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Disciplines his students


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by yolanda on

Launched 3 days ago on you-tube on May 25, this video is going viral . When I visted this video last night, it had 23, 000 hits. Right now it has close to 40,000 hits! OMG!

Here are  2 posts on you-tube:


I don't know what's going on, but LOL.


This video is showing Iranian high school students being physically abused be (sic) their so called religious teacher in a religious class for slacking in homework or not paying attention


Hi! FR,

     I appreciate your input! Wow! It is soooo strict over there......you really have to be "perfect", otherwise you will be met with either fists or public humiliation! OMG!

Farah Rusta

Yes Yolanda, girls were punished too

by Farah Rusta on

Their punishment was mostly in the form of public humiliation in the morning assembly. If a girl was found to be wearing make-up or have anything ornamental on her, she was dragged out of the lines by one of the deputy headmistesses (it was a girls-only school) and after a bit of a shouting down, her ornaments, blings, etc were pulled away and her head was pushed  under a running water hose to have her make-up washed off. And guess what? This was in the same school that produced the likes of Shrin Ebadi and Azar Nafisi! 




by yolanda on

Hi! HG,

     I agree with you that students were really not taking this dude seriously....If I discipline or punish a student, and then the fellow classmates start laughing.......I won't feel respected....I am not sure what type class this dude was teaching? Boot Camp class? tough hyper teenagers? students with issues? delinquent kids? Actually I feel a little sorry this dude 'cause his hand probably hurt and he probably felt exhausted by chasing and beating kids around! 

Hi! Obama,

   So sorry you had the unpleasant experience......I got scolded by teachers a couple of times.....never got beaten.....the scolding is painful enough......Did teachers hit female students in Iran or only boys?


Obama, your experience explains why you turned out as you did

by oktaby on

That is why we don't condone this kind of 'teaching', so future generations don't end up like you.



Farhang e Estebdadi!

by Khar on

is injected at the young age.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

this tape is a compilation of beatings over different days.  at some point, you see that the picture of khamenei (or khomeini) on top of the blackboard is missing (!).  also, it seems that the students are not taking him seriously; if they did, they wouldn't be laughing or running away from him when he confronted them.  the real tough teachers would doubly punish you if you tried to move away from them.


HE IS SO EASY! Old time teachers were real good at beating!

by obama on

For speaking my mind, I would get kicked and hit with the stick on my hands to the point that my hands were close to bleeding!

That prepared me later to become a boxer. No wonder when I went to the army, I ranked on the top 3% and became seargent instead of a private! My beating in High scholl paid off!

As much as I hated it, I never disrespected my teachers! MEN NEED TO GET TOUGH! They do it here too!

Dear Yolanda, you are so nice! Of course, he cares about his image! He is doing the beating to preserve his image!! It really is not a big deal!  



by yolanda on

This video was uploaded on you-tube 2 days ago, May 25......there are 23, 000 hits already......the tape lasts less than 2 minutes, 5 different kids got hit.........other kids were gigglng in the background......it seems to me that kids did not take this guy very seriously........not sure what provoked him.....disrespectful? disruptive?......Did the teacher know that he was being filmed? OMG! He was not worried about his image?


Brought back some serious

by Arthimis on

Brought back some serious high school memories! After a fist fight with my Arabic/ Islamic Basiji teacher, proudly escaped (No show) in all my Arabic and Islamic/Religion classes in Iran Technic (AKA A$$.. Shahid Bihonar) in 1982 Tehran . I failed (they failed me) that entire year in Technical High School (Honarestan) despite me passing every other subject with good and decent grades... I left in 1983 and never regret a day for kicking that A$$ holes A$$ and standing for my rights in front of all those bastard non-Iranians.

Navid K

Iranian Culture

by Navid K on

The change has to come with every Iranian. 

I like the fact that Iranians blame Islam, Arabs, Britain, the USA, etc.


We never blame ourselves and  seek to change our thoughts, our views and our behavior. 


That is when we see Iran change, It really starts with the ordinary Iranians.


maziar 58

SAME O".......

by maziar 58 on

I wasn't an A student anyway But I still remember the  10th grade fegh teacher didn't gave me a 10, so I had to return in september (shahrivar) to re take the test....... Maziar


the same thing happened before

by iamfine on

Those days when I was student (back in 1960s), theology teachers were always being subjected to humiliation by students. Even though our teacher was nice and polite, yet for some reason he was  being bothered and fun of and no body would take him seriously.


To bacheye tabriz!

by choghok on

No Islam did not learn to kill millions in europe in world wars, it had killed millions before in middle east and africa force converting people, fighting amongst different muslim groups like sunni, shia, and alavits.

Don't try defend something by saying look we are not worst there are worst than us (Ahmaghinejad tactics). Argument for your reason.

I do not see this as a strict muslim kind of way though. You see this in other traditons as well.  

P.S bache tabrizi I remember you said that this site had insulted your prophet and you would not return, what happened to change your mind? 

Anonymous Observer

Strange thing

by Anonymous Observer on

Is that if you look above the blackboard, there is a picture of Khamenei, up until the minute 1:17.  In the next scene the picture is not there.  I wonder what happened there.

Genghis Khan

For Whom The Bells Toll

by Genghis Khan on

 A comprehensive, well-planned military attack will remove these creature mullahs in their entirety.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

gitdoun ver.2.0

teacher's actions deplorable

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

ok to start off this teacher's actions is pretty low and should be condemned. but i'm willing to bet teachers in the 50's and 60's of Iran were doing similar things as well. so let' stop trying to connect everything  to islam. the only person who represents islam is Muhammad. not a mullah, not a muslim basketball player, or anyone else. u want to critique a religion do so by analyzing it's founder.


to mahmoudg

by tabriz_balasi on

did Islam teach the europeans to blow each other up in world wars with 150 million people dead.  try to educate yourself and think before you talk. 

be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


Bitter Mullahs

by HHH on

It'll take them another 100 years to reach the basic level of civilization. They're still living in 600AD Arabia.


The lesson learned

by A.S.Mostafanejad on

The real lesson learned is not the one on the board. This thug's attitude has a 1400 year barbaric history. His behavior is the lesson being taught about how one human being relates to another, especially to one weaker than himself. Hard rains must fall to wash away the stain that is the IRI.


Give Mullah a break!

by choghok on

At least he did not sodomized like he was when he did go to Maktab and then to hozeh elmieh.

john hanassab

Teachar Hammal

by john hanassab on

He Is Trying To Teach Anyway

Darius Kadivar

Reminds me of some of my Farsi Teachers ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Except they were not mullahs.

The difference is that we had the Shah's Photo on the Wall instead of Prince Ali today ...

The Terror Induced in us by our Persian Teachers each week was something. I hated my Farsi classes because of their Stubborn and arrogant attitude. No Psychology in their approach to teaching, Just Learn Your Stuff by Heart ...

I used to go to the Shiraz International Community School so all our courses were in English and our Teachers either British or Americans often married to Iranian husbands or wives and so we were all brought up with a different set of values and outlooks than most of these Farsi Teachers who had climbed or still trying to climb the social ladder.

One could feel a certain resentment for us "privileged" kids and our parents so they took a Sadistic pleasure in humiliating us, particularly the half breeds like me.

When I used to complain about this to my father, he reminded me that in his time it was worse and recalled how he was to be punished to the Falak by his teacher ( and yet that was in French Razi School). 

My Dad used to tell me there were ways to curb the punishment in his days like paying the guy in charge of beating them (when it was not the teacher who would do it). Or he would put pebbles in his socks so that it would hurt less and leave no scars when the fellow hit you with his ruler.

On one occasion my grandfather found out that his son was about to be punished and came to school and took the teacher by the necktie and threatened to give him an even harsher lesson if he were to touch a hair from my father's head.

But I think that much has changed for the positive in most Iranian schools since those days.

The level of education and social backgrounds of Most Iranian teachers have nothing to do with this Mullah Mentality ... Even if I am sure there are exceptions to the Rule ( Ooops ... or is it Ruler ? )

But when one sees this type of mentality one wonders how many understood the meaning of Freedom when they voted consciensly for the Islamic Republic back in '79


Appreciating Democratic Thought, and Tolerance but more importantly displaying the same towards others is often easier said than done ...



Farah Rusta

What's the lesson about? Anger management?!!

by Farah Rusta on

Let's be honest, this is an old and honored tradition that was and obviously is still being praticed in schools. It was out-dated and informally (but not effectively) banned in the last couple of decades before the revolution but was accepted or tolerated by the more traditonal families whose children were subjetced to coporal punishment. Let's face it in certain American and European countries it was commonplace until recently (banned in Ohio in 2009) :




Ahmed from Bahrain

Which idiot

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

employed this idiot? Barbarissm is well and alive in the oldest civilisation. The sooner these idiots go the sooner civilisation can be restored in Iran.


Ahmed from Bahrain


اینها که در حال بگو بخند هستند.


یاد دوران راهنمییم به خیر، چه قدر از این مسخره بازی‌ها بود
تو کلاسمون. متاسفانه فقط چند نفر ثابت همیشه کتک نوش جان میکردند.



by Iraniandudee3 on

Yea dude, though they never beat us with their fists at our school but used rulers. Though I've heard stories of how teachers beat and stripped kids with their hands though, and they were women teachers too. The islamist koskhol teachers were the worst.


Highschool teacher!

by statira on

Since when a mullah is a highschool teacher?

Ageh man oonja boodam, een akhoneh ra jeresh midadam.


Badwife syndrom

by KouroshS on

And its typical manifestations...

Let it be a lesson to all you Mojarrds out there.

Iraneh Azad

Great Stuff

by Iraneh Azad on

An abuser making another generation of abusers. Thanks to our great enghelab. I am sure this guy is a reformist also.


and keep going after Islam

by mahmoudg on

for its teaching which is nothing but violence........