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jessie31 bright

by jessie31 on bright star....let's all looking forward!!
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I had to face the fact they

by Zieg on

I had to face the fact they ruined it!
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Even though I once believed

by Zieg on

Even though I once believed iranians were very bad.
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Persian vs Iranian

by tabar on

Do I really need to remind that 50% of Iran is indeed Persian and that they can call themselves Persian if they want to?

Turkmens don't have a Turkmen Star but if we did we'd be in there, Kurds have one, etc. Not a big deal, as long as that Persian star is for Persians and Persians only who cares? 

hamsade ghadimi

i propose a new name

by hamsade ghadimi on

i think that if the show was called "iranian star", then people would say why no one is singing in kurdish or azari or ....  i think the emphasis was on the language in which the songs were sung.  even if it was sung by an azari, kurd, baluch, ....  how about "persian no matter what ethnicity you have and which country you're from idol".  it's kind of catchy.


saman is right

by Fatollah on

we're Iranians, then again before this blog is derailed,

it's a free world!

by the way cool avatar,you've ravaged Mona Lisa, or is it?


Very good! Much better than cia immitators of rap!

by obama on

good! please stop this persian/iranian/kordish/lori/azari......non sense! It is all the same! Choose whatever that makes you happy!

it really is annoying. may be because i have all of them in my blood. therfore, i find it very shallow to keep talking about it, since to me they are all the same, but different flavors that makes it even sweeter! celebrate those small differnces and rejoice!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

T.S.S the same sh.....and enjoy the show for god sake.

puhleez change that scary lookin avatar thanks.      Maziar


She is as much Persian

by SamSamIIII on


as the "Hezbo" below me is Iranian. :) 

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Persian my butt ...

by Saman on

Get over your insecurities ... nationalism sucks and so does "Perrrrrrsian" ... We're Iranians.

maziar 58

good show

by maziar 58 on

my vote for parinaz for nice voice and a great talent....

sami take it easy.         Maziar

Holden Caulfield

Re:What is your problem with PERSIAN ?

by Holden Caulfield on

Its detachment from the reality on the ground. That's the problem with Persian nonsense, which only implies bleached hair, nose jobs, tons of hair jel, one pound of Nair® per week, phony accent, being submissive to the Western culture, shallowness,...


What is your problem with PERSIAN ?

by Pejman7 on

Sounds like still many people do not have any idea about the various meanings of the terms "Persia" and "Persian" in Western languages.

"Persian" is not just a language in English. Persia also is simpley English name of Iran. As the "Persian Cats" are not just Persian-speaking cats !! or Persian carpet can be made in Tabriz not just Persian-speaking regions! More info is here: //




by vachecki on

sami, this is for persian speaking.. kurds has also the same program for kurdish ppl, (there are more than 10 satilettes  tv's in kurdish ) and the same for azari spkeaing.. dont mix up language and nationalitty


Perrrsian Estaar?!

by Saman on

Vaat eef sumvon eez Bakhtiari, Lor, Kurd, Balouch or sumteeng else? Vaay must eet be Perrrrrsian?


Surprisingly good

by ghalam-doon on

I didn't watch all the videos, but the ones I watched, they were all singing surprisingly good. Better than the contestants on American Idol!

On the other hand, the judges were useless. It seemed like Satar was there because he didn't have anything better to do. And the guy opposite Satar was trying hard to act like Simon Cowell.