Alireza Eftekhari

Daughter harassed in university because of his support for Ahmadinejad


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by Parthianshot91 on

Would you respect a sympythizer of a regime that is responsible for the death, imprisonment, and tourture of thousands of Iranians? Do you support the nazi sympythizers and regime too? don't open your mouth and talk nonsense. This isn't an Obamma vs Mccain debate. We're talking about a satanic leach of a shameless islamist regime.


Whoever supports this regime deserves every horrible thing coming their way.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"

 "I'd rather be hated for w


nation of idiots

by nojanthegreat on

this is how you respect your artist ?

i dont think iranian are ready and civilized enogh to join the rest of the globe .

no matter what ever you thing about politics , as soon as you learn about  what they did to his family or even himself ,and you wrote this hurtfull things about him , you show how far you have to be a civilized nation . 


علی‌ رضا انزجاری


با کشیدن موی دخترت احساسات پدری تو جوشان  و کوره خشم تو نمایان شد.ای پدر، میدانی همان ضحاک‌ها که تو به آغوش کشیدی و مست قدرت شدی چند تا از این نو گلان پاک را در سیاه چال خود به هم آغوشی کشیدن،و چند تا از این پاره جانها را به مسلخ مرگ فرستادن؟نباید با دخترت این گونه میکردن،اما او جرمش پدری چون تو داشتن است.حداقل این افتخار پدر بودن را از خودت برادار.بدان هر چه داری افتخاری است و حقیقی‌ نیست حتا فامیلیت هم افتخاری است.چه بسا آن را عوض کنی‌ به انزجاری که بیشتر شایسته تست.


اونوقت که جیک جیک مستونت بود....



این رسم رو سروران خود حقیرت بنیان گذاشتند که حتّی اعضای خانواده و آشنایان و دوستان کسی از تعرّض مصون نباشه! اینطور نیست؟

حالا..... نوبت به «ان بیاء» که رسید آسمان طپید؟ یا سرکار عالی تافتهء جدا بافته هستین؟ نوش جونت، تا تو باشی دفعهء دیگه بر خلاف جریان شنا نکنی و مردم رو نفروشی !

سر ناکسان را برافراشتن

وز ایشان امید بهی داشتن

سر رشتهء خویش گم کردنست

به جیب اندرون مار پروردنست


"akheh man kojam badeh?"  

by dead on

"akheh man kojam badeh?"   ha ha ha!!!!


leave his family alone

by rtayebi1 on

don't buy his cds, don't go to his concerts, hell when U see him don't even return his salam, but leave his family alone.


I'll second what Parthian

by Simorgh5555 on

I'll second what Parthian shot has said.

If you support Ahmadinejad or accept the Islamic Republic in any way then you deserve to be the receiving end of endless abuse and hatred. In my opinion - and you may disagree- but supporting the Islamic Republic is an abhorrent as child trafficking or supporting Nazis. 

I think all supporters of the Islamic Republic system should be named and shamed. They should be held to public ridicule. May they end their disgraceful lives in excrutiating pain and suffering. 


Red Wine

فقط ایران

Red Wine


هر کس که از غیر و از نا صالح پیروی کند و خاک مملکت را به خائن فروشد،باید تنبیه شود و مجازات...

آقای افتخاری،منتظر بدتر از اینها هم باشید،عقل که داشتید،راه انتخاب که داشتید و چرا پشت به ایرانیان کردید ؟

هیچ بخششی در انتظار وطن فروش نیست.



by alexqt on

har ki ke kharboze mikhore paye larzesham mishine aghaye Eftekhari.

Bekhatere dota kise pool...Darse ebrat shod vasatoon.

 Zendeh bad honarmandani chon ostaad Shajarian va gheireh.

hamsade ghadimi

الهی، بعد از

hamsade ghadimi

الهی، بعد از شنیدن گریه زاری آق علیرضا آدم دلش برای این طرفداران رژیم ریش ریش میشه. آخه کی‌ گستاخی کرده و دختر این آقا رو آزار داده؟  این دختر چه جور آزار دیده؟  کتک خورد؟ زندانی شد؟ تجاوز شد؟ حکم سنگسار براش اعلام کردند؟  آخه مردم، قرار نبود که فرزندان شخصیتهای مؤدب را آزار داد.


Great job

by Parthianshot91 on

whoever supports this murderous regime needs to get a tase of the medicine that they love oooh so much.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"

 "I'd rather be hated for w



by Benyamin on

I don`t know about him or if he truly likes Ahmadinejad or not. (not that matters).

I don`t know him not even know his work since I have never heard of him. I just have learned since he has been in the news. I was thinking about his situation and although he must be either dumb and stupid or truly a different kind of thug of the IRI. I am sure as Khameneii or Ahmadinejad themseves don`t kill anyone but we all know who orders the killings.

In light of what happened in Iran after the elections one must be either stupid or a thug supporting the evil in Iran, having said that, I disagree for what has gone to his children.

Even though people like him support the killings of children of others simply because what they think or say. They are not even signing.

Mr. Eftekhari wouldn`t have had any professional life if it werent for brave people 30 years ago when Khomeini wanted to get rid of music altogether.


Power to the people

by Majid on


این قضیهء آقای افتخاری یک چیزی رو ثابت کرد.............

میزان «محبوبیت»  رهبری و احمدی نژاد و رژیم وابسته شون رو!

طپیدن های دلها ناله شد آهسته آهسته

رسا تر گر شود این ناله ها فریاد میگردد