Shahram Amiri

Nuclear scientist abducted or...?

Reuters: Iran's state television showed a video on Monday of what it said was a missing nuclear scientist declaring he had been kidnapped and taken to the United States where he was "tortured." Shahram Amiri, a university researcher working for Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, disappeared during a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia a year ago and Tehran accused Riyadh of handing him over to the United States. Saudi Arabia denied the claim, saying the kingdom had searched in vain for him on its territory >>>

In this clip Amiri says he is in the US to pursue his higher education:

This was broadcast on Iranian state TV. Here he says he was abducted by US and Saudi governments and transported to Tuscon, Arizona:


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Samer Srouji

maybe he has lost his mind....

by Samer Srouji on

it happens to the best of us. two weeks in Saudi Arabia would usually do it.

Sheila K

extradition to Iran?

by Sheila K on

He is no longer needed by the US officials. He can be used as a bargaining chip to release the 3 Americans. That is a grave possibility. I imagine Mr. Amiri is scared shitless!



by Midwesty on

cool! So you liked the way it sounds then? You are right they sound funny. So don't get deeper it might disturb your sleep!


"bro midwesty"

by fooladi on

now you are cracking me up  you rascal, have some mercy, I am still laughing about your "MPEG algorithm" and "video over IP" thingies :)




by Midwesty on

MPEG is not a technology and algorithm at the same time. Choose one then come back with your question.

hamsade ghadimi

midwesty jan

by hamsade ghadimi on

you don't need to answer the simple question i asked twice.  in a way, you gave me an answer.

kish o mat, sok sok, peakaboo, i see you, game over. :)



by Midwesty on

If I was, then I would choose my user ID as "fooladi" to divulge more effectively! Now laugh harder!


user ID "midwesty", you are very important "bro" :)

by fooladi on

That is why you were kidnapped by CIA in first place!

It was all due to your knowledge of "advanced MPEG Technology Algorithms"!!!

Thanks for the laugh though, keep it up "bro"!



by Midwesty on

What you are asking indirectly, is to tell you how IRI has managed to obtain the video. Correct?

1- I am not IRI's intelligence ministry's PR. If I was, you were the last one to know it.

2- Let's assume I am, for the sake of argument, If I was IRI's intelligence ministry's PR, how stupid was I to release a crucial spying method on the public domain?

3- Let's assume I am the PR and also stupid at the same time, if I was that stupid, you think I could manage to obtain such a crucial information so skillfully in the first place?

But thank you Bro! I take it as a compliment that you guys think I am an important person.


I bet user ID "midwesty" was also kidnapped by CIA!

by fooladi on

And brought to USA to divulge to americans all his knowledge of advanced particle physics gained whilst a post Doctorate at "london oxford University"!

Thanks for the laugh "midwesty" though, keep it up my "goochi bassiji" !

Sheila K

bunch of lies..

by Sheila K on

...for obvious reasons. I am sure his family's been harassed and threaten in order to get him back. He's lying to save their lives. He lives in the US and continuing his education?? BS! He's not going public about his story except for Iranian diaspora cause he knows he can't come out to the American media and lie about being kidnapped.

Those who work for nuclear energy in Iran are under extreme scrutiny and can not leave the country (only for religious reasons) with their families. IRI is very paranoid in letting people who know their secrets to get out of the country. This was an orchestrated effort from the start.


Next move is yours...

by comrade on

Whoever set the background, did not place a chessboard there, for nothing!

hamsade ghadimi

midwest, i take it that you

by hamsade ghadimi on

midwest, i take it that you don't have an explanation on how amiri escaped his torturers.



by Midwesty on

1- Pixalation disbute:

Video over IP uses MPEG compression algorithm. MPEG in order to work quick and keep the bandwidth limited, instills the less changing pixels and update the image every so often with changing pixels. That causes the image look rather comic.

2- Your humor is based on underestimating IRI's capabilities. Remember the Rigi's capture?

3- Iran since the beginning was stating that this guy is not a nuclear scientist. It was CIA stating that he was a key researcher. Now what happened that CIA is changing its statement.

4- Why didn't he show up on Larry King or on other public media outlets with a live and trusted correspondence.



by yolanda on

Hi! HG,

    You really cracked me up.........LOL! The guy looks ballooned and also looks way older than the IRI's photo....

I have to say if this video was not could be pre-arranged..... I wonder if CIA lured this guy to defect......but now he has culture shock.....he has to start all over, learning English etc......he misses his family......he is probably having the 2nd thought about the defection deal! 

 I don't think it is a good idea for him to go back.....'cause IRI may charge him for treason......


hamsade ghadimi

when i saw the lower video

by hamsade ghadimi on

when i saw the lower video on youtube and enlarged it, it seems that the video has been edited.  looking around the mouth area, there's a lot of suspicious pixelation activity going on.  i'm no expert in this type of editing and don't have the sophisticated equipment to check it out, but i know skype and i can check the pixelation of mouth area against the rest of the movement on his face. 

yolanda, his gain weight is due to being tortured with double cheesburgers, cheescake, and chocolate shakes.  that, i'm sure of. :)

midwesty, if you believe the lower video, humor me and give me a story on how he escaped his torturing kidnappers and contacted press tv. thanks in advance. :)



by yolanda on

My hypothesis is that he talked to IRI before he made this video......he said that things that IRI wanted to hear......

   IRI wants him back......but does he dare to go back? I am sure he misses his folks......but IRI wants him to explain why he gave away the secret! IRI can take him back, but IRI can't take the secrets back anyway! 

He looks can barely see him neck! 



by Midwesty on

So how do you interpret the background image in IRI video which is more like a very confined area.

Why he looks more pressured in the US version where he is supposed to look more relaxed to look more harmonious with the background stage but in contrast he looks much more relieved in a confined area?



what the hell is this about?

by amgw4 on

this is bizarre


من اومدم آمريكا براى گردش


The Press TV Skype version looks a bit suspicious. It could be a voice-over after the fact. You cannot match the words to the lip movements.

There is a slight difference in the tone between the two recordings. He is more formal in the high quality version and starts out by saying “zemn e arz e salaam..” While the Press TV version seems less formal and he starts with “beh naam e khoda” which is the standard I.R. opening.

What is peculiar about this whole situation is the fact that the I.R. has not put his wife and child on TV, crying and asking for his release. One would think that if he was abducted in the manner that the I.R. claims, his family and parents would be on TV begging for his release on humanitarian grounds. They probably do not believe the abduction story.

I think that he recently had a Skype conversation with his family in Iran and the I.R. intelligence apparatus recorded the session and put a voice over it to promote their claims


well fed?

by Midwesty on

or being immobile for long time?

I think Iran's move to publish it's video first has left the cia's hands in hana, forcing them to hodg podg their version in rush!



The whole deal stinks.

by پیام on

It seems that CIA and i.r. are tangled in a spy game. One thing I noticed is that unlike those imprisoned in Iran, if he indeed was abducted and held in custody against his will, he looks well fed if not even better fed than he used to be.


I believe Iran's vid

by i_support_khamenie on

One is on Skype and personal

the other is meant for broadcasting and staged

First time I agree with Mahmoudg


Spy games!

by PArviz on

If the CIA indeed abducted this guy and took him to the US to be interrogated or tortured, how come he is in front of TV cameras telling his tale?

Under normal circumstances people who have been "abducted" by intelligence services of a hostile country are never seen again or at least if they are seen they are not comfortably and freely giving interviews to both sides while residing in the hostile country. What is this, is the CIA getting soft?

Whatever the story, I hope this poor guy, who seems to be a naive pawn in a dirty game, comes out of it in one piece and reunited with his family.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


Clearly the first video has

by BehroozAzarin on

Clearly the first video has been staged. He could have gone and continued his studies with his wife and child on his side, like many who are.  US just wants to claim that this wasn't a kidnapping and no torture has accured. Afterall, US never kidnaps or tortures.


I'm confused; I thought US

by Kooshan on

I'm confused; I thought US is not letting Iranians attain higher education in Nuclear Physics! Isn't this part of an old sanction?

hamsade ghadimi

no tellin'

by hamsade ghadimi on

in the top video, amiri does not explain how he came to u.s. (defected, got a visa, ...), fails to explain the risk he brought upon himself and his family, or why he could not have continued his higher education in iran.  he seems uncomfortable and perhaps reading from cue card.  the setting also seems to be staged.  somewhat suspicious.

in the bottom video, it is not clear if it's really him.  there's no explanation how he managed to tape a video and ask for help if he was kidnapped and tortured by americans.  the announcer cuts into his speech while the viewers would clearly want to hear every word amiri has to stay.  very suspicious.

he clearly misses his family and is trying to appease iri as no harm would come to his family (top video).  overall, it's a sad situation and i wish the best for him and his family.  i really can't tell but it seems the truth is somewhere in between.


The Saudi government helping the US against a Muslin state

by mahmoudg on

Precisely why Islam is the culprit. if Saudis, the worthless A-rabs, in fact did abduct him. The fact that they are working against Iran, their so called Muslim brother, should be a lesson to the Iranians, not to waste billions each year on worthless pilgrimages to this even less worthly land.  Good on Americans, even if they have abducted this guy.  The more information they can gain on the Iranian research sites, the less damages and devastation would be caused when US/Israel attack and destroy them and with it, the Islamic regime.