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Lessons from the toilet


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People lose valet, phone or keys in Mostart!

by عموجان on

Now this is first time I heard of some body (a man,Important one) carrying his cologne with him all the time.  Oh yes I remember one, we had a Nokar just moved from Dehat to city he fund out about cologne since he didn’t want to shower he used a cheap one all the time. I wonder he was talking about that Nokar, moved up the ladder, I wish he would say the name.


mostarah or Quran

by mahmoudg on

I think he was talking about the contents of the Quran, but he could not bring himself to admit it hence the use of the word Mostarah, and at least 10 times at that.


Allgoti jann

by kazem0574 on

The message is fine, but its ruined by who the messenger is. These Rozeh Khons are always making up stories, its how they used to make their money.

Not one thing they say needs to have ever happened. You have to realise that there is also a second meaning here, i.e the IRI Akhonds are constantly receiving divine messages (even in the toilet).

The imaginary subject of his story is so valued by god that he immediately receives a follow-up message by being given the same perfume what nonsense.
(hope parazit uses this clip)

Believe me the IRI clergy do not even believe in god, forget about Islam or religion. They are in it for profit and gain and in return will tell us about a lot of miracles even if  they occur in a toilet.



by Benyamin on

This is Iran and those are "taleban=talabeh". I don`t know what other version could come around that is more stupid or embarressing?

This proves how backward Iran is going to. There are talks of shit and piss on national tv.


In all fairness


What he is saying is not all that bad after all.  I think the whole toilet thing is being taken out of context.  The lesson, however, is sound, though i don't agree with all his suggestions as to how to use the land.


Az mostrah ham mozayeghe kardand koofian

by jasonrobardas on

Khosh dashtand hormate mehmane karbala


As they say

by iamfine on

The richer you get the more stingy you get.


Cute Story.

by KingReza on

Most likely made up. However I do agree with his message that we should take care of our veterans.


Masjid o Mostaraah va Akhound

by Khar on

Pillars of Islamic Republic of Iran!!!

Immortal Guard

God's Lesson....

by Immortal Guard on

Hey guys the other link is missing:




تابستون تو هواپیما بغل هم نشسته بودیم.


تمام مسیر تو خواب بود. موقع فرود مهمان دار به همه گفت
کمربند‌ها رو ببندید و اومد یک سری کشید که ببینه همه بستند یا نا‌. دید
این بنده خدا خسبیده، به خودش گفت بیدارش نکنم این طفلکی رو ؛). از اونجایی
که این حاجی بد از انتخابات تقلبی سال ۸۸ خیلی‌ از خ.ر. دفاع کرده بود و
دلم واسه همین ازش خیلی‌ پر بود، من هم بیدارش نکردم و منتظر وقت نشستن هوا
پیما بودم تا با این روش فرود "منحصر به فرد" این خلبان‌های تورکمن (
هواپیما tu-۱۵۴ بود و اجاره شده از ترکمنستان) این بابا کمی‌ بلرزه و ما
کمی‌ بخندم. یهو و واقعا چند ثانیه پیش از فرود بود که این لا مذهب عین این
که حس ششم داشته باشه از خواب پرید و کمر بندش رو بست و به دین شکل ما از
یک خنده سیر محروم شدیم.



by azadi5 on

It was a long time since I had heard that word.LOL. Mostarah and Akhoond, which one is more useful? Mostarah gets rid of crap, Akhoond spews crap. Therefore, Mostarah is more useful. Now if we could just flush these akhoonds in a mostarah with an industrial siphon it would be great.