Hollywood Ploy Fails

IRI aired Hollywood blockbusters to keep people indoors on Chaharshanbeh Soori


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Darius Kadivar

This Should be a Zionist Conspiracy ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

With all these Jewish Films ...



What a Load of Hypocrites these mullahs !

Well Enjoy the movies nevertheless !



The difference Abarmard!

by choghok on

Hello, I have been pretty much enjoyed reading your articles and answers since I think you are unlike most Iranians not extremist and come with logical arguments, but on this one I think you have made a false accusation.

IRI has never acknowledged 4shanbe soori, they tried to destory it all the time. While Shah he celebrated it himself and endorsed it, so the question is why IRI would put up 11 movies in 3-4 different channels in a normal Tuesday afternoon according to them? Why don't they do it on a say thursday afternoon when people are going to have their weekend? Or even more logical during the holidays.

No Abarmard, you are mistaking this time. But I would like to say to people calling you names that they should be ashamed continue doing the same things that IRI is doing. 


Come in like a lion and go out like a lamb

by alexqt on

Mage GHARB bad nabood??...harja besarfe?? Age kheili eddeaye eslami bodan mikonid ye meghdar az on "pashmeshishehatoon" mizashtin ke masalan mardome Iran lezat bebaran.

Marg bar Dictator.


Abarmard u r not so Abarmard!

by Iran_e_Azad on


I have been to Iran many many times during the past few years for the Norooz and I have never seen IR showing anything besides bunch of stupid akhoonds talking  non-senses about Koran or what  Mohammad and others like him had said or had done and this was simply done  to divert people’s attention from Norooz!
But, this year it was different, because IR is so afraid of the people now that the went to any extend to keep people home and off the streets even if they had to show movies that were made by Grate Satan (U.S.A) or even the Zionists ( Jews )!!! So, Abrarmard stop ur BS please.



Good thing for Internet

by Abarmard on

If you would like to know my political ideologies and solutions, all my articles and blogs are under my username. Feel free to search through. I disagree with you, every year there are many block buster movies and great new shows and series that are introduced on at least five channels. You can search for yourself and if you truly can't search, then I can do it for you. It's pretty easy, for example, google فیلمهای نوروزی

and use the year you like and see the listings.  

Paidar Iran

You are Way Way Off Abarmard ....

by Paidar Iran on

I don't know when was the last time that you spent Nowrooz in Iran and witnessed such blockbuster TV programming but obviously everyone else on this post do not recollect such thing as you do.  Are you sure you have not been smoking something?

You see all, I wished the IRI supporters once and for all would have come out of closet and courageously declared their position and the fact that they are an IRI supporter and on the payroll.  There is a lot more respect for someone who stands for something and clearly state that. 

Marg Bar Islamic Rapists Regime in Iran.

Now, if you are not one of those IRI supporters second me.  Otherwise have the honor to state where you stand ABARMARD.



Based on your logic

by Abarmard on

During the holidays the programs must remain the same?

Yes they are up to something, it's called Nowruz! As long as I remember, it has always been the same, before and after '79.

Clarify yourself here, are you (and other friends here) disputing this, that during Nowruz there are many block buster movies, series, and shows on TV?  


I don't remember the name of

by azadi5 on

I don't remember the name of that korean series, but it seems to have been to your liking, so I guess you have the same taste in films as the ones who schedule them to run on IRI TV.



by sobh on

Do you mean that this (parade of blockbuster movies on one night) is a usual schedule on holidays in Iranian TV? Are you serious? When was the last time you visited the country? And even then maybe you were watching only the satellite TVs and no IRI TV channels!! Because all they show is usually GARBAGE!! Unless there is some reason! Else why they are showing all American movies and not Islamic movies, such as Mohammad etc.?

Abarmard, tell me something are you an IRI supporter?


Abarmard, are you Serious???!!!

by mehdi2009 on


You obviously have not been to Iran in the past few years, as your comments are way out of touch with the realities in Iran.

As cyclicforward have correctly explained in his excellent response to your comment, when I also was in Iran in June/July and November/December, 2009, the Mullah's Murderous Regime's TV (IRIB 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.) showed nothing but garbage, Rozeh, 2 or more Mullahs speaking about some nonsense, more stupid propaganda and their own version of fantasy = news. 

Therefore, when the Mullah's Murderous Regime puts blockbuster movies on TV instead of their USUAL GARBAGE, they have an Ulterior Motive.

Salutations to ALL the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.


Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Speaking of korean serials broadcast on Iran TV, I really enjoyed "Jewel in the Palace."

You didn't like it? You're either a hard person to please or jaded- one or the other.

Paidar Iran

I am Sure Arabmard enjoyed waching those movies...

by Paidar Iran on

I don't know why everytime someone has something to say about the Islamic Rapists regime, the so called Abarmard becomes so defensive.

Marg Bar IRI demonic regime.


Give us some credit Abarmard

by divaneh on

Many of us have enough inteligence to read behind the lines in any coverage by BBC, Press News or other media. I think a host of blockbusters aired on one night has only one purpose and that is to keep people at home. Fortunately it didn't work and people came out to show their defiance of the dictator and their adherence to their customs. Another victory for Iranian traditions over Arab and American ones.



by Fatollah on

bravo! you said it brother. :)


ofcourse they want to keep people in

by azadi5 on

i was there couple of months ago, and all they showed was garbage, more garbage, azan, garbage, mullas, garbage, azan, more garabage, yet more garabage, kids stuff, some iranian made serial, some cheap european or korean serial or movie, lies=news, more garbage. this is pretty much the TV daily schedule.



Abaramrad, you must be kidding.

by cyclicforward on

In IRI the normal mode of TV programs are Roozeh and stupid Mullah discussion. When they start showing Hollywood blockbusters, then you know they are up to something.



Are you serious?

by Abarmard on

So when we had good shows in Shah time in Chaharshanbeh Suri was because they wanted to keep us in. 

I am amazed at all the funny ideas coming from LA these days. Get real. This is getting a bit crazy. BBC says something and next thing you know many Iranians are forming an opinion. Then some argue that BBC is just a news agency and has no agenda. really?