌
هویتی هستند. یا در رفتار و کردار و منش زندگی‌ خویش از غربی‌ها تقلید
میکنند و یا بنیاد گرای دینی شده و از اعراب تقلید میکنند. تا زمانی‌ که
ایرانیان با ریشه‌های فرهنگی‌ و باستنی خویش غریبه باشند شاهد این گونه
افراط ها، چه بنیاد گرائی دینی که این نمونه‌ای از آن هست ( و البته خرافه
گرائی دینی که در ایران هم رواج دارد) و چه بی‌ بند و باری به سبک غربی،
خواهیم بود.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Typical lack of appreciation for Iranians who are in Iran

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

We have thousands of such nutjob terrorists in Iran, but this guy becomes famous (well actually infamous) just because he has been abroad.

Why? Why can't we have the same level of appreciation (actually more like alarm and action) for the thousands of terrorists, who live and breathe in Iran?

What can a guy like this do? Kill and maim a dozen people? Big deal! Our glorious president, who is as bit a nutjob, is sitting on 25 kg of 20% uranium, which is good enough for two Hiroshima size atom bombs.

That's what I call "Iranian of the Day", for the next 1000 days!


This is what happens when....

by Benyamin on

....a family falls apart. The father is out of picture and the son searches for recognition and finding himslef. It is obvious he doesn`t know who he is. It is obvious he doesn`t know what is his history and his culture. He wanted to belong and the closest thing was religion unfortunately for him he trusted a bunch that had nothing in mind but betraying him.

I thing the most important lesson is to love our kids and be in their face when the time is tough but we have to be strong and teach them who they are and what they are. where they are from. So they wont be lost.


Nagoftam nakon?

by Milan on

Shahab jon, see where this "Oghtelo Kaaferoon", etc. got you? To a German Max security prison. A couple of weeks from now, you'll be pleading to your 7 foot cellmate/boyfriend: Hey, Wolfgang, can you just hold me tonight?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Throw away the key

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I hope they throw away the keys. The SOB is no Iranian in my book. Put him away and let him rot. Gitmo is too good for him.



by mehrdadm on



bah bah, make us proud

by azadi5 on

khak to saret konan.