Vecinos in Persian

Dubbed Mexican TV series on Farsi Channel

Wikipedia: Vecinos (English: Neighbors) is a Mexican TV series adapted in 2005 by actor Eugenio Derbez from Spanish TV series Aquí no hay quien viva. The series portrays the life of everyday people in Mexican barrios, where anything can be found — the jealous housewife, the spinster, the strange family, etc.


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i_support_khamenie, Your reaction just confirmed the rumors.

by پیام on

I thought you people didn't believe everything you were told by the media. Why should I then believe what they tell on their info page? Maybe it's just lies!? And if you had red my comment more carefully you would have also red that I mentioned that this was the rumor on the net, although your reaction just confirmed that it is not a rumor.


Now run and fetch me a sundis, boy.


Haven't laughed so much like

by Arthimis on

Haven't laughed so much like this, lately... :D Thank you whoever made this hilarious piece and Ghorme Sabzi for posting it here. Khar, "KireVasio"! damet garm, mordam az khandeh... :D Laughter and Peace.


"KireVazio"?? :-)))

by Khar on

name of the old guy at the begining. Abghooti va Khaili Tokhmi Bood ;-)


I absolutely love it ...

by Saman on

this is the most 3rd-world thing I've ever seen. Awesome.


Payam and his delusions

by i_support_khamenie on

Payam, is it that hard for you to do a google search and find out that Robert Murdoch's media corp owns Farsi 1.

Geez, and this guy actually thinks that he knows the truth but can't do as much as lift a finger and do a search.

You must have lots of friends because you are sooooo reliable!


Iranian in Iran!

by siminkhanum on


I have a dish for Farsi channels and this channel is not among them. Someone who just returned from Iran said that there is a channel in Iran from Venezuela, the friend of Iran and broadcasts lots of soap operas from south America and has become very popular in Iran with some censorship of course. This channel has become very popular in Iran; I think they would rather that people watch these instead of the Los Angeles Farsi and local Seda and Sima programs!


You're welcome Ari

by پیام on

I have watched it at it's launch a while ago. Haven't watch for a while, so I cannot provide you with the info you request.

Ari Siletz

Thanks Payam

by Ari Siletz on

Will follow up. The Farsi1 program schedule is timed for Iran and UAE time. If you've watched the channel what sort of ads do they run, if any? 


Farsi 1 is owned by IRGC.

by پیام on

At least, that is the rumor what is circulating on the net. It's said that they mostly air Korean shows (which are very popular in Iran, so popular that someone even committed suicide in some village because people told him that a character of one of these shows, Susano, was fictional and he could never marry her) to keep people at home and their minds off politics.

 This Mexican cheap shows must be addition to their "jange narm".

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

What country do the Iranians who watch this series live in?