"The Persians" on French TV

1961 adaptation of classic Greek play by Aeschylus


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Ms. H G

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Back few years ago there was Mr.Tooraj Daryaee  teaching Old Word civilization @ UCLA......

Fluent in Greek ( wher he graduated from).

He has written several books on that matter.

He might still be there.         Maziar


thanks ari

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i'll keep that in mind. any plato?

i'm still ashamed i did't remember that cyrus is referenced in isaiah! the cobbler goes barefoot. i even helped my teenager crib for her matric in history and they have a whole unit on cyrus.

Ari Siletz

Humanbeing, Antigone

by Ari Siletz on

I remember some Iranians being uneasy about going to see Antigone in Iran in late 60s or early 70s during the Shah's time. After Mossadegh died in 1967, the Shah was concerned that his burial in the cemetery specified in his will would create political headaches, so he refused. I wasn't really hip to the politics of art at the time so sadly I am only aware in hindsight of why folks fidgeted when Antigone was brought up.




I believe this is an ancient Persian language. That’s how we used to talk before Arabs invaded Iran.
Thank you Mr. Kadivar, excellent job.


thanks. ps arthimis

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i'll have a look at the text this weekend maybe. ari has asked me on the mrs. robinson thread to try to do book reports for you guys on the greek take on persians. this is a challenge, but i'm up for it.

arthimis, is there other greek literature translated into modern persian? no translations of greek tragedy? i'm interested in this as a broader question for some thing i'm researching.


Beautiful !

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Darius Kadivar

DVD Available on Amazon.fr

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You can purchase the complete film here

Glad you enjoyed. I loved it too when I saw it for the first time back in the 1980's when it was aired. The French have a great knowledge of Persian Civilization thanks to the Louvre Museum and generally because of the interactions between Persia and France since the first State Visit of Bakhtiary Bey the Persian Ambassador of Shah Tahmasp to the Court of Louis XIV. That is why Montesquieu was inpired to write the Lettres Persanes aka Persian Letters.

Diplomatic History: Persian Ambassador at French Court of King Louis XIV 


French are one of the only

by Arthimis on

French are one of the only civilizations out there that has always had a great obssesion and respect for ancient Persia and Persian Culture...

This is a very well done and performed film in its time and still is as a classic. Wish such films and glorious Persian history could have been translated into Persian language for Iranian people to relearn, revisit and refind themselves!!!...

Thank you Mr. Kadivar.

Free Iran and True Iranians.



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Astonishingly well done. 

Je l'ai vu a la télé dans les Années 80 et depuis je me demandais si je pouvais le revoir. J’ai vu aussi une autre version mais je ne pouvais pas la tolérer par ce que les acteurs étaient en costumes Islamique et turbants !! Ce n’était qu’un désastre. Pouvez-vous me donner l’indication d’un endroit ou je peux voir la version complète? Merci infiniment.


Didn't understand word of it

by عموجان on

But cool costumes. I could use this.