Animal Lover

Takes care of injured animals

A man in Gilan Province. I think his name is Mr. Khezeli:


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All about animal

by sandeepantil on

UK animal workshops based around the National Curriculum for schools and childrens parties with exotic animals.

Jungle Fortress Animal Sanctuary ::


Very unusual in Iran

by fooladi on

The animal welfare is way down the priorities.

Good guy anyway, wish him success.


Best Dogs

by lem654 on

It is important for a healthy dog to take in the appropriate amount of food and water each day in order to stay in good shape.

Dog Apparel



Kfravon, I know there are

by koorosh10 on

Kfravon, I know there are many animal lovers in Iran. I wish one day we have some form of animal right just like other countries in Europe and North America.


Another retirement idea

by Sid Sarshar on

just another shomali living up to their reputation of mehman navazi.


a true 'angel'

by kfravon on

what a wonderful story.  i would LOVE to meet this angel.

kourosh10, there are many others in Iran who love animals and do their part - here's a good read  (latest blog) about Vafa Dog Shelter outside Karaj in Hashtgerd: //



How about this for irony!

by پیام on

A PhD in political science chooses to distance himself from politics and people and devotes himself into animals! I guess he found out talking about politics in Iran is like"یاسین به گوش خر خواندن".


Damesh garm a very kind hearted man indeed

by Bavafa on

This is what my wife dreams of doing and are certainly working to make her dream come true.



It is enjoyable

by bahramthegreat on

To be able to communicate with animal is nobel and enjoyable. It requires time and patience. When you give love, you will definitely get love back. Animals fully understand that concept. It reminds me the Australian truck driver that lost his dog and after a few weeks the dog was able to find him somewhere 1000 miles away.




اای به اصطلاح رهبر ، انسان بودن را از این مرد نیک مرام بیاموز. پاینده باشی ،دست کم برای این موجودات بی پناه. یک امیدی پیدا شد امیدوارم مردم ما هم امید خود را بیابند. حالا اگر نیان و او را باز داشت نکنند خوبه به خاطر وجود حیوانات غیر اسلامی.


I love animals

by Gavazn on

This is just the best blog. What a wonderful man. Good luck to him and I hope there would be a way to contribute money to his sanctuary.



by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد" Dr Khezeli.. thank you, you are kind, anyone else see how much he looks like shah?


I wish there were more

by koorosh10 on

I wish there were more people like this kind hearted gentelman in Iran. Whah an honerable thing to do. Animals never had any voice in Iran. I do not think the word animal abuse is even in our vocabulary. Again, a very nobel cause. May god bless him for his kind work for these beautiful animals.


Thanks Mr. Khezeli

by Sohraby on


خدای جان و خرد،  از عمر خامنه ایی و همه طرفداران جمهوری اسلامی بکاه و به‌ عمر این گیله مرد مهربان بیفزا. امین.



Maryam Hojjat

Very Compassionate Man!

by Maryam Hojjat on

May GOD bless him!