Hassan Firouzabadi

Major General, Chairman of Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff


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As Divaneh said so correctly

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Thre are traitors like this fat guy and Miss/Mr "no fear" who'd serve whoever pays them most.Be it the Savak or islamist etelaat ministry.

I only hope that after the inevitable downfall of this islamist regime, we choose a governmental system in which there would be no need for a savak or etelaat. As for the fat boy and his worshippers on iranian.com, in my opinion only, a few years of hard labour in an Iranian farm on kavire loot would teach them the value of hard work and service to the society instead of moft khori, harto poot on internet and treason.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


No Fear

by divaneh on

I have in the past had exchanges with people who either cannot grasp the subject or are lost for words, and talk about totally irrelevant matters, but you are something else.

What has the 1979 revolution of Iranian people for freedom and democracy got to do with this clown? If there was not that revolution now you and this blob were both working for Savak.

No Fear


by No Fear on

Sorry, i can't find the focus point of your reply.

If you are shocked about this "small" person filling the shoes of a " big" person, then snap out of it.  The revolution happened 30 years ago. And you can't change a damn thing by " having to cry for that country".




Dear No Fear

by divaneh on

Thanks for your comment, but I did not understand the relevance of all those long words about philosophy. Perhaps you should give me some of what you smoke.

The examples that I brought up are very relevant and show that it's not the first time that the big jobs have been given to small people in that country. That was another period where Akhonds influence in the governance of the country resulted in political disasters. I am sure if your wages were paid by those Qajar era statesmen, you would be here day in day out to enlighten us about their vision and strengths.

If this moron is in charge of defending Iran, then we have to cry for that country. How do you think you and your masters will defend the country in case of any likely war? You are not a match when it comes to the arsenal. You do not have the people of Iran with you neither. People tried to do what they could to save their country through the election and you denied them that chance by cheating them. Now that's the political position that I understand.

BTW, the weight of this empty-head is of no significance to me and I did not mention it, but now that you bring it up, yeh, I think he has to cut down on his daily prayers of Namaz Koobideh.


He is not

by oktaby on

stupid, nor particularly bright or articulate. Being a buddy of Khamenei changes nothing. No decent military will accept anyone so out of shape except in IRR and the like. He can be summed up in three words just like rest of IRR et al: Ruthless, manipulative & Mortaje' as that is their DaVinci's code. The only thing that changes is the peking order.

Even the talk of global village, liberal democracy and the rest is fitting the overall position of IRR and its justification for existence. That they are victims, the world is against us and west is evil. Some may have started believing their own rhetoric (amr beheshoon moshtabah shodeh). But they won't be sitting where they are and boasting as they do, because as bastard child of that imperialism they brag against they have a role to play and mandate to fulfill. Symbiotic existence with the external forces that is inherently parasitic to Iran.

Calling them for what they are is not underestimating this enemy as No Fear et al suggest. Taking over resources of a rich nation and using it to brutalize the population into submission and obedience without impunity is not sign of great intelligence or superior strategy but hallmark of success of 79 devolution and how well these mercenaries have been serving foreign masters they boast against.




by Doctor mohandes on

Na be joone mamali nemisheh

Shoma aval tasheef bebareen. bekhoda razi nemisham!!!

P.S. are you gonna have a specially marked stocking for me?:)


and then what

by rtayebi1 on

one human triumph against another human loss (STUPIDITY) where do we go after that.

Immortal Guard

Parthian let's wait for the results from Iraq and Afghanistan...

by Immortal Guard on

Parthian let's wait for the results from Iraq and Afghanistan and see whether the enormous U.S. military intervention will bring about long-term stability! They haven't been able to bring calm and peace to those countries yet!




This is why I can't wait until the Marines kick these bastards'

by Parthian on

I can't wait until 1/10 of the US Air Force from one Carrier group completely destroys the IRI's militrary infrastructure. I can't wait that day. You want to know why? just look at the IR supporters on this site, people like Fearful, tahgord, Niloufar Tazi, and the rest of the delusional gang with their one letter call name Q. They think that IR will actually be able to stand against a U.S. attack. These people remind me of the japanese who thought their emperor was God. They were so delusional, so feudalistic in their thought process that it took couple of atomic bombs to shock and awe them out of their ignorant existance.

the people here, and many in Iran are no different. They have no clue what is going on in the real world. All they do is talk nonsense, and shout their empty slogans. Time to silence these bullies. I would love to see how this fat bastard and his army will stand against half a division of 101 Infantry. The only way for them to realize is to be proven wrong, and the only way to do that is to defeat them on the fields of battle. Let's go U.S Marine, let's go!


white supremacist

by rtayebi1 on

what he says is what white supremacist  in USA, and Europe R saying.. U don't believe me read davidduke.com  I didn't find him stupid at all 

No Fear

دیوانه عزیز

No Fear

من بین مثال شما و واقعیات امروزی فرق قائلم . هرچند برداشته شما از دین و خرافه پرستی از دیدگاه درستی و نادرستی یک عقیده میباشد ، من کاری به درستی و یا نادرستی این موضوع ندارم. اصلا در سیاست این تقسیم بندی مورده قبول نیست. درستی یک اصل به فلسفه بستگی دارد نه به سیاست.

اگر هنوز فکر میکنید ابله هستند ، سخت در اشتباهید. نکته تشابه بین این بشکه و وزیر دورانه ناصر الدین شاه نیست ، بلکه این تشابه بین شما و ان وزیر است.

چون هر دو از درک صحیح  موقعیت سیاسی عاجزید. ( امیدوارم حمل بر بی ادبی بنده نگذارید).  

Nader Vanaki

خَر لشگر فیروزآبادی

Nader Vanaki

اولین درجه دار ارتش ایران که پستون بند و کورست باید ببنده.  این بشکه اَن امکان نداشت حتی توی آشپزخونه پادگان ارتشی زمان شاه کار پیدا کنه.

Immortal Guard

You are welcome Doctor Mohandes jaan!

by Immortal Guard on

You are welcome Doctor Mohandes jaan!

Anytime for you!

Let's foster an atmosphere of learning!


Hajminator Jan

by Fair on

Eradat az bandeh ast ghorban:)  Dorood bar shoma va hamehye doostdaran-e-vataneman, Iran.  Payandeh Iran va Irani.


How it's even possible

by statira on

For a major general to be that fat?



by Doctor mohandes on

I think you need an early vacation Dude.

Your Overheating big time.

a merry and early Ho. Ho. ho. To you comrade (not to be mistaken by THE one and only comrade)

Go on man. Take the rest of the day off.


Hah! Pasdars are a fucking joke!

by ihateiri on

Pasdars are pimps! They are Iran's Waffen SS. The IRGC can not fight people who are able to defend themselves. They can only harm unarmed non violent civilians. All they care about is money and power at any cost.

IRGC couldn't do SHIT against Saddam's third class army. IRGC are the disgrace of Iran. They are talented at rackateering, selling illicit drugs, pimping and stealing.


Fair Jan,

by Hajminator on

من به شما خیلی ارادت دارم.

به امید روزی که میهن ما از پنجه شیاطین رهایی پیدا کنه، و این دجالهای بی خاصیت بشن جزو کتابهای تاریخی، و مردمان دیگه از وجود نحس اینها تو مملکت ما عبرت و پند بگیرند، که دیگه ریششون گروی پیر مذهبی نگذارند. امین


نمونه های دیگری از لیاقتهای فردی


بله جناب نترس، ایشان به دلیل لیاقتهای فردی بدینجا رسیده اند و در دفاع از مملکت صاحب نظر خواهند بود. بگذارید ببینیم دیگر چه کسانی در تاریخ ما به پشتوانۀ لیاقتهای شخصی به مدارج بالا رسیدند و در دفاع از مملکت نظر دادند. این هم قسمتی از سیاست طالبی اثر عبدالرحیم طالبوف.


روزی در مجلس از استحکامات سرحدات و لزوم ساختن چندین قلعه گفتگو بود.

یکی از رجال ما گفت: من اعتقادم به آیةالکرسی از هزار قلعه بیشتر است، در جنگ تراکمه اگر او را نخوانده بودم حالا از روی قبر من دو وجب گیاه روییده بود.

در فتح آخری هرات که انگلیسیها به سواحل خلیج فارس کشتی های جنگی فرستادند، شاه شهید با وزرا شورا نمود، مقرر شد که سفیر ایران مقیم لندن به وزارت خارجۀ انگلیس از تخلیۀ هرات و قطع تعاقب جنگ افاغنه اطمینان بدهد، و به پادشاه روس و فرانسه استدعا نامه بنویسند که در اصلاح ذات البین معاونت نمایند.

یکی از وزرا عرض کرد که:" اگر میرزا محسن گوهری دعای زبان بندی ملکۀ انگلیس را بنویسد، بفرستیم سفیر ما مخفی با خود ببرد در زیر آستانۀ قصر ویندزور پنهان بکند، بی زحمت واسطه عمل حسب المعمول می گذرد."

مقبول نشد و آن وزیر بزرگوار چندین بار این را با سوز و گداز بینۀ کاردانی و کفایت خود اقامه نمود.


Hajminator Jan

by Fair on

Gol va Zeeba Gofti, az khandeh mordam:)  Aalee bood!

hamsade ghadimi

you can't be serious

by hamsade ghadimi on

no fear, i'm shocked that you take this guy seriously and actually understand what this boshkeh an has to say.  you're truly a moron sir. :)

Immortal Guard

First chemical warfare...

by Immortal Guard on

First chemical warfare carried out by Sassanid Persians against Romans:



رشتی جون


این یه توهین بزرگیه به سگت وقتی مقایسش میکنی با این بشکه بی خاصیت.

تنها دردی که این گروهبان گارسیا میتونه تو جنگ داشته باشه, اینکه وقتی بهش خوب لوبیا و نخود بدی، برای دشمن باد شیمیای تولید کنه

نفهمیدیم بلاخره این گیساشو حنا میکنه یا رنگ؟ کسی میدونه؟

Immortal Guard

Invisible Slavery and Trade Globalization!

by Immortal Guard on

Invisible slavery would be the best form of slavery as invisible terrorism is also the best form of terrorism. The main issue is to make these events look like random events and not deterministic events or otherwise initiated by certain power centers. One should not be able to trace it back to its originators!

The reference to the globalization of trade is also worth some discussion. The globalizion trade and free trade are misnomers. They do not imply decentralized free trade but centralized trade which is controlled by those who possess more capital. In other words it will be the capitalists who will be in charge as arbiters of financial transactions deciding who sells what to whom and how much. Any node in that financial trade network refusing their commands will be deprived of trade and starved!

The difference between the hard approach to slavery and the soft approach to slavery is that in the hard approach to slavery slaves were put in chains by force and were subsequently exploited for their labour. In the soft approach to slavery the slaves are turned unwittingly into slaves and are made complicit in their own enslavement by psychological and mental manipulations carried out by their masters! Most of them will never come to the realization that they are slaves since they have been perfectly conditioned and if they ever suspect it will be too late and even if they realize it early on there won't be many ways for them to outsmart the system enslaving them or to evade it altogether! Challenging the system will be their doom!


Tehran Psychiatric Institute! Here is an address to keep handy!

by Disenchanted on


      An advice for all politicians, IRAN, US or elsewhere:

      Please keep your beliefs to YOURSELF!

No Fear

I listened to him very seriously.

by No Fear on

Don't be naive. With the rank that this guy possesses, you can be sure he is involved in key decision makings when it comes to overseas operations. And let me stress that he didn't get to this position by simply believing in hassan va hossein.

You can be certain that his interview would be aired on Menar Tv ( Lebanese Hezbollah ). He ( as IRGC top commander ) is probabely involved in the entire production.

The ideological aspect of the war against Israel was emphasized in his speech. Infact, he was directly implying that the " martyrdom" doctorine is an important aspect of Lebanese struggle. This is pointing to a direction that Hezbollah will remain an ideological military force despite its political pragmatism and its involvement in lebanon politics. 

This is a very important issue to Iran.

But please, go ahead and call him a moron. Clueless are those who call their enemies, morons.  



Anonymous Observer

OK....I confess. It was me riding that horse

by Anonymous Observer on

I needed the money and Sheikh Nasrollah offered me $500.00 a day plus expenses--and the horse---to ride the white horse into the battlefront and swing a sword.  It was kind of scary with bullets flying everywhere, but I convinced the Israeli soldiers not to shoot me by showing how many times I've been called a "Zionist" on Iranian.com.  So, at the end, everyone was happy...and I got the horse too.  I brought it back to the U.S.  I've named him Hassan. :-))


Is this a Joke,,,,

by sam jade on

PLEASE let those people talk , more they talk more it shows how STUPID they are ,,we should thank seda and sima in Iran ,,

This guy really thinks Iranian are dumb ,and they buy his B.S. 

year 2010 ,and this guy haS nerve to make such stupid commentS , 



Sam I Am


what a worthless blob

by Fair on

This is the top military officer of the joke called "Islamic Republic"?  What a worthless uneducated blob.  I guess in this regime stupidity and belief in khorafat is worth way more than competence.  Same goes for the morons who support it.

Comparison this space taking blob to the real, competent generals who used to actually competently do their job, duty, and defend their country:




Khak bar sare een regime zed e Irani.  Ba Saddam Hussein heech farghi nadarand.  (Aghalan oon martikeh delesh baraye mamlekatesh meesookht, eenha va obasheshan eenjan aslan vatan nadarand..)


Men covered in white with sword on horses won the war!!!!!!!

by عموجان on

Is this what Sargord and his friends are defending

dose he knows all of his military exercise was useless

He should wear white and learn how to ride a donkey (is safer for him) 


What the F23ck!Why are they spending all that money on Atomic bomb for?

I can hear LOL of Iran’s enemie and my crying.


Thanks forposting of this.