Persian Jersey Shore (3)

A comedy about possible future MTV reality show

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Jahanshah Javid

Mordam :)))

by Jahanshah Javid on

The clip is an excellent production for an amateur group and the humor and acting are spot on. Well done!

The producers of the real show should hire you guys as cultural advisers/assistants.


Everybod calm down btw

by Iraniandudee3 on

these vids could be less lame, but you guys do know that these kids are making fun of the Jersey shore and this isn't real, right?


Get off their backs please :D


Veiled prophet

by Iraniandudee3 on

Bro, it's one thing to earn cash to fullfil your basic needs, but most Americans in my experience are obsessed with money and would just die if they didn't get the new materials to fit in today's modern America, this right here is a very sick society.


Though both islamists/Arabism and Americans/Westerners have messed up societies. You people forget that Persia/Iran was in conflict with both these civilizations through out history, and a whole diff civilization of it's own completely with it's own traditions, society, mentality, culture and so on.



by Iraniandudee3 on

I had no idea that 100 thousand of shahi kids were leaving iran every year, even to this day cause they can't find jobs.



by Iraniandudee3 on

Islam is an Arab religion, promoting Arabism and an Arab agenda, get over it. Just read the quran and then come back and tell me about this religion of peace. Anything good that came out of Islam was taken from other cultures.


No doubt in my mind that this religion is man made.


Btw, did you just actually say your family should go to hell cause they put their country first instead of a foreign ideology?


This is why I love nationalists and hate any religous fanatic, nationalists are serving a nation and their own people, not a religion of any kind, hence why they should be in charge of the COUNTRY... If you wanna benefit a religion go preach to some gullible baffons.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are making  so many uninformed assumptions I don't know where to begin.

How do you know who "they" are. Did you meet them and talk to them? Are they all a single person? How do you label a whole group whom you don't know. How do you like it when they label "all Muslims". 

What is an average Iranian anyway? I got ear fulls of that nonsense mostly from poor who were jealous of anyone who had something. We are all Iranians and no one is better than anyone else. Those who claim so are proving in fact they are ogdehi.

There is nothing wrong with having a few things. Most poor people are not by choice. They would just as gladly have "material" things are the next one. What is wrong with having clothes? I noticed most people in Iran also have clothes. Cars? In the USA it is a necessity. I would say also a real pain to have. But we need them mostly to go to work. That we need to do in order to eat and have a place to sleep. And yes we may from time to time have fun. Or is that "gonah". This guilt stuff is BS.

We are not "mortaz" to suffer. In fact Islam does not even preach giving up on material things "la rohbaiate fel Islam".

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Islam in the West

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The problem with Islam in the West is that it is sanitized. People who don't know much about it just see the "good" part. They do not have to live under Sharia. They don't see girls getting stoned for talking to a boy. They don't get whipped for a beer. Young and idealistic youth are always searching for meaning. They get lured by Islamic preachers who are experts in preaching to the youth.

Targets are  dissatisfied youth. Maybe they are rebelling against their parents or  righfully disillusioned at the West. They are told that Islam is misunderstood. That bigots in the West are racist and hate mongers. They are told this is the one true path. They are not told about the stonings or how Muhammad killed a whole Jewish tribe. They are told that Jews hate them but not told what Islam did to Jews from day one. So they think "wow" these poor misunderstood people are so badly wronged.

Next they are pumped up and turned into radicals. If they are lucky they simply become regular peaceful Muslims. If they are unlucky they become frothing at the mouth you know what and practice violence. Just go see example following another.

Teach about Sharia in  schools in the West so people know what is really going on.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


They are smart enough to get "Stoned" the right way :-) 


Are they celebrating Green anniversary? Shallow lost generation!

by obama on

They are American kids whose loyalties and culture is American wanna be. They have only learned the materialist, empty, artificial part of the western culture, not the humanitarian and caring part (so it appears).

They remind me of the spoiled kids who were related to the Shah's regime in north tehran who had no connections with the average iranians, living in lah lah land. These kids might be theirs?

Enjoy life in beautiful USA! Enjoy your clothes, cars and hair! Why should you care about Iran? Aren't you glad you are not there? Now let's talk about those girls......... Don't forget about the condoms!



by Proud on


No one is stopping you from going back and take your ownership back. Obviously you are still here because it is to your benefit. So don't be a Hypocrite.Why don't you go blow yourself up for Islam so that you can enjoy eternity with your 72 virgins! LOL! What a joke you people are. And here is a clip of YOUR TRUE PRESIDENT kissing YOUR EMAM'S hand.

Enjoy LOSER!



funny. with good scripts this can get a lot funnier

by oktaby on

almost as funny as the last comment. 



Mexicans are a plague in America...

by Javan on

I am an Iranian-American Muslim that travels to Iran all the time, however I don't like Ahmadinejad and his friends who remind me of Shahis, Mujahedin, Communists etc.  THEY ARE ALL EXTREMISTS and not needed. 

I don't enjoy opportunists that think just because of the current situation they can bash all Muslims.  I will not allow you to bash me, you can try but it will only show your HATE NAZI attitude towards Muslims and it shows how you do not deserve to have any role in any leadership in Iran.  

If you had the balls, you would be there now to help out the real President in charge (Mousavi).  I am over 35 years old now and every year my Nationalist family kept saying "inshallah saleh dige".  

They can all go to hell...sold out their religion and country and sat on the sidelines like you here to comment all day about Islam being bad and attacking Muslims but you allow Iran to be the way it is.  Islam and Muslims are not at fault, it is apathetic Iranians such as yourself who gave ownership of Islam to irresponsible people.  

I chose to take that ownership back.  I am an Iranian and a Muslim...I have no conflict on this identity one bit.  But you do...

Maybe you can make your nose more narrow, get a white tan, and blond your hair...maybe another Michael Jackson...

But that is not me. I love America, I love Iran, and I love Islam.  

Go ahead, stop me if you can. =)) 



by Iraniandudee3 on

The last part was the funniest, other than that it was pretty lame.



I hate guidos!



by Proud on

And what exactly makes you better than Mexicans? Last time I checked We still stone people to death, still cry for a killer that died in a war 1400 years ago, We have more people on our streets than we have cars, still sqauat to take a ..... and we think we are better that everybody else. PITTIFUL! Newsflash arrogant biggots:



this was the best one so far

by azadi5 on

keep them coming :)


God forbid...

by Javan on

A Persian Jersey Shore would bring us down to Mexican class level...

It is like the Los Angeles Iranians getting a Nuclear Missile...

Stop it at all costs! LOL =)))))))