Wedding dance

Men take the stage


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Is this a gay party

by jasonrobardas on

where women are excluded ????????


The Hidden Half

by Peykan on

I bet the female guests are dancing too, ... behind that huge blue curtain.


those sanctioned factory carpets

by Marjaneh on

look quite good.

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin


Definitely a gay wedding

by عموجان on

I still call it a gay wedding for men who hate women or men who don’t know how to behave front of women. All the weddings I been to (of course in IRAN) they were mixed, men and women show up in their latest fashion and when music starts every body dances together, men and women even when you see two men are dancing women are in the picture.

This is not our culture this is Arab culture and it’s been forced by these IRI on to us. I am sorry for those who never been in a wedding that women were part of it, and yes I live in west because I had to ran away from real man like you who keep staring at my ass.


نعشه بازار


چند تا از این آقایون معلومه که نعشه توپ توپ هستند.

Iraneh Azad

This is part of our culture

by Iraneh Azad on

Not gay at all.

payam s

Amoo jaan!

by payam s on

Mesle een keh oonjat badjoori mikhare ke hay fekre berabt mikoni o harfe beeja mizani. These are real iranians, not like your westoxicated and ignorant self, crackin the same old lame ass gay jokes you see on your cable TV. Try to put things into their own context, but before that you need to grow up Amoo.


I love Javad weddings.

by پیام on

No facades, just the real deal.


I call it gay dancing

by عموجان on

I thought when you call it a wedding that means there is a woman some where in the picture. All i see men dancing with other men. so it must be a gay wedding. I just wish them many happiness and many children (oppse sorry)


Another great dance

by yAghi on

I am so happy that Ghormeh Sabzi did not call them gay again !! even though the old man dance is very similar to the other one we saw on the other clip. Actually in this one two guys even hug. Thanks for posting and naming it properly GS. Men take the stage

Louie Louie

Definitely not gay

by Louie Louie on

Very manly, sibil kolofti and chaotic. My favorite is the topoli with the hat. Loved it!